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    Warning: There are "Tech Support Scams" pretending to be Windows 10 Activation Technologies. Please be vigilant. Microsoft never calls users to inform them their license is expiring. Neither should you get an email. Learn more in the following article: PSA: Beware of Windows 10 Activation Tech Support Scams Are you seeing a strange error message on your screen insisting your license will expire soon? Well, it could be for a variety of reasons. In this article we find out why and how you can correct it. I notice some of these errors are occurring in mostly on computers running Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise editions. Both Pro and Enterprise are licensed to large organizations that deploy Windows 10 in bulk to hundreds or thousands of computers. Volume License clients such as Pro and Enterprise (as they are technically known), can also use different methods of activation. For mass activation, KMS licensing (Key Management Server) provides centralized management of activation requests for each client. This is also used to handle activation because KMS clients are not setup for permanent activation, since they expire every 180 days (6 months). This requires client computers to maintain in contact with organization server in order not go into reduced functional mode and result in errors like the above. Overall, this reduces piracy of organization keys that was common in the past and also gives organization the right to reassign licenses easily. The problem is, organizations will sometimes list their organization keys on their websites for employees to copy to upgrade their clients to a organization supported edition. In fact, Microsoft even publicly list these activation keys where anyone can find and use. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj612867.aspx?f=255&MSPPError=-2147217396 So, this can occur depending on how Windows 10 was setup on your computer. If you took your computer to a repair shop, they might have installed a non-genuine Windows 10 license. Either the repair technician didn't know which edition originally came preinstalled or made an assumption; or installed a copy that bypasses Windows 10 activation technologies. You copied a Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise key off the Internet (usually a volume license - organization key) and changed on a Windows 10 Home or another edition. Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise are not free. If this is what you did, you will need to reinstall the previous edition or version you were running. You inadvertently installed the wrong edition. The copy of Windows 10 you download and upgrade from should often correspond with the edition of Windows you have installed, if it does not, this is why you might be experiencing problems activating: Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Windows 8.0 Core, Windows 8.1 Core will install Windows 10 Home Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8.0 Pro, Windows 8.1 Pro will install Windows 10 Pro To find out if you have the right edition installed: Click Start > Settings > Update & security > Activation > Edition. If the edition of Windows 10 installed does not correspond with the edition of Windows 7 or Windows 8 you were previously running, then you need to reinstall the right edition. Windows 10 Home Edition also Reports Organization Activation Service Windows 10 Home is not immune from the organization key errors too. The error can occur for a number of reasons. It is possible, the OEM vendor might have used a OEM volume key to mass activate each machine imaged at the factory with Windows 10 Home. Users can try recovering the OEM Marker key embedded in the motherboard then use it to update the product key values. Press Windows key + X Click Command Prompt (admin) Enter the following command: wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey Hit Enter The product key will be revealed, copy the product key then enter it Click Start > Settings > Update & security > Activation > Change the product key then enter the new product key then click Next to Activate If you are unable to activate Windows 10, try chat support: Activate Your Windows 10 License via Microsoft Chat Support
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    I haven't seen this posted here so thought I'd let you all know that those with MalwareBytes software can now reset their license without going through support. Visit http://my.MalwareBytes.com & sign up with the email address used to purchase the MalwareBytes product, once registered & logged in it'll show all your registered products, their ID & Key plus a deactivate all button. This will be perfect for those who forget to deregister their product before trying to install on a different device.
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    Earlier today, some users started reporting issues trying complete Windows 10 setup during the Out of Box Experience. If OneDrive is selected as the default location to save files, setup becomes non-responsive. Microsoft said in a tweet they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. They recommend users experiencing this problem file a report at the given link: https://t.co/SWI0nIX0Pz In the mean time, If you are setting up/signing into a Microsoft Account during installation, we recommend you setup a Local Account instead, then connect to a Microsoft Account after setup in Start > Settings > Accounts > Your info. Users will need to perform a cold reboot in order get Windows 10 responsive again. https://www.groovypost.com/howto/setup-configure-new-windows-10-pc-clean-installation/
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    Hi, Is there anyway to change this almost invisible gray text? (left column) is almost imposible to read, I found another post regarding grey text but there was no solution that helped me. Thanks.
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    I suggest you perform a repair upgrade: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/perform-repair-upgrade-windows-10/
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    Click View tab > Options > View tab > click restore defaults. Under folder views, click Reset folders. If the problem persists, I recommend you update your video drivers.
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    Do you have any USB devices connected especially wireless dongle for mouse/keyboard or external hard drives? If so disconnect & reboot to see if things progress. If not restart the computer & when the HP logo appears force shutdown, do this three times & see if repair appears, there you can try to repair the startup/boot.
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    For the past week or so, my laptop will not startup. It will not load anything at all; no Toshiba logo, no Windows screen, nothing, ie I CANNOT get into safe mode at all. Instead the screen stays black and a light will flicker on and off. Power light, WiFi light, and battery light all light up normally. Sometimes, it will eventually boot up and I can use it without any problems. I am running Windows 10 on a Toshiba satellite c55-c5241. Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hi Steve, Half opens to a white screen then after about 30 secs closes. Had tried every known fix and nothing worked then i suddenly read in my fortnightly mag on a similar topic a reader had written in that he found that if he uninstalled Trusteer Rapport that he had installed on Edge it suddenly worked. Now i had Rapport on my Edge install so i uninstalled it and hey presto Edge suddenly worked again lol. It all started from the last big update so Microsoft must have decided they don't like Rapport all of a sudden. So after weeks of frustration I now have a working version of Edge again without having to resort to suicide lol. So anyone having similar trouble ignore all the internet solutions and i bet you have Rapport installed so if you have get rid of it.