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    hey I am using windows 8 single language on 64X I have this error message ? "This 32-bit version of Windows cannot be installed to an EFI-based computer. Installation cannot proceed. Use a 64-bit version of Windows to install to an EFI-based computer." the iso file is 64x not 32 ?!
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    This is the first in series of different ways you can start with the Windows 10 Technical Preview. In this instance I am upgrading Windows 8.1 with update 1. And to be honest, installing 10 (right now anyway) is virtually the same as 8. Here are some screenshots of my journey: I started by installing Windows 10 from a DVD -- yeah I know...a DVD. Agree to the EULA The installation process begins" Decide what to keep. By the way, I just did a straight upgrade, and all of my apps and desktop programs came through fine, as well as my data. The install begins: It took a while and I wasn't in the room the entire time, I know my laptop restarted at least once...maybe more. Go with Express setup, and then you start seeing messages like the one below: Now you're ready to start exploring what is new in Windows 10! thoughts or comments?