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    @lowellaby - Welcome to the site. Hope we can help ya find a solution. What type of computer do you have? Is this a new system or an older system? Has sleep ever worked? When did it stop working? You've checked everything I would with the exception of looking to update the Firmware on the system. If it's a DELL or HP or Lenovo etc... I would go to their website and look to see if a new version of the FIRMWARE is available. I've seen issues with a lot of systems that upgraded to Windows 10. Many need to update the main Firmware in order to be fully 100% compatible with Windows 10. Keep us updated.
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    I ran in to this on another forum and thought it should be listed here, as it's a good/easy fix. I'm a computer technician and have been running Windows 10 on my desktop computer since it's been available. Most of my customers are still on Windows 7, but the numbers will be increasing on W10. Keep up the good work on preaching backup...I do also with ALL my customers, as it's VERY important to have backups!!