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  4. I have a number of Panasonic FZ-M1 tablets, all the same spec and SSD partitioning with Windows 8. I built one up and used Full disk Backup to backup and restore on to the remaining tablets. this all worked fine. I gave one of the tablets to my customer so he could configure all his windows security policices etc (he also enabled bitlocker). This tablet was then handed back to me, bitlocker disabled and a full disk backup taken again. However, this time when restoring the Full disk Backup restore, I receive the following error at start up with the BSOD. "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed. Error code:0xc0000225" I can roll the tablet back to the previous image I have without any problems, but not the new one. I have taken the image twice and used the check image integrity tool and it reports it is fine. I also tried a System backup, which appeared to backup 3 partitions (The tablets have 5 partitions on them), so when I selected System restore, it only allows me to select a single partition to restore back too so this failed. The only other change with the master tablet (which may be significant??), is the BIOS was updated. However, I took an image after this and even tried to restore it to a tablet with the same BIOS, but this still failed. If anybody can offer any suggestions that would be great.
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  6. Howdy, all. I certainly need some help! I'm running Windows 10 on a Toshiba satellite laptop. About a week ago I had it open on the table and fell asleep with it open. I can't help but think our cat helped me out with this... The screen had changed to a windows login modification screen as in set up your login to a PIN screen. I know I didn't initiate this change, so at first I thought it was a gift from Microsoft. In any event there was no PIN entry field, nor a button to agree to select this option, really no buttons at all. Upon clicking in the screen it went through some clocking and ended back, on its own, to the login screen. However, now there is no password entry box for me the user, it simply says "Sign in". When I click it it brings up a Microsoft account screen. Is this a Microsoft password issue again? I really just want to get back to entering my password to get logged in. Is there any help for me??? TWI
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  8. Hi all, HELP! I've got a Samsung laptop which I bought in te US a few month ago (I'm German and live in The Netherlands). Everything worked perfect till today. Suddenly Windows Hello wants a pin or password instead of my fingerprint that worked perfect sinds months. I tried 20 passwords and pins but nothing. Can't get in and @MS help topics aren't very helpful. How can I log on without pin or password?
  9. Good afternoon, I've had a problem all day since downloading an obviously faulty driver through winzip, regarding NVME storage drive, which is what my windows boot drive is. It asked me to restart when the driver was installed, and would not restart - boot drive inaccessible. Windows startup repair does not work for this. My restore points are inaccessible, in the troubleshooting it is not allowing me to reset computer, not allowing me to restore, a bootable WIN_PE usb drive to repair boot makes no difference, in CMD it is not allowing boot repairs. Windows recovery is not working either. I do have dual boot, and with linux I am able to browse through the windows boot drive and folders no problem. So I was wondering what way I can go about this without starting from scratch on my Windows drive? Is there any way I can access the drivers I installed and delete them in Linux?
  10. I have a script that resets all permissions on a set of folders and then applies custom permissions. I have another one that set's up auditing on selected folders. For some reason when I run the script that set's up auditing after running the script setting up permissions the permissions on audited folders are set back to default. To audit I run $user = "Everyone" $rules = "Delete,CreateFiles,AppendData" $Inheritance = "ContainerInherit,ObjectInherit" $type = "Success" $ACL = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.DirectorySecurity $rule = New-Object System.Security.AccessControl.FileSystemAuditRule($user,$rules,$inheritance,"None",$type) $acl.AddAuditRule($rule) foreach($folder in $folders){ $ACL | Set-Acl $folder} auditpol /set /subcategory:"File Share" /success:enable in the script for permissions I have takeown /F c:\test /A /R /D Y icacls c:\test /reset /t /c icacls c:\test /grant:r "NT Authority\Authenticated Users":(CI) (OI) R icacls c:\test\item1 /inheritance:r /grant:r "admin group": (CI) (OI) RWD /grant:r "read group": (CI) (OI) R /grant:r "builtin\Administrators": (OI) (CI) F ..... and more lines in pretty much the same manner for diferent subfolders. Can someone spot where it goes wrong?
