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  3. @Ellen We have a detailed troubleshooting guide for people who get a Black Screen: I would try that out and see there is something you haven't tried yet and see if one of them works!
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  5. Hi, We have a family computer running on Windows 10 with four profiles. Two of the profiles are admin (mine and my husband's) and the other two are non-admin profiles for the kids. Right now, one of my kid's profiles is showing up with a black screen with the arrow cursor after they enter their password at login; I am able to access Task Manager from the black screen (CTRL/ALT/DEL) and can log out of the profile from there, but can't access the start menu and there is no task bar. The other three profiles work with no problems. I've tried all of the tricks that I've found (removing non-essential start-ups, safe-mode start-up and repair, reinstalling drivers, etc.) and nothing has helped. Can anyone please help?? Thanks!
  6. Since Windows 10 SCU is not rolled by the company yet. In case, you can't wait for the update to reach your machine, you can follow a workaround mention in the following blog post to get the update right now:
  7. So, I've got a 1tb HDD and a 120g ssd. I have win10 pro 1709 on both BUT I messed something up stupidly deleting things in the registry a few months ago on my ssd, causing it to randomly just restart out of nowhere or freeze. Now I'm running off of my HDD but I've recently realized that some apps and games are acting weird and the computer will randomly shut off again. When I try to do a system reset it's not letting me, I'm not sure at all how to go about this. Thanks in advance
  8. ^^^^^^^ This is the best answer so far for getting a hold of the update. Convoluted as heck on MS's part for making it this weird to get to, but brilliant on Guest Nobin's part for figuring it out. Thanks!
  9. Have you updated all your drivers?
  10. I have 2 computers with the latest build of windows 10, one and old Gatway laptop that has been upgraded from Vista to 8 to 8.1 to 10. the second machine is a self built desktop that I just ungraded from 8.1 to 10. I have an old program, Wallmaster.exe . originally written for xp I believe, on both machines. This is a wallpaper changer program and is designed to run on startup. My problem is that on the laptop it runs on startup and works correctly but will not on the desktop. I have tried to make the program settings the same on both machines, On the laptop the program is set to not run in compatibility mode and not as administrator and the shortcut in the start folder is the same. On the desktop, if the program is set to not run in comparability mode it will not load on startup but will run perfectly from the desktop. If it is set to run in compatibility mode for windows xp it does load on startup but does not run correctly (the wallpaper image will not change). I am whipped. I have tried all the usual options like Using task scheduler and making direct registry entries for the startup folder. I simply can't understand what the difference can be on 2 supposedly identical windows installations.Any suggestions on what I may have missed would be appreciated.
  11. Updated App Listing not visible in Microsoft Store

    The listing issue on windows 10 is resolved but the issue mentioned in the pic is still not resolved. Please suggest the way out? Similar quesstion has been asked in the community and there were no replies :
  12. how to untar/decompress....

    It's now April 9th and I have been working on this nearly every day since the last time I posted. I don't believe there is a way to open stuff in a .tar.gz format. Anyways, I am just keeping you all informed on my progress. Thanks again, Bob
  13. Windows 10 Home N won't activate

