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  3. Well, here goes... On my 64-bit Pavillion dv7 lap-top which was upgraded to Windows 10 ages ago, Yesterday when shutting down I had a "shutdown and update" option on my screen so of course I clicked on it and expected the laptop to shut down after about 15 minutes or so. Instead the laptop was still running after about an hour and was still showing "preparing your update please do not switch off" but of course I wanted to go to sleep and shut it down. I realise this was probably unwise however in the morning I switched on my machine and everything seemed fine, I did a few bits like checking email etc. then shut down normally and went to work. I came home and switched on again and was able to login but when that screen went to go into windows 10 desktop it sort of flashed but the screen went black. I have been about 2 hours using the all the information I can find but cannot even get the screen to appear when starting up in safe mode. What I can see while viewing the black screen is the task manager which is illuminated and presented in the normal way. I can see my cursor on the screen but cannot get right-click menu to appear either. I have absolutely no idea what has happened, I have also tried Repair feature but the message says "cannot repair your computer". I do not really want to have to re-install the OS at this time either, there must be something I can do to be able to see something? I have tried system restore way back to an update in mid December but that hasn't done anything either. I cannot get to the device manager to check the graphic card driver or disable it. I think I have mentioned everything, Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. It is a Lenovo desktop - it won't do anything when I power it up except the HD light flashes at me - if I leave it flashing overnight it would come back up and be normal. Since the latest W 10 updates, it won't even do that. ( The battery I was told to replace is a 2032 on the motherboard, but that didn't fix it.) - what do you mean by a hard reboot? It doesn't get to where i can use safe mode.
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  6. Hi @Kobe what error are you getting? Can you post a screenshot? Could be you are getting blocked from your router or DNS or some other network related issue/service.
  7. @lowellaby - Welcome to the site. Hope we can help ya find a solution. What type of computer do you have? Is this a new system or an older system? Has sleep ever worked? When did it stop working? You've checked everything I would with the exception of looking to update the Firmware on the system. If it's a DELL or HP or Lenovo etc... I would go to their website and look to see if a new version of the FIRMWARE is available. I've seen issues with a lot of systems that upgraded to Windows 10. Many need to update the main Firmware in order to be fully 100% compatible with Windows 10. Keep us updated.
  8. Unfortunately, unexplainable does happen from time-to-time. But honestly, if you think about it, considering the millions of upgrades performed with the millions of non-Microsoft apps and hardware and software... (blah), it's Amazing they support an upgrade to the OS at all. From time-to-time, issues will be encountered but, overall, they do a really good job.
  9. Hi @Windynose - Welcome to! Whare are you using the new External Hard Drive for? Are you getting error messages from files you are storing on that external drive? In regards to your original C drive, you don't want to mess with that. The purpose of the new External Drive is just to Augment your existing storage of your C drive. Start by assigning a drive letter to your new external drive. Personally, I recommend you give it a drive letter of P (for personal) or Z. This won't conflict with any of drives or USB drives etc.... Once you do that, now start by MOVING all the files you want to use to the new External drive letter. DO NOT move any apps. If you move apps, you will break them in most cases. If you want to run apps on your new drive, you need to uninstall them and reinstall them and select the new drive as the path for the app during install. Follow these steps with your External hard drive and you should be fine in the future.
  10. Just use the Search. Not apps will show up in the Start Menu however personally, I stopped using tap and click a long time ago. Just hit the WINDOWS KEY and start typing the app. Search for the win!
  11. Take a read here:
  12. @surfingcop If you have a DELL or a Lenovo, check to see if they have a native App to manage your Touchpad. Synaptics UltraNav sometimes is the driver / app used to manage touchpad on laptops. Which laptop do you have?
  13. That's great @Kevin Dts - thanks for passing on the update on this one. I'm sure it will help out a lot of ppl with the same issue.
  14. @Jakester So it sounds like it's a laptop. When you lost power, a number of issues could have resulted including damaging your Hard Drive, Motherboard, Power Supply, Video Card. So - when you hard reboot the laptop, what happens? Can you see video? Perhaps the Lenovo logo pop? Can you see the Windows Logo start to boot it?
  15. OK cool. I'll give it a shot. Sounds interesting!
  16. Since Windows 10 upgrade from 8, I have had problems restarting my PC. I hardly ever shut it off, but lost power one day and it took hours for it to come back up - the HD light just sits and flashes. I've tried a number of FAQ suggested fixes, which seemed to make it worse, such as the latest group of W10 updates. Then I saw a tip to update all the Lenovo drivers, which I did and now it won't come up at all - have left it for days now, and the HD light just sits and flashes, about once per second. A HW tech who works at Dell suggested a new battery, which I replaced, no change to the problem. Any suggestions?