  11. I recently started intermittently seeing an error message when I clicked on Explorer and then the Documents tab. "C:\Users\user\My Documents is not accessible. Access is denied. Even when I get that message I can still access files and folders via packages such as spreadsheet/writer. I also find that loading files when clicking on a folder can take a long time, as can opening photographs. Could there be a link? Thanks, Ian
  12. Hey you can solve it through recovery. To enter the Recovery mode, interrupt the normal boot process by shut down the machine just when you see the Windows logo. Repeat this three times in a row, on the fourth time, and you will see the Recovery mode. Click the See advanced repair options button. Here select Troubleshoot on the “Choose an option” page. Be sure to select Advanced options on the “Troubleshoot” page. Select Startup Settings at the “Advanced options” page Click on the Restart button. Restart happens quickly and it will display a new menu. Press either the 3 or F3 button on the keyboard. Your machine restarts into low-resolution video mode. Hopefully, your issue is fixed. Regards, Jake Paul.
  13. Solution - Set Bluetooth services to automatic Press the Windows and R keys at the same time to launch Run. Type services.msc and hit Enter. Check if the Bluetooth Support Service is turned on and set to Automatic. If this is not the case, right-click on Bluetooth Support Service and go to Properties. Use the drop-down menu to set Bluetooth services to Automatic. This shall help you out. Do keep me posted on it.
  14. Hey this should help you out. It helped me solve the issue. Power on and off your computer three times How do you do that? Power on, when you see the Windows Logo - power off Power on, when you see the Windows Logo - power off Power on, it will then your computer will boot into the Advanced Recovery environment You might be asked to sign in with your Microsoft Account or Local Account password. Click Advanced Options Click Troubleshoot Click Advanced Options Click System Restore, see if you can go back to an earlier time. If not, boot into the recovery environment again, then try performing a startup repair. Perform the startup repair a couple more times then restart again to see if you are able to boot to the desktop successfully. If that does not work. Power on and off your computer three times On the third time, your computer will boot into the Advanced Recovery environment Click Advanced Options Click Troubleshoot Click Reset this PC Click Keep my files Choose your account Enter your password Click Continue Click Reset Do let me know after you try this. This is the only way out as of now.
  15. From what I have experienced, I think the problem was regarding its security, or a bug post update. The yellow exclamation mark on Windows drives often appears when the drive capacity is low, but if you are installing Windows 10, the possible cause is that Bitlocker drive encryption is turned off. Some users said they had this error after updating Windows 10 several times without success. For other people who face the same issue, follow these steps to resolve it under a minute. Enter PowerShell in the search box. Right-click PowerShell in the search results and select Run As Administrator . The PowerPoint window will appear. You enter the Get-BitLockerVolume command The list of Bitlocker drives will be displayed. Notice that Protection Status is Off . Now we just need to turn it on. Enter the Resume-BitLocker -MountPoint command 'C:' (or if the drive is yellowed not C, you replace C with the drive letter listed in the list above). You will see Protection Status is now On. Open My Computer and see if the yellow exclamation mark on the drive disappears. I Hope This Helps You Out!
  16. For better clarity and to assist you better I would require more information regarding this: - Did this happen after a software or windows update? - Did you reset the browser and check? - Did you try with a different browser to isolate the issue further? Uninstall the printer from "programs and features" which can be accessed by doing a right-click on the Windows button (Please have the printer Off and disconnected during uninstallation.) Check in device manager, if the printer is listed there, please delete it. (Right-click on the Windows button to access device manager) Go to devices and printers, select any printer listed there and you will get some options on the top. Click on print server properties. You will get a popup, click on the drivers tab and delete all the HP printer drivers listed there if any. Delete all the instances of your printer listed in devices and printers. Restart the PC. Once the PC is on the desktop, press Win + R, it would bring a Run dialog box, Type %temp% in the run box and click Ok or hit the Enter button. It would bring up the temporary files folder. Delete the files in the folder (You might not be able to delete all the files). If possible, delete the printer from the registries using Regedit Ignore the Regedit option if it cannot be done. Restart the PC again. Then download the latest full feature driver for your desired printer from the Web. This should help solve the problem being faced. Hope this helps you out.