    Never mind, I reinstalled the correct version of Windows and it activated automatically.
  14. Hi, I have a Windows 10 Home licence and I just reinstalled Windows. I have foolishly selected Windows Home 10 N instead of Windows Home 10 and now my Windows won't activate. I only noticed that after having configured Windows and reinstalled tons of programs. Is there a way I can activate this versino of Windows? Or can I install Windows Home 10 without losing any of my programs and settings?
  15. Hi, We have updated our app on Microsoft Store having package : CordovaApp.Windows_6.4.0.0_anycpu.appx version 6.4.0 but the problem is that the build is updated on the Store when installed on any of my windows 10 device although the listing information is of the previous release (although the app is new). There is another issue , when I try to install the app on any of my Windows 8.1 device it gives the error attached in the message (and here is shows updated listing). Can you please suggest , what could be the cause and how to resolve the same?
  16. A new version of Windows 10 is upon us containing exciting new features to make users more productive and secure. The Windows 10 Spring Creators Update version 1803 builds on the Fall Creators Update launched last October. New features include: Time Line for managing apps and activities across devices; redesigned settings app, new user experiences for installing fonts, using Bluetooth, Audio and whole lot more. In this article, we look at how to upgrade from a previous version using Windows Update. Its not that different from previous versions, but users will note how much faster and stable the process is. Anyway, lets dig in. Step 1: Open Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update then click 'Check for Updates' Step 2: Windows Update will scan for a new version then begin downloading the feature update. Step 3: The download can take some time, so be patient. If you don't see any progress after an hour, try disconnecting from the Internet temporarily, then reconnect to see if it progresses. If not, restart your computer then try again. Step 4: After the update is finished downloading, it will begin installing. Step 5: When the installation is ready, Windows Update will notify you and ask if you would like to install now, choose a time or set a reminder. If you are not ready to install yet, click 'Pick a time'. This will open the Restart options setting in Windows Update. Proceed to choose an appropriate time and day that is suitable for you. Check out the following article to learn more about how to use Active Hours and Restart Options to manage how and when updates are installed: Step 6: When you are finally ready to install the feature update the update will begin automatically or you can open Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update then click Restart now: After the restart, this will be your screen for a while: When complete, you can sign into your account and check Windows Update. Thats it, you don't even see the old installing apps screen anymore. Backup Before Upgrading Please be advised some devices might experience issues upgrading to Windows 10 1803. Here are a list of things you can do to ensure your upgrade is successful or you can return to your previous version. Make sure you backup before attempting to upgrade: How to block it if you don't want to upgrade: What is the make and model of your computer? Have you checked the manufacturers website to determine compatibility? Check this List to Determine if Your Computer is Compatible with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 1803 Perform the following tasks: 12 Things You Should Do Before Installing Windows 10 Creators Update (Version 1803) Let us know in the comment how your upgrade goes.
  17. Edge will not boot up fully

    Thanks Robwin, Steve K. and all. I finally got rid of Rapport and Edge now works again. Shame on IBM! At least 1 year ago I had the installation of Rapport recommended by my bank. I installed it and it messed things up. I removed it and I reported it to my bank and also told them they shouldn't make recommendations without first checking them out and that they should inform their source (IBM) not to propose such products. Now it got installed again on my computer - I don't know how - and it wasted many hours of my time. Maybe I should sue IBM for my loss of time and frustration! Thanks again guys!
  18. Edge will not boot up fully

    See if Rapport has an unistall option in its start menu i can't remember now if it has or not. I am sure i unistalled mine from the unistall options in Control Panel but if this does fail then go to this link where once you have filled in your name and email you will get an email with a link to remove rapport. Hope all works out ok.
  19. Edge will not boot up fully

    I hope that solves the problem Steve but now can you tell me how to get rid of Rapport. I've tried to execute Uninstall/Change in Control Panel but it doesn't do it. Thanks
  20. Win2go stuck

    I just thought I would update my previous post,I ended up reinstalling windows 10 fresh,but although for 18 months I never had any problems running win/10/2/go on my Mac,this time I installed it on the external ssd again but without win2go and it installed okay and seems to be working well. i am not sure why I suddenly stopped working last time .
  21. SD Cards...

    I have two SD Cards at 2.0GB. I can place them into my SD slot but then what must I do to see what is on the cards? Thank you.
  22. Still trying to find out how and getting convinced it's not possible. It was easy in XP. Why do they deliberately make things worse? That's what I'm trying to find out now. Maybe a Google search of that question would provide the answer...
  23. The desktop works fine for me. Is there a way to get folder icons to be the size and to behave like the desktop icons?
  24. @nopeda You can right-click the desktop and go to View and from the menu, you have different resizing options. For more details and other options in Windows 10 check out our article: Hope this helps!
  25. In the old days you could go to any folder and select Help and it would tell you "About Windows" and you could bring up the start menu, right click on My Computer, select Properties... (that's all just basic stuff about trying to figure out exactly what version...) Now I'm trying to learn about Windows 10 and would like to be able to have small icons in all folders since the new medium icons are so much bigger than "Icons" used to be, and just align them to grid so they can be placed wherever I want to put them. Is that impossible with Windows 10? Or is there some simple way of arranging them the way we want to that I've been too stupid to figure out? When I select small icons it puts them in 2 verticle rows and I want them placed horizontally so I can move them wherever I want to and just have them snap to the grid. And have it that way in all folders. Is that too much to ask of Windows 10? Thank you for any help with this! David
  26. System Backup

    When trying to do a system backup on my Seagate portable drive, It fails quoting code 0x8078011E
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