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  3. I am having an issue. New laptop with Edge does not display google translate API on my website’s pages whereas in the past, IE did. The really odd thing though is that my webmaster also uses Edge and on his browser it’s visible on my site!? And I can also see it if I use Chrome.
  4. I bought a new computer and they had Windows 10 Pro, but the key I bought was for Windows 10 home. I followed two similar sets of instructions that do the regedit, but each time I go to activate my home version it tells me my key is invalid. Help?
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  6. Thank you for responding we have taken it to a pro and it is a motherboard issue
  7. Need privacy for your Windows computer? Of course! Everyone does. Did you know that Windows automatically logs user keystrokes to send back to Microsoft for diagnostic purposes? Purchase Opticole today, the ultimate Windows privacy tool! Automatically search for and enable privacy settings with ease. Encrypt important files and directories with a custom key. Analyze malicious activity and terminate it. Boost performance for gaming and computer speed. Do all this and more with Opticole (only $20 as of May 28).
  8. I am a beginner on Windows 10. I tried to adjust the Saturation of my monitor by going to "Intel Graphics Settings" (I don't have a graphics card) -- "Display" --- "Color Settings". The only sliders that appear are "Brightness" and "Contrast". Where have the Saturation sliders gone? In Windows 7 they always appeared here. I am at a complete loss. Here is a screenshot of what appears on my computer (Also why does my "Select Display" monitor say Digital Television Dell U2415. It's not a television but a computer monitor. Something is very fishy...)
  9. I am facing similar issue, the command prompt not allowing me to execute any command.
  10. Update: I was able to display SetupDiag.exe logs with notepad and saw a line at point of fail that mentioned aksfridge.sys so I placed an “X” in the file name so the system couldn’t find it at start up (and I could find it later) Result: Windows 10 installed. Any comments on how this fixed it?
  11. Trying to upgrade from 7 to 10. It gets past the download, verify, and install then to the 10 boot process (After a restart) and during updates fails at 85% with the subject error and goes back to 7. I feel if it got to 100% it’d be done. I unplugged all external hardware and disabled mcafee. Can’t use the SetupDiag program yet. Is there anything to do to point to the problem?
  12. I have failed using Media Creation Tool,maybe this is not effective way to install Windows 10,other ways can be used to install Windows 10. As i know,some common ways-- Using Windows 10 installation disk or Windows bootable disk. Making it yourself is not difficult.
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  14. Win 10, How do you get it to stop asking for a password when it goes to sleep then wakes up later. My issue is; goes to sleep when i try to log in it will not let me type any character in the pin box, now this happens 98% of the time not all the time. The cursor is in the pin box flashing but I can’t get the pc to accept any key stroke. I was told it might be my keyboard, funny it seems to work for all else with no issue and if I follow the procedure I indicated it will eventually type. I have tried everything like putting it back to sleep same results. I have to restart once or maybe twice or sometimes I HAVE to shut down down and then start up before I can get it to take any keystroke. I have never seen this happen on any PC
  15. Hello, I was editing the winlogon.exe.mui yesterday to change the "welcome" text while logging on. I set it to "Hi there!" both 1002 and 1005 in 63:1031 and executed mcbuilder. When I reboot, the text doesn't change, but the winlogon.exe.mui file was not resettet. What is the problem? Thanks for a answer!
  16. You need to provode more details about how you installed Windows 10,how did you do it.
  17. Hi in Ernie the Former King Ernie Pinnock please can you fix my PC are installed the window 10 please
  18. Dear All, Appreciate your support please on this ! I am looking for slowing down audio speed in windows, I do not mean specific audio/video. Any sound (live, recorded ... etc) whatever its source (audio/video ... etc), I need its sound to be operated slowly. So, I need to edit Windows audio settings itself in order to keep this permanent, or to have an option to slow down/keep it normal Appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance.
  19. My HP PC and Dell laptop both got hung up on updating Windows 10. Showed error code 0x800f0988. Version 1909. Same on both machines. I played around with constant reboots, etc. Then the laptop was OK (for no discernible reason) but the PC is still hung up. May 2020 update. I have tried to get it to work many, many times. A lot of other updates took at the same time. This is the exact message: 2020-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4556799) - Error 0x800f0988
  20. Don't know why my last post didn't pick up my address. Ian-UK = IP PRSY.
  21. Hi Steve, I owe you a big thank you. The NVIdia stuff didn't help because graphics on my PC (hand built locally) are Radeon HID6450. The software updater on the main download site of AMD didn't work because of the age of my system (a clue there?), but did point to a legacy downloads page, which worked successfully, confirming my drivers were't up to date and installing the latest, which have solved the problem reported. It may be my imagination, but the pages do seem to load more quickly as well. I can provide the links if required. Again, many thanks for your help. Ian
  22. Hi Aria, This video will take you to a screen called Manage Accounts. There ensure your account is shown as Administrator. If yes, then select the old user and find the below options to delete the entire account.
  23. Thanks Steve. I'll have look at what you say and revert.
  24. Best option would be to just call the PC Manufacturer. That's what I would do.
  25. HI @fpetri - there are several options you can go down. One I suggest to people who just "want it taken care of" is That's what I'm running here. It's fully hosted and just works. If you need help, PM me. I can give a hand.
  26. That is just freaky.... Before updating Windows, I would update my video card drivers. Check your PC/Laptop make and model and see if the PC Maker has a newer display adapter for it. DELL and HP are all really good at this. If you have a dedicated adapter (like NVIdia), hit install GForce Experience to get the latest drivers. Being that you mouse over them and things get better..... It "could" be Windows related. What version are you running 1909? <Press Windows Key > Type WINVER and press enter. ?
  27. Hi, no change since first reporting. I'm assuming it's due to using an old monitor.
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