  17. I cannot update KB4023057, it fails every time with no real error. I retry and after a reboot it will not update. All other updates work fine. Windows 10 Pro (new install) AMD I am at 21H1 version 19043.1081 Retried Ran the Update Troubleshooting app Rebooted many times There is no previous installation There were many reports of there being a previous version with the same name. I tried to direct download this but nothing matches my version. I tried using Bitdefender to install. It recognized the update but it would start and stop immediately. Lastly I used the hide app to hide the update.
  18. Hi @fcb - That appears to not be something you need to worry about. My guess is, your system is doing an update of some sort. Here's some additional detail from groovyPost.com https://www.groovypost.com/explainer/what-is-mousocoreworker-exe-and-why-is-it-running/
  19. What ended up being the issue @GaryFin?
  20. How old are your students Cheryl?
  21. As stated in title. I know the cause. Hitman found and removed winlogui & winsmserv from System 32 successfully, they haven't reappeared. I did try a couple online solutions(https://www.partitionwizard.com/partitionmagic/windows-defender-blank-screen.html): 1)Restart Windows Security center service in services.msc...Restart option was greyed out. 2) sfc /scannow command...said it repaired corrupt files, but no perceptible difference Also, I do have three Acronis backups of this drive: A) Older barebones image after Win 7m pro upgrade to 10 pro. Integrity seems good. Recovered successfully from it. B) Yesterday, no signs of the virus. I did have to Scan and repair with CHKDSK after I made it though, so integrity is a question mark. C) Yesterday, after correcting with CHKDSK...has virus files. Ideally, I'd like to repair the OS and the make an updated Acronis backup. Also, I do have a separate hard drive with Win 10 Pro installed. It's near pristine. Unfortunately, the drive is over 5 years old, so I don't trust it as a main drive. The drive in need of help is one month old. I bought it special to upgrade to Win 10(4 TB WD Blue). Any ideas on how to best proceed?
  22. Dr Cheryl Pruitt, What game do you recommend for play on windows 10, My students love playing games and they like to ask me about games.
  23. My windows 10 laptop takes a whole lot of data even after switching off updates and all. Please help
  24. My Dad has entered his Outlook password/ log in PIN for his laptop incorrectly too many times and is locked out. We can't reset the password because we cannot provide "sufficient" information to MS... however, he never uses the associated e-mail address. One of the key questions is to list out the receiver and subject of recent sent e-mails, but he's never sent an e-mail off this account, so we leave this one blank. He pays for a OneDrive subscription and has given the card details required, yet this still seems insufficient. He is completely locked out of the PC. I'm relatively PC literate but cannot help him on this. I've looked up several possible actions to take but they are not possible. Is there any way we can get through this without wiping the PC and starting again? Any help gratefully received.
  25. I have an old Win7 laptop with some apps that I'd like to run on my current Win10 laptop. Now, I plan on dismantling the old laptop and connecting it via some SATA to USB dongle. Question: If I fix the boot sequence, will I be able to run the apps on "that external" ssd HD on my new laptop... or, it won't work? Thanks.
  26. Goodmorning,I had 3 drives on my pc (1 ssd-m2, 1 hdd, 1ssd) and because i need to switch data from one pc to another i bought a docking station.Right now i put my internal HDD and SSD (2/3) in it and if i tried to boot windows without the docking station on, i receive this error ( Reboot and select proper boot device and press a key), anyone knows how to fix it?- I tried to change the boot priority but it doesn't work - I tried to Rebuild the boot configuration data but when i write "attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s" it sais that he can't find the directory. The last chance is to format the first ssd ( where i have the OS ) and reinstall windows but i prefer to avoid it.Thank you!
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