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  2. cortana-windows-10 Cortana Tips and How-Tos Previous Tip Next Tip Turn On 'Hey Cortana' Send an Email With Cortana Set a Reminder with Cortana Search for Files With Cortana Turn On and Use Cortana in Microsoft Edge Change Cortana's Voice and Language Turn Cortana Off in Windows 10 Change the Name Cortana Calls You Shut Down Windows With a Voice Command Find Your Phone with Cortana List Apps That Work With Cortana Show Weather for Multiple Cities Clear Personal Info From Cortana Add Remove Cortana from Your Lock Screen Send SMS Messages with Cortana Tweak Cortana Privacy Settings Create Reminders with Sticky Notes Get News Notifications Set Cortana to Use Google for Search Create Reading Lists All Windows 10 Tips
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  4. There was an app that checked your computer to see if an upgrade was possible is that still available? Right now everyone is pushing new computers but mine is loaded and fine hopefully upgrade to 10 and keep all my files intact and in place. asked for a call back this morning said14 minutes but that was hours ago could you please direct to the app and I will see if this unit ASus g75v is compatible with windows 10 I believe it said that ist was compatible but I wanted to verify before I purchase the upgrade. This unit is running win 7 home 64
  5. Everything else can be injected with malware. Even with same size. This was the thing with people thinking they're downloading
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  7. Hi everyone I am facing this very strange issue from a few days. I am using my laptop with windows 10 1909 installed as clean format (not upgrade from previous version). When i have to leave my desk, i close the lid and the system goes to sleep mode. The power light remains on as the laptop is connected to charger and the HDD/SSD light starts blinking and that's when i know that system is now on sleep mode. But from few days, Randomly it would turn back on (even though the lid is closed) and i hear fans turning on, display still off and i then open the lid to see that it is on welcome screen. At first i thought, it is battery issue as my battery was quite old one and i went and bought a new battery but now it seems that it is not the battery issue, otherwise why would the system be turning on itself randomly when there has been no tinkering with power settings. Can anyone please suggest what is going on? Additional info: I checked BIOS to see the wake on LAN or USB or something like that, but no, there is no change in that and those options are closed. I checked the power options but apparently i couldn't find any option that would turn the system back on while being on sleep mode.
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  9. Computer boots up, but no hard drive activity after a windows and video card update. Have nothing but a black screen, cant not boot to safe mode, or ctr+alt+det.
  10. What a load of crap this site really is. You leave only pictures of links and tons of adverts. AVOID this Dumping ground at all cost. Totally useless.
  11. Hmm. Very odd. You can go into a command prompt and type: net user It will give you a list of accounts on the box. Another option on Windows 10, open Settings > Accounts (see below). It will give you all the details on your logged in account. Windows 10 1903 Shown Above
  12. Yeah - sorry for the bad news... Now, each system must activate with Microsoft (piracy issues). So, there ya go.
  13. Dear Experts I have got a work laptop that was connected to my work domain because I need to use the laptop at field I got a permission for that laptop to be disconnected from the work domain and it was assigned to the default windows 10 Pro workgroup. When I logged to the laptop I can see my name in the logon screen. I tried to check the new username after the laptop got disconnected but I couldn't find it in the computer management applet as in the snapshot below : Any alternative way to figure out what is the username ? Thx
  14. Hi Steve, I'd almost given up hope of getting an answer. Now for the research into the easiest way to do it. Many thanks, Ian
  15. Awesome! Thank you for the feedback @Mike_Scallan!
  16. So.... I would not advice blocking windows updates and security updates. Perhaps that is your issue here... It could be the way you have been blocking them is now causing you issues. Hard to say. Best idea at this point would be to backup your docs and do a clean Windows 10 install.
  17. Hi @buffy2011 - Have you done anything to customize your DNS settings? You should be picking up your DNS settings from DHCP each time you connect to your WIFI network. To check your network card to confirm you've not made any changes 1 - Click Windows Key and Type Network Connections 2 - Right Click your Network Interface and click Properties 3 - Click Internet Protocol Version 4 and click Properties 4 - Ensure all IP address and DNS settings are set to "Automatic".
  18. Hi Ian, Each Windows 10 upgrade is good for only 1 machine. So.... you will need to buy two licenses.
  19. Hi Plcorir, At this point, the free upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 has ended. My advice would be to call Microsoft License activation and review the story with them. You might be able to upgrade the device you originally upgraded. Keep us updated on your progress.
  20. Hi Robby, please take a look at this thread here: Thanks -S
  21. Hi Terry, Are you saying you can't get to any web page? Or just a specific one? Also, have you tried a different web browser? Thnx
  22. When trying to open web pages, I get the message mmm can’t reach this page.
  23. Have tried every method possible . From safe mode to command prompt. My laptop is not booting . Its keeps showing blank screen
  24. I am running Windows 7 and when offered the free upgrade to Windows 10 some years ago, I tried it, but then needed to back off because of problems that developed after the upgrade. I would like to attempt it again, but would like the free upgrade. How do I go about getting this done on both a laptop and a desktop unit that I own. One is a Lenovo T530 (laptop) and the other is a Lenovo IdeaCentre B5 series (desktop). Thank you.
  25. Hi all, Looking at some of he threads on here, this will be small beer, but here goes. I wish to upgrade a PC and also a laptop. What's the most appropriate way to get and/or process the upgrade software so that the second machine can be upgraded without having to pay twice and/or start again? My laptop isn't very old and my PC has recently been beefed up, so I wish to re-use them rather than ditch and buy new. Both have SSDs, the laptop 5GB RAM, the PC with 8GB RAM, both with plenty of free memory. Anything else I need to worry about? Thanks, Ian
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