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    update manually

    I use windows 10 pro on desktop computer and windows 10 home on laptop. I am the only user/administrator. the only way I can update windows 10 is to change the useage times to other than the time I want to update. there is always a statement in red on the update area : some settings are managed by your organization. I don't have an organization and I want to be able to update manually. this seems to be preventing updates except when I am not using the computer(s) then when I turn computer on it is so slow because it is downloading updates I guess. How do I take full control of when I update and stop the statement in red about someone else is in control of some settings.
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  4. 1Alfiewaters


    Hello everyone.I am new here and my name is Alfie.It feels good to be part of this community.Looking forward to have a good time on this platform.Thanks.
  5. tao

    Problem with command script

    Same here. I made a small batch file to open several programs when I arrive at work. One of them is Microsoft Teams. It started returning this precise error when I changed from the web app to the desktop app. Before (no errors): ## Start.bat ECHO Starting Microsoft Edge - Teams Web App START "" /B microsoft-edge: PAUSE ## Output Starting Microsoft Edge - Teams Web App Press any key to continue . . . After (error "MaxListenersExceededWarning"): ## Start.bat ECHO Starting Microsoft Teams START "" /B "C:\Users\T\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exe" PAUSE ## Output Starting Microsoft Teams Press any key to continue . . . (node:11632) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 appInitialized listeners added. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit All answers I've seen are Javascript related, which is rather useless, as I do not control whatever Javascript is being called or its parameters. Any help is welcome. tao
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  7. I ran mscconfig and unchecked square also set delay to zero. I still have about 1/2 sec flash of dual boot screen on startup. Is there ANY way to get rid of this annoyance. I do not want to reinstall as I will loose my VERY important theweatherchall App. Thanks for any help
  8. Hi,Had been having various problems with laptop which resulted in me using my recovery USB.I have a Acer Aspire 3 with Windows 10.Once the recovery was complete the laptop has had the same issues it had been having prior to the recovery. These were:Cortana Freezing intermittently Search bar freezing intermittently Google Chrome freezing intermittently with web pages freezing before opening websiteTaking ages for webpages to load even though have good speed of internet (checked through speedtest) General Freezing of different programmes intermittently Generally slow to boot Slow when opening programmesThere is nothing on the computer in terms of files clogging up the system which could cause it to freeze.I have performed a virus check and it is completely clean.I am at a total loss what to do. The laptop is only 2 months old and had been working fine up until a few days ago and had been incredibly fast.I would be so grateful if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction.I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. Hello, The improved magnifier in windows 10 is a very important tool for the visually impaired. The magnifier used to track the keyboard and mouse cursor without any problem until a few weeks ago when it stopped tracking keyboard cursor in both my PC and laptop. It does track the keyboard cursor in MS Office applications but does not do so in Chrome and other applications. Please advise, Avishay
  10. GaryFin

    Problem with command script

    Hi, this is the code @echo off start "Teams" "C:\Users\G\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Teams\current\Teams.exe" exit
  11. hpprinterassistant

    Devices and Printers Menu takes forever to load

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  12. eberge01

    iAqualink Message Error

    I started with the 52 error. On another forum thread I saw to connect to the iaqualink drive and repair. When I ran the configuration program again got the 67 error. Looked at the drive and saw that it had no files were before it had a SETTINGS file. I turned on show hidden files in windows and saw several files from 2011 when I bought the iaqualink and one ._SETTINGS file from 2017. There was very little space on the iaualink flash drive so I deleted the SETTINGS file. Re-ran the Configuration program and it completed successfully.
  13. Wyckedheart74

    Please help!!!

    Okay, so i had a lenovo all in one desktop and recently upgraded to a new pc for work and gaming. I did a factory reset on the lenovo and when it was finished, windows is gone and all I can get now is literally the lenovo screen, all the time and then sometimes a black screen. I can get into the bios , it also is a touchscreen, and temperamental when a KB is attached and im at a complete loss. im trying to give this formally great pc to my son as an upgrade, can this be fixed?
  14. rilanov

    Problem with command script

    Hi buddy, I guess the issue is due to missing file/code in the said line. Do try to reupload the whole data, and then the issue will get solved 😀 Regards, Rila Nov
  15. Hi buddy, did you try with the customizable settings? I guess, that should help you playing the the preferred resolution. Regards, Rila Nov
  16. I bought a refurbished computer that has Windows 7 how easy would it be to upgrade to Windows 10 I will get this computer tomorrow so I haven't even touched it yet so it should be completely refurbished unused is that even necessary or just some computer's not accept it I'm not very computer savvy I need something easy
  17. hhhuigiug

    windows 10 is unsatisfactory

    i download classic shell to have it more user friendly and fast
  18. hhhuigiug

    I LOATHE gray text in Windows 10

    type is extremely hard to read in light gray! i guess i will reinstall factory windows and disable windows update in the registry and startup....stinks when it is indecipherable!
  19. geebeespiral

    Administrator account

    I have been denied access to the ability to send files from my own HDD to my own SSD despite having entered my name and PWD. I tried to get a code thru email: no response. I tried to get a code thru phone: no response I tried to link my Hotmail acct to my Google address: "Try later" was the Microsoft answer! How can I inform "Permanently" this computer about me being the unique and sole administrator? Thanks. Administrator.docx
  20. Windows 10's May update will come with a really good browser. Microsoft Chromium powered Edge browser is smooth, fast and clean like Google Chrome was when it first debuted. It looks like I will finally replace Firefox as my default browser. Developers are optimizing their websites and PWA's for Chromium so I might as well, reluctantly, join the bandwagon.
  21. To extend my bluetooth range I purchased a Sena UD100 bluetooth adaptor and also bought the Software BlueSoleil 10. I have tried to install this program many times but my Dell XPS 8920 Win 10 pro 64bit. wont use it. It still uses the on-board Bluetooth Module. Can someone help me Please. Cheers Fitze
  22. Hello, earlier today I was doing homework on my Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Windows 10 laptop and I got the little pop up that says battery is low. I ignored it like I usually did and then it said battery very low. This is usually where I get up and plug in the charger but sometimes I keep doing what im doing and then it dies and I realize I forgot to go get the charger. Thats what happened here. I left my computer open and went to get my charger. I plugged it up and waited a couple of minutes because it usually turns on by itself. I pressed the power button a couple of times after that and it still didn't turn on. I closed the computer opened it and pressed the power button and it didn't come on. I repeated this multiple times occasionally holding down the power button but nothings working. The little white light is still illuminating on the corner of the computer that signifies your computer is charging yet its not turning on. Any solutions/suggestions? Thank You!
  23. Coachdriverman

    Settings control

    On an All-in-one desktop.
  24. Once I turned off the raid array and reinstalled Windows 10, all was well. Both the 3 TB and the 1 TB HDDs were there and were in disk manager. PC is now operating normally. Thanks to all for the help
  25. Hi - A drive defrag will not fix a slow PC issue normally. That said, you can find the Defrag / Drive Optimization in Windows 10 by: Open File Explorer > Right Click the Drive > Click Properties > Click Tools Tab. You will see the button on Optimize your drive there. Now - regarding your slow PC issue - how is it slow? Might be something else going on.
  26. Steve K.

    Error after CMOS replacement

    Is that a BIOS error you are getting or from Windows? Where did you get the batter? Correct one?
  27. Steve K.

    .tar.gz extensions.....

    Best bet @hippie is to use 7 Zip. It will be able to open pretty much any compressed file.
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