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    Thanks Robwin, Steve K. and all. I finally got rid of Rapport and Edge now works again. Shame on IBM! At least 1 year ago I had the installation of Rapport recommended by my bank. I installed it and it messed things up. I removed it and I reported it to my bank and also told them they shouldn't make recommendations without first checking them out and that they should inform their source (IBM) not to propose such products. Now it got installed again on my computer - I don't know how - and it wasted many hours of my time. Maybe I should sue IBM for my loss of time and frustration! Thanks again guys!
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    See if Rapport has an unistall option in its start menu i can't remember now if it has or not. I am sure i unistalled mine from the unistall options in Control Panel but if this does fail then go to this link http://www.trusteer.com/support/uninstall-troubleshooting where once you have filled in your name and email you will get an email with a link to remove rapport. Hope all works out ok.
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    OK Sounds good. Windows updates can be very strange. I'm glad the Manual option worked for you. Thanks for your reply. I some times get discouraged when members fail to respond. You done well. Thanks! Here's a article I created on another help forum about windows updates. I have found 5 ways to install W10 updates. 1) The preferred way is the automatic update method, but that doesn't always work. 2) You can go to setting and click on Update and Security. Then click on "Check for updates 3) You can go here and click on "Update now". This will give you the update assistant tool. 4) You can also create a media creation tool and give it a try. This is a great tool to have in your desk drawer. It will help you repair and reinstall Windows when issues come up at a latter time. 5) If all the above methods fail you can use the Windows update Catalog to install the updates manually. You should make sure that your computer is compatible and can run W10. Finally you can also do a clean install, which is the best install of W10 that you will ever get. PS. Check here to see if your PC can run W10. Here's a good link for getting your PC ready for the updates. I hope this helps someone to successfully install W10 updates. Here's a link to check if your PC is freezing or locking up when installing the updates Good luck. I hope you are successful with the updates. They are very important.
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    Hi @Steve K. - I'm trying to enable my Guest account on my Windows 10 box and although I've enabled it in User Manager, I still can't login with it..... Lame... What's wrong? Worked just fine on older OS's. Thnx for the article BTW - you answered a few questions I had. VV