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  2. Lenovo X1, Windows 10 Pro When I got this machine, I immediately split my 1 TB SSD drive into two partitions. It was a few years ago, but I assume I just used Disk Manager. Nothing odd there. Recently, I wanted to adjust the partitions to have a larger 😄 partition. Since this involved moving data on the D partition, I tried to use a utility called EaseUS Partition Master free version (formerly Partition Magic, I think). It said it could not adjust Bitlocker partitions - I had to get the pro or paid version of EaseUS. That's when I discovered that both my partitions showed as being Bitl
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  6. I am relatively new to Windows 10. This morning my computer seemed ever so slightly slower than it had been. In looking at the task manager the memory usage was at 30% which is higher than usual. The major contributor is MoUSO Core Worker Process at 2219.2 MB and it is quiescent whenever I check. Should it always reside in memory just waiting to occasionally spring into action or does its continual presence indicate that there is a problem? I ask because this seems to be a departure from how my system had been operating.
  7. As stated, I have a thin white line on the bottom of my display in desktop view only. It doesn't appear when I fullscreen any apps. Seems like I had this back in the XP days, too. Then I fixed it using the monitors Vertical Position adjustment. Can't do that now because my monitor only offers that on a VGA connection, which is a dinosaur that my computer doesn't even have as an output option. Anyone know how I can change vert. position on HDMI, or have any other ideas? Partitions 0.tif
  8. Hi Guys, When I connect my camera to my PC, OneDrive keeps trying to download my images..How can I stop it from doing this. I only want to download my pics to a particular folder already on my PC. I can do this OK but want to stop OneDrive from trying to do it every time, gets very annoying... Cheers, Ron.
  9. We’ve changed the way you get help from Amazon. Our phone number is no longer in service, and is now a dedicated line for customers who may have experienced fraud on their account. If your query is not related to fraudulent activity Contact Amazon Seller customer service. You can call Amazon phone number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website www.primevideo.com, or write a letter to Amazon.com Services LLC, 410 Terry Avenue North, Seattle, Washington, United States. At first, I assumed it might be a mistake or a delayed email from the time I contacted them months e
  10. I am noticing that on Windows 20h2 release, with 11th gen intel processors, that the Tpm-HasCertRetr task does not seem to run when the device is booted, or awoken from a hibernated state. To my understanding this is a custom trigger to run during these events with the device is enrolled into device management such as a MDM solution. This task is needed to generate the Windows 10 Health Attestation information for the device. Has anyone else seen this issue, and what can be done to resolve this issue?
  11. I had the older version of Windows 10 and wanted to update but had no idea how to do this. After reading this blog I had no doubts in my mind and I did the updation flawlessly. In this way, I was able to save my primary security updates and support. There is great information about Windows 10 download ISO 64 bit that will help all those who need it.
  12. It's really useful post, Germany Email Database thanks for sharing your information.
  13. Hi I've created an art design and saved it as a Word document and now want to use it as the logo for the website I'm creating, but the Word format is not compatible with the Wordpress format of my website. I have been advised that I either need to export the file in another format using "export" in the "file" menu, which I cannot find, or make a screenshot of the image using the Prtscrn key, then using the image editor (like Paints/Gimp/Photoshop) to create a new image - I don't really understand this and can't find the image editor! Please can anyone explain in very simple IT langua
  14. During recent Windows 10 update about 12% into update the screen went black and has remained this way since. I’ve researched online and there are all kinds of nifty tips and tricks to fix this problem but every one neglects the critical issue at hand: my screen is black so I can’t see anything. I can’t simply select FILE > WHATEVER > WHATEVER. I’m told to start up in safe mode which involves turning the computer off and on at the Windows splash screen. Once again, I’m not sure how to do this when I’m unable to see when that splash screen comes up…again…MY SCREEN IS BLACK…COMPLETELY UNVIE
  15. After having trouble getting my 115 Gb exfat usb thumbstick playing on my LG Dvd player, I tried formatting it ( Cmd.exe / Diskpart ) with ntfs but no luck, (wouldnt show up anyway)... then i (foolishly) tried formatting as fat32 and ended up with under 2 Gb. Is there any method that will bring back my Gbs and make it visible on my Dvd-player?
  16. running window 10 pro 64-bit sandboxie V 5.49.7 I can't tell if my Firefox browser is being sandboxed. I used sandboxie on window 7 for a long time with no problems. Here I am trying to use a windows 7 sandbox in windows 10 with no success. Please tell me where I can read how to solve this problem
  17. I accidentally erased my operating system from my laptop how can I use my Xbox to download windows ten to a flash drive please help
  18. My normal Onedrive folder on my PC HDD has an issue (Type. 1117) and I cannot copy files locally. This seems to be related to bad clusters on my HDD. I have a backup of Onedrive on an external HDD from 1 month ago. So if I replace my internal PC HDD, copy the one month old backup from the External drive onto the new drive, set it to be the Onedrive folder will i risk damaging the cloud version. In conflicts will the cloud version win? Can I somehow set this? Otherwise downloading 700GB and that could take weeks. System AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 32gb ram, 1tb SSD, 4tb HDD
  19. You, have to activate it by phone activation method if only your key is RETAIL, Otherwise you cannot do that. If you dont know your type of license then contact with themSoftwarePal support: Here
  20. You have to update your driver first. you can use driver booster for that. You can do a Disk cleanup for C Drive first and