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  2. Nice post. Please keep us updated. طراحی سایت
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  4. I'm frustrated. I installed the latest Windows 10 upgrade and I can no longer connect to the net. This is on a HP laptop. All the wizards were run to correct this and keep getting message that there is no wireless system on the computer. Upon finishing the down load there was a notice that the wireless connector was removed. What can I do to be able to get back on line short of taking the computer into a shop and spend money on this. The update caused this problem and I shouldn't have to spend my own money getting this corrected.
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  6. Window 10 to window 7

    I have the same problem. I tried to downgrade after using my hard drive for a PC rig working on older hardware, because i wanted to build an optimized machine. When I tried to install 7 over 10, it was a mess. Strangely enough, I still had 10's screenshot tools on 7, and then I tried to reboot and it gor dead. I recommend making a backup of the files you need, wiping the drive clean and installing 7. No way around it, I think.
  7. I have a similar problem. I thought it has to do with my Pc being older and optimized for running Windows 10. There's no incompatible hardware, but the recent updates have been going crazy. After i managed to download the last one, screenshot-taking tools stopped working, of all things.
  8. Laptop screen is broken. Yesterday was using external monitor no problem. Today turn laptop on, I cannot get a full screen on External monitor. The app windows are in the taskbar and I cannot get them to maximize. Try to go to settings but of course cannot do anything due to the apps being in taskbar. Any ideas?
  9. Decided to sell my fairly new Dell 17" laptop. Using Recovery, I did a clean install of Win 10, including wiping the disk. After install completed, I was being lazy and letting Cortana lead me through setup (not smart!). Got to the internet connection; it recognized my router and I entered my password. Windows started the verifying and connecting process - and locked up. After hours the dots are still flowing; it is still trying to connect. The screen is locked; no combination of key or mouse strokes will release or advance or kill the screen. Shut power down, even for a week. Unplugged and re-powered the router. By-passed the router with a direct Ethernet connection. Still locked! Still trying to connect. Any ideas Please!
  10. Hi forum users, I recently tried to install Anaconda from python, which showed a warning message during installation process since the username had a "space" in between. so i tried changing the user account folder name as insisted in the official microsoft website. setps mentioned are as below: "To workaround this issue, you can use the steps below to manually rename the profile path. 1. Log in by using another administrative account. Note You may need create a new administrative account at first. 2. Go to the C:\users\ folder and rename the sub folder with the original user name to the new user name. 3. Go to registry and modify the registry value ProfileImagePath to the new path name. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\<User SID>\ WARNING If you use Registry Editor incorrectly, you may cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Microsoft cannot guarantee that you can solve problems that result from using Registry Editor incorrectly. Use Registry Editor at your own risk. 4. Log out and log in again by using the user whose name is changed, and the user should use the pervious profile with new path name." I did up to 2nd step only and I am sure I messed up afer that. Now I couldnot use my original account. I could login to it, but could not use any application or programs nor could creat another user account. Not even start botten is working. please help me restore this account.
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  12. Hello,I have a problem with icons size in desktop, i like to use "zoomed" icons on desktop. But sometimes the icons go crazy and this happens: [url=][img=][/url][IMG] [URL=][IMG=][/URL] PS.:I already tested multiple formats and icons, (16/32/64/128/256/512), all having the same problem... Sometimes i restart the computer and they go back to normal... (sometimes)Any help?
  13. Hi guys, The above link still doesn't work for me. I have windows 10, and when I run the installer it gets right up until the end and then says it couldn't install. It says error 0x800c006. It also says source: UXPlatformLang. Any ideas?! Rob
  14. How-to Find computer name windows 10

    you can use WMIC commands... >wmic computersystem get name,systemtype More...WMIC Commands
  15. Router or Computer

    Hello all!! if anyone has a clue to this issue- I have noticed my internet to be quite dodgy lately- Not so much while using other wireless devices, just the computer - Especially if I play any FB games, that seems to aggravate the situation- Here are my specs- Just wondering if the router, has anything to do with it? I have Comcast high speed - Thanks so much!!
  16. Only the page in which the link is hosted is in russian. The actual software that you'll download is of English language. I recommend using Google Chrome browser to open the link as the browser will automatically convert it to English display language. Worked for me.
  17. Microsoft Edge

    I have just got a new computer with windows 10. When I click on Microsoft edge I get a blue screen for a few seconds and then the screen goes back to the screen I just started with. I am trying to search for help on Legacy family tree, but I can not type in Legacy family tree or anything else in the search bar on microsoft edge screen. The same thing happens every time I try. Where or how can I find help in learning windows 10? Thanks forall hepp. Gerry
  18. PC tries to wake up from sleep twice...

