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  5. I just tried the change agent, tried several from android to mac got the same thing Windows10Upgrade.exe Windows upgrade assistant
  6. I think it is best to get your drivers like mouse, keyboard and GPU drivers from the manufacture's site, you will find the latest exact driver for your device. However if you are a lazy person like me who don't like to visit different manufacture's to download drivers than you can use the free version of driver booster. Believe me you will not be disappointed :D Driver pack is also a good software but I personally use driver booster because I like it's interface. Driver booster download link
  7. I went to Settings - Status, and clicked on "Network reset". This fixed the problem.
  8. Hi, If this is happening to someone else, please support commenting this so our voices are heard. I waste way too much time talking to Cortana to find simple matches of words or phrases in my documents. Talking to Cortana is reducing my income dramatically as I must find old documents matches to compare phrases in old projects. Since we do not have the typing option for searches I prefer to do them manually. It takes longer to get positive results with Cortana. Can we have a choice between typing or talking to do searches please?
  9. Get back into Windows in Safe Mode and see if you can remove it. Something (driver, software, etc...) must be conflicting with the update.
  10. You might try changing your Network Adapters "Speed & Duplex" from Auto Negotiation to 1 Gbps Full Duplex or 100 Mbps if your switch/routers does not support 1G. Post back if this fixes your issue. Thanks!
  11. Doesn't sound like an OS issue.... Sounds like a drive issue. You might try to reinstall Windows and see if you have a drive posting in the system.
  12. Take a look at this article: It will explain how to change your default for email links.
  13. Here ya go: Faster is better.
  14. So it just won't boot up anymore? It just keeps going into a blue screen?
  15. What version of Windows 10 are you using? Are you logged in with an ADMIN account? This is what is should look like.
  16. Here's a few things you can try on our main site: Give those a shot.
  17. file system error (2147219196) has occurred from past 2 days since it has got updated on 10th of this month, please help how to fix this issue
  18. Same problem here if you get any solution please give me a reply
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  20. Hello All i am unable to change my document location. it shows only the current location. no option to change it. many thanks for your inputs
  21. I run into problems about 4X now, my laptop (Toshiba) which I bought way back 2008. I went to my laptop update, it says I've got the latest update and continue using it. The problem cropped up when I first started my laptop in the morning, it says it runs into problem which needed to self start after collecting the information needed. I never run into this kind of problem before. Thank you very much,
  22. Hi friends, Can anyone suggest us, which are basic hardware Requirement for windows 10 OS? and also if we fulfill the basic requirement for Windows 10 OS still we getting a slow performance of Windows 10 So, what changes we should do to enhance better performance of Windows 10
  23. Email links will only open in the Edge browser. My default browser is Opera because I like the tile feature. I was updated to the 1903 release this week and since then my links in any email will not open and I receive the attached error message. I changed my default to Edge, and the links now work. Is this normal or just me? I don't have a problem using Edge, but would prefer to use Opera. Thanks
  24. Acer laptop, Windows 10 OS, black screen after login. I am able to boot computer, login, then black screen. -task manager doesn’t work. It pulls up, but is blank and then says it is not working and I have to force close the app. -every online forum & Windows troubleshooting solution seems to fail. -my computer doesn’t show the Windows flag symbol during startup -none of the key sequence suggestions resulted in a response of any kind (CTRL-SHFT-ESC / CTRL-SHFT-DEL / CTRL-SHFT-WINDOWS-P / CTRL-SHFT-WINDOWS-S / CTRL-ALT-DEL / CTRL-ALT-ESC / F8 / F11 / combination of F keys and other sequence keys/ and several others) NOTHING WORKS :( PLEASE HELP
  25. I have two Surface computers, both lose internet connection direct connect to my router, after some 15 minutes of idle time (no applications running). I must restart to get internet connection. It defaults to a wireless connection. Nothing I try fixes problem.
  26. Can't restart laptop after Windows 10 .NET Framework Update. It sounds as if it is going to start but then immediately stops. Am just left with a blank screen.
  27. Every time I keep multiple windows open on my laptop the screen randomly goes black repeatedly. Does not occur when I have a single application window on the screen.
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