  17. I was getting this issue a few days ago and I submitted the question to a few forums to ask. After diagnosing and find out the reason, it seems the Windows update build #1067 has issues and when upgrading to it, it isn't compatible with my current apps and configurations. According to a tip from this post, I have uninstalled the update (actually rollback the update) and svchost.exe is no longer hogging my CPU resource. I would recommend you in the case of encountering the same issue like me, check whether you have recently installed any Windows updates or not.
  18. I HATE HATE HATE WIN 10. It forces automatic upgrades and everytime it does this it reactivates my touchpad even though I have chosen to disable the touchpad when a usb mouse is being used. Someone please help. Is there any way to permanently disable the touchpad? Is there any way to permanently stop upgrades from downloading?
  19. My Windows 10 START button shows an alphabetical listing of programs on my PC, but some are missing - how come? Is there a way for Win 10 to display ALL of my executable files (including any that I've downloaded and installed) ? For example, my vlc.exe program (from VIDEOLAN) is not under the "V" listing as I'd expected.
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  21. I'm now facing an annoying issue with the svchost.exe (netsvcs) process in Task Manager. It's currently using a lot of my computer resource, the CPU. I can't kill it because my computer won't let me do so from Task Manager. What do I need to do in order to fix this error?
  22. I recently installed an external hard drive and now it seems like my computer doesn't know what to do. In Windows 10, when I try to access a lot of my documents, I get a message that says, "Path does not exist. Check path and try again." As a non-techie, I don't know how to change the path from my original C hard drive to my Seagate External Hard Drive. Please help.
  23. Have used it a lot, it's quite good app, and this is unusual and interesting software for sure. Very different from widely known photo software. It has flaws regarding stability, I experienced several crashes and there is no help file either. On the other hand - curious features like Calendar, safe-boxes and smart albums(like in iTunes). UI isn't overwhelmed with checkboxes and panels. One feature that impressed me a lot - app has two different UI's - in addition to traditional one it has touch UI(touch mode), if go to this mode on Windows 10 tablet - it looks very different and supports gestures to scroll over photos, like on iPad. Have no idea why this app hasn't got a strong recognition in the web.
  24. That's the easy way! Unfortunately I wish it was predictable or even explainable.
  25. Hello, I've been trying to use the sleep function in Windows 10 to save a bit of power here and there, but there's some buginess to its usage. This is different from the other sleep problems I've read about in fora where waking up from sleep causes others' pcs to instantly shut down or not respond at all. First off, in my situation, if my pc is asleep for a short while -- less than 10 minutes -- it can wake up from sleep just fine. However, when in a deeper slumber -- more than 30 minutes -- then when I press the keyboard or click the mouse (same method used as when the sleep is short) the PC fans spin and I hear the PC try its best to start up but after a couple seconds it powers down and becomes silent. It's like it says, "I can do it! I can do it!" But then adorably fails. Then a couple seconds later it tries again(!) with my full excitement and parent-like support but it then likewise powers down. Finally, a couple seconds later yet again it tries and stays on this time but the monitor doesn't recognize a signal. From here I have to press the power button and it immediately powers down. So I press it again and my PC starts up to the Widows log-in screen. I'd really like to be able to use the sleep feature as it's a handy mode when I walk away from my desk for a short while while working. Please help . I first checked that all the power supply cables were plugged in correctly, seated all the way, and they were. Second, I checked that my video card driver was up to date, and it was. Third, I went to settings>system>power & sleep>add'l power settings and changed the plan to "high performance" to see if this might supply more power to successfully wake up. Didn't help, so I switched back to "balanced" mode. Fourth, I thought the longer sleep may have something to do with the hibernate mode. But in edit plan settings>change advanced power settings there is no option for hibernate in the sleep drop down menu. Could this be it? My only settings here are 1.) Sleep after setting: never, and 2.) Allow wake timers setting: disable. So this is where I'm at right now, if you've had this problem before or can think of other things for me to troubleshoot please let me know. Thanks so much for your time and take care.
  26. Hi Not sure what i am doing wrong here, when i try to connect to Full Tilt Poker via my user name admin account ( i am definitely in the admin group) i get error that seem to be related to firewall rules and such, but when i log into the Win 10 built in Admin account i can connect with out issue. i have tried inbound and out bound rules,windows defender is turned off, UAC is off...any help appreciated am i missing something in gpedit or secpol...Cheers...Kobe
  27. Hi @bromberg Vista.... That I cannot say. I've been a long long time... For windows 10, that's what I'm getting. But like I said, can't say what you might find on Vista.
  28. what happens if you launch explorer.exe ?
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