    YAY!! Steve, you were right -- and on your first suggestion! My drivers and bios were all outdated, from 2012! And there were some new updates available! I first updated the bios, but that didn't solve the problem. Next... Second, I downloaded the latest chipset driver, but I found out I already had the latest installed. Next... Third, I installed the AI Suite II software, which launches and operates various motherboard utilities at startup (found under 'Windows 8.1 64bit' on Asus' Sabertooth p67 drivers page. This was the newest, so I decided to try it. I run Windows 10 Pro 64-bit). And this fixed it! I was so elated but remained skeptical, so I did a second trial, waiting longer (2 hours) before waking from sleep. Voila! Sleep mode indeed is working as intended! Thank you so much, Steve! I really wanted to use this feature to save power! In closing, it seems plausible that there was a Windows update that rendered my drivers a nuisance to the sleep function. Also, a separate point, in case it helps anyone: I noticed a few weeks ago when I enabled hibernate mode in Windows 10, start up became unbearably slow: a full minute before Windows login (first world problems, I know) when it usually takes 20 seconds. So, I disabled hibernate, and suddenly my startup time was fast like before. Just putting that observation out there. I'll update here if the sleep problem resurfaces. Cheers and take care!
  19. thank you sooo much! have been trying all kind of links and finally found this! It worked for my WIN1o version.
  20. PC tries to wake up from sleep twice...

    Hi Steve K. Thanks for the welcome and response! I'm sorry for the delay, been caught up with work. I have a custom pc that's about 5 y/o: Asus p67 Sabertooth mobo, Seasonic 650W gold-rated psu, watercooled Intel 2600K cpu (overclocked to 4.5GHz), 16GB Kingston Hyperx T1 1866MHz mem, Intel 730 240GB ssd, EVGA GeForce GTX 760 gpu. Now, that you've asked me... I realize I did change the power supply from a Thermaltake 650W to the Seasonic 650W for the gold-rated efficiency. And sleep mode used to work with the Thermaltake! Though, in the spirit of science, I'm not sure if that's the culprit as I've also updated Windows around the same time. I no longer have that PSU, so I'd have to buy a different one to run the test. Is it possible for the PSU to be the culprit? How could that be? To add to my checklist of troubleshooting, I reverted my overclock to all default hardware settings, and the sleep problem persisted. I will try to update my mobo drivers and firmware, and will post back with the results. Any other ideas before I go buy another PSU? Thanks so much for your time, happy 4th(!), and take care.
  21. Dear All hope to find you in best of health,i am facing 2 issues after updating major update of windows 10 in June 2017 .actually when i updated the system and after final reboot laptop stuck at startup with black desktop window, after trying so many fix i was unable to complete to properly load desktop always stuck at black screen after login.then i perform the windows reset option to remove all the application and settings which worked for me. but after this i am facing this 2 issues. 1. No list available of wifi network Screen shot attached.i am able to connect to the known network which i previously used and saved in my computer but if i click on show available network it remains empty. even i reinstall all the drivers, restart the wifi autoconfig service. reset my network settings but still nothing work for me.2. application searching not possible.when ever i click start button and start typing for the software like paint word or excel nothing appear, i waited for more than an hour, but computer keep on searching. even i reset the index settings. screen shot attached.only option was left for me to install a clean windows.Thank you so much in advance
  22. I have a problem with downgrading window 10. i don't want to take risk so i need to ask how to downgrade window 10 to window 7. My MSI laptop comes with window 10( Single Language) which i didn't upgrade it, and i need to make it window 7. Can i make it?
  23. We have a Dell Inspiron N3700 running windows 10. Bought it new. The display goes off and immediately back on at random times. It will happens both when the PC is idle and in the middle of typing (in fact it just did). We have changed monitors, changed inputs (DVI, HDMI and even VGA), changed power cables, had Dell support on the phone for hours updating drivers and troubleshooting, and finally sent it back to Dell where they changed the motherboard. And still we have the problem. Any suggestions?
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