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  2. Hi, I've been having this issue for a while where the last second or so of songs that I've exported as WAV files have cut off the last second or so. As a music producer, this really ruins the endings of my songs. I've looked around for a way to fix it, but have not found anything relevant to my issue. I have used multiple different platforms but the problem still persists. I'm currently using a Dell XPS 9360 with Windows 10 Home 64bit installed. The programs that I use for making my music are beepbox.co and Ableton Live 10 Suite. Please reply, it's really starting to get on my nerve
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  4. Teams kept crashing so I took a look at the event log and found this message just before it crashed.Any idea why Unarchiver.exe (which I assume was something to do with 7zip) is using so much virtual memory? that's 2.47GbI've uninstalled 7zip but I keep getting the same issue, Windows Defender and Malewarebytes can't find anything, extremely frustrating to lose connection in meetings due to a random issue like this.Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Rajat, My suggestion would be to contact Microsoft to get your new install activated. You can get activated via chat. Give it a shot and let us know if you're good.
  6. I have a new Lenovo computer, turned on a week ago for the first time. Ran through the initial setup and logged in with my microsoft account and everything seemed fine. I've only used it 3 times since I got it. I wanted to turn off the password and pin requirement at startup so I started googling and looking through settings and I realized I don't have some of the options that I should. So then I went down that rabbit hole and eventually came to the conclusion that I have no admin privileges. I made a local account to see if I could give admin privileges to it but its the same. No matter what
  7. Many times, when I startup my pc which has ssd boot disk, I get one-time blue screen that make a restart. Most of those boots come-up correctly on the second boot. Can it be, that some startup operations are too quick while the boot proccess is not prepared to run them yet?
  8. Hi all, a very specific problem that I would really appreciate some help on for Windows 10 I think what caused the problem is a new mouse I bought, which I set up by simply plugging in the USB receiver and it worked fine. However, I had to send it back, and have since gone back to using my old mouse + trackpad (and touchscreen). But now the click doesn't work on either the mouse or the trackpad. Everything else works: I can scroll/zoom/etc with the trackpad, and ditto for the mouse. Additionally, I can use the other buttons on the mouse (I've reprogrammed these to things like 'Enter'
  9. Hello..I did a windows 10 reinstall on my Thinkpad Laptop after upgrading it to Windows 10 Home 20H2 (Build 19042.685). I did it previously, and my windows got activated automatically, but this time its not..I logged in with same Microsoft Account as previously, but its not activated this time..I got the Genuine Windows with the laptop only when i bought it...Before reinstalling i took backup of my laptop credentials with a tool..now i noticed that my Product ID is different then of the details i have in backup text file..I am afraid to ask, Is it possible that Product ID is changed. ?? (becoz
  10. Have you searched for Black screen issues? There is a lot here on that. -- https://windows10.help/search/?q=black%20screen&quick=1
  11. My Asus N76V series laptop was updating windows a few days Windows 10 and now all I have is a BLACK screen nothing else’s no boot up I’m very upset because I can not turn on my laptop now can anyone please help me?
  12. Hi @Adam - take a look at the Search here on the site for Black Screen https://windows10.help/search/?q=black screen&quick=1 There are several articles in there which talk about Black Screen as well as how to solve it depending on the issue.
  13. Hello I my name is Adam and I am trying to start my pc but everyone I try to turn it on it shows the windows loading screen then it goes black and doesn’t work, I’m not sure what’s wrong with it but maybe someone can help
  14. Hi, All was well and then, all of a sudden (Dec 16th 2020?), I started having problems with pictures / photographs and their association: Nervous Flickering of icons, some "flickering everywhere" and a slowing down of the system. I investigated mostly on the Microsoft Fora and a bit otherwise and in the end I removed: IrfanView (64 bit version), Microsoft Photos I then reinstalled MS Photos and: Nothing: Same issue of flickering of icons, a nervous screen and slow performance remains. When I choose "Microsoft Photos" as the "Default App", the Settings Screen disappe
  15. Hi there, I assume you're having issues activating your desktop? Did you connect to VPN before trying to activate? Looks like you can't reach your KMS server. ?
  16. Glad to hear you're up and going. I had a similar issue with a USB drive at one point.... Glad you figured it out.
  17. Hello, You may have a setting called "Files on Demand" enabled. Take a look at this article to review the settings and how to configure it. https://www.groovypost.com/howto/enable-onedrive-on-demand-files-windows-10/. Thanks!
  18. Glad you figured it out. Here's details which explains how OneDrive Files on Demand works - https://www.groovypost.com/howto/enable-onedrive-on-demand-files-windows-10/. Thanks!
  19. HI @Iztok Here is the system requirements for running Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windows-10-specifications?OCID=win10_null_vanity_win10specs&SilentAuth=1&wa=wsignin1.0 My suggestion is to review your laptop specs with the OS to determine if it will support the OS. You should also goto the Toshiba website and look for Windows 10 Drivers for Wifi and Bluetooth. Might be able to resolve those issues. If Toshiba does not offer the drivers.. might be an indication that your system is not supported.
  20. Sporadic windows chimes after updating Intel wifi and bluetooth drivers. Right clicked speaker icon to access Sound menu. Turned off ALL notifications sounds. Turned off master volume control. Turned off system sounds. Still happens, apparently at random, every 15 to 30 minutes. Day or night. Even when system is sleeping. Driving me crazy! Windows 10 version 2004 OS build 19041.685
  21. Thanks, but that's not the problem. I used the exact same reg file on both machines, both before and after my in-place upgrade. It worked fine on both laptops before the upgrade, and worked perfectly on one laptop after the upgrade but not on the other. The problem has to be something else.
  22. To change the system font on Windows 10, use these steps: Open Settings. Click on Personalization. Click on Fonts. Click on the font family that you want to use. For example, Arial, Courier New, Verdana, Tahoma, etc. Open Start. Search for Notepad Replace the ENTER-NEW-FONT-NAME placeholder with the name of the font family exactly as it appears in the title of the settings page. For example, Courier New.Font family settings on Windows 10 Click the Save As option. Under the "Save as type" option, select the All Files option, and name your f
  23. I just installed 20H2 with an in-place upgrade plus the latest updates on 2 HP laptops (different models). I have had no problems with the 15bs234wm, but I have several on the 15da0053wm. It has a 1 TB WD PCIe/NVMe which I installed just after completing the upgrade/updates, which I cloned from the existing 1 TB SATA hard drive. I disabled the Optane memory in the BIOS, then pulled the drive and the Optane to install the SSD. I have two problems on the 15da- 1.) 5 of my 8 desktop gadgets won't display properly any more (they all still run just fine on the 15bs) 2.) My notification area won't
  24. I have two Ethernet networked HP laptops running side by side, both of which were upgraded simultaneously to 20H2 with all updates via in-place installs from an ISO created with the Media Creation Tool, copied to both desktops, then mounted and used to do the upgrade. After that was finished, which was accomplished without any problems, I the used the same registry script on both machines to change my system font. Here is the script, which I merged into the registry on both machines: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts]
  25. I have two HP laptops, both running 20H2 with the latest updates. A problem that existed before the upgrade did not go away after the upgrade like I thought it would. Both machines are networked through an Ethernet switch to the router and to a printer. I have shared folders on both laptops, and printer sharing is also turned on. When I first turned on sharing, all my shared folders appeared in the File Explorer navigation pane under the Network on both machines, and also in the main pane when I opened the network folder. Sporadically they would stop appearing on either of the machines, som
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