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  5. You can check it on this article. They have mention around 30 sites. I thinks that'll help you. In this they have mention free streaming sports sites.
  6. Help me to find out the best websites to stream sports for free.
  7. Same here just have a black screen with the cursor button
  8. Never mind I finally figured it out on my own :you hit the windows button and the R button which opens the run box then you type NETPLWIZ in the run box which opens the box with the users name in it with a check that says you must type in a password before you can log onto your desktop then you remove the check mark and click apply it will ask you for your password and then to confirm your password then you click okay and close from then on every time you start your computer or restart you will go straight to your desktop
  9. When opening up pages from the main menu button I get blanks or odd bits of graphic and it's only when I run the mouse over the list that I get the label and associated icon. Surely this isn't normal? See attached example.
  10. Hi I am the only user of my desktop, running Windows10, and OpenOffice. I have suddenly had a problem opening a backup OpenOffice file, getting a message that I need approval from the administrator before I can open it. Who is the admin if not me? How can I change it? Other files seem to be unaffected. There was one message indicating soffice might be involved. Help, please. Littleme
  11. I was installing win10 upgrade from Win8 and was told Mcafee was incompatible. Uninstalled Mcafee via Revo uninstaller. Rebooted, started upgrade, but same problem. Discovered Mcafee was running via task manager, although no longer installed. I assume it is running online, as it wthe upgrade still tells me to uninstall Mcafee before it will continue. Task Manager sees Mcafee but cannot end the task. HOW DO I STOP IT FROM RUNNING?
  12. I have HP Pavilion 64 bit I would like to know how to bypass logon and go straight to desktop.Thanks Jerry
  13. You can use Morph TV. It'll be very useful for you. You can chrome cast the screen in your device as well. You can download the APK from the
  14. I am new to this and I am a dumb ass ignorant stupid redneck that needs help. I am 76 years old so please bear with me as I may not ask the right questions. I owned a Survival Forum on Yahoogroups. Yahoogroups was bought by Verizon Telephone and we were notified that our Forums would disappear. Most everyone switched to igroups. Like Yahoogroups it started as FREE, but they saw the opportunity to become millionaires and started charging hundreds of dollars for your Forum and they are having nothing but trouble setting things up because all of a sudden there is 100,000 Forums transfering over. So I want to host my own Forum. If I have to pay money they I want to own it. I have purchased a domain name. I want to know if there is any software that I can install and design my own thing like I did on Yahoogroups? I am even willing to set up my own server. When I Google all this my head explodes. Nothing makes sense and nothing fits what I want to do. Do I have to use Linux? Can't I use Windows 10 Pro 64? Is there a software I can download to do this? Or a disk I can install? Let's start here. Help.
  15. but mine is severly damaged and can barely see anything called microsoft they wont do anything about it whats your solution
  16. Dear All, I use HP Pavilion 15-p003-tx Touchscreen laptop bought in 2014 with Windows 8.1 64-bit per-installed which I later formatted & did a fresh installation of Windows 10 Home Single Language edition 64-bit by downloading a legal copy of it from Microsoft's official website & burned it on a USB pen drive. I have set screen display to "Turn Off" after 1 min on Battery power & 3 mins when Plugged in. System will go into "Stand-by mode" in 3 mins on Battery power & 5 mins when Plugged in. Now, the issue is that whenever the screen display goes off, upon pressing any keyboard key or mouse touchpad - the display doesn't come back instead, it stays steady black both on Battery power & when Plugged-in. So I have to force Power off the laptop by hard pressing the Power button. Same applies when I try to Shutdown this Windows 10 system. Doing a force Power off repeatedly will damage the internal HDD someday or lead to Data corruption. There are 2 graphics cards installed in this HP laptop. One is an on-board of Intel & the other is of Nvidia GeForce 830M (See the enclosed pics). Kindly let me know what is the issue and how to solve this out b'coz even HP failed in resolving this issue. All the Updates related to Laptop & Windows are up to date and so is the Firmware (Pls see the enclosed pics) HDD is of 1 Tetra Bytes WDC and 4GB Ram with an Intel Core i5 processor (pls see the enclosed pic) than why does this Laptop perform very very slow especially during logon to desktop and while launching any app or to search for something in the Windows Start Search bar or while opening Windows Explorer using Windows Key + E??? Regards, Apoorva.
  17. Too bad there isn't an auto-sort like other browsers. Chrome's bookmark manager lets you sort alphabetically in either direction.
  18. Hi. I have the same problem and need help... My laptop won't boot. I only see the black screen and no light when pressing capslock or numslock... no combination of keys like ctrl-alt-del works... Help please!!!
  19. OK, nobody answered, but by combining advice from several different posts in different places I managed to brute force it down to 800 KB. Here's how I did it, in case someone else has the same problem. First, I ran the following in a CMD window brought up with admin priviledge: takeown /F C:\$Windows.~BT\* /R /A icacls C:\$Windows.~BT\*.* /T /grant administrators:F rmdir /S /Q C:\$Windows.~BT\ There were a lot of failures, but it got the folder size down from 25 GB to 12 GB. Encouraged, I restarted in safe mode (PC Settings, Recovery, Advanced, Restart Now, ... various options ... safe mode), and then did the above again. Again there were failures, but now it went down to 800 KB, which is entirely acceptable. So go figure. I have no idea what the problem was or how the "solution" worked, but it got me pretty much where I want to be.
  20. 20200118_180008.mp4
  21. I have a file named C:\$WINDOWS.~BT which is 25 GB. I've searched on the Web and found that it is a backup of previous Windows system(s) in case one wants to regress. I don't want to regress, but I would like to recover 25 GB on my C: disk. I have found a number of Web entries that purport to tell you how to get rid of it, but they don't work for me. In particular, the System section of Disk Cleanup does not show a "Temporary Windows Installation Files" option. I have tried various other ways to delete this folder but nothing has worked. Can anybody help?
  22. Hello,i've recently encountered a problem with starting my Laptop(lenovo Ideapad100).2 days ago,it suddenly froze while i was watching a video so i ended up doing a hard reset.Now,its permanently stuck in a black screen after it tries to run automatic repair.I have tried plenty of the solutions suggested by other people such as hard-resetting it 3 times(apparently this is a very common solution but it wont trigger the menu for me) before it shows the lenovo logo but this doesnt help at all since it wont let me access any safe booting menu of the sort. I cant access Bios or anything.I have already tried pressing all the keys during the normal start before it goes into black screen mode but none of them trigger any sort of menu.I also installed and mounted a windows 10 installer on my USB but the laptop just ignores it and wont let me choose any option either. I'm quite desperate since i have some important files in this laptop.Sorry for my awful english and thanks in advance.
  23. I was wondering how to tell if the graphics card I have installed will accept the windows 10 upgrade. I have a 3Dbusiness and gaming graphics performance card installed. If this is good enough will it help to restore this PC to factory condition. Thank you.
  24. How to increase the size of the Chrome bookmark drop-down add/edit window.? I find it too small in win 10.
  25. The system clock in the taskbar shows the correct date and time.. but every file or folder I create shows up in Windows explorer with a date of 1/1/2000? I'm completely perplexed and any insight as to what might cause this to occur would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to all the experts who help on this forum :)
  26. I was upgrading my laptop from windows 7 to windows 10 using windows media creation. windows 10 downloaded, and I followed all the steps but at last it said we can't determine if your pc has enough space to continue installing windows 10.Try restarting the setup. i was so disappointed because i spent my whole internet downloading windows 10 and now i should download it again? ok i will download and run the setup again. BUT...... Plz Give me a solution to this problem so that my internet shouldn't be wasted n it.
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