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  1. In December, Microsoft annouced it was ending support for its suite of lifestyle apps, Windows Essentials. The last version launched in 2012 with the release of Windows 8. Since then, the software has been in maintenance mode. Even though the software firm promised to remove the software by January 10, 2017, its still available for download. I just checked and the following link still works:


    Its not known how long this will last, but as I noted in the original article, get it while you can. Users should note, Movie Maker, which a lot of users strongly prefer using, must be installed with Photo Gallery. Its not a big deal, you don't have to use Photo Gallery, but they are integrated in the installer. Other apps like Live Writer and Live Mail can be unchecked from the installer.

    The apps still work on Windows 10 just fine.


  2. Paul, one of our new readers on groovyPost asked a great question.


    I am new to Groovy Post but love the articles. I have a question with Microsoft Edge, how can I sort the favorites as I used to be able to with Microsoft Explorer? I.E the folders were at the top in alphabetical order then all of the other favorites listed separately were also sorted alphabetically.


    Here's a quick tip on how to adjust the Favorites Bar / Favorites on Microsoft Edge.

    <See screenshot below as walking through steps>

    Step 1 - Click 3 Bars at top Right of Edge Browser

    Step 2 - Click STAR Favorites Icon

    Step 3 - Navigate to Favorites you want to Sort

    Step 4 - Click-and-Drag links to sort them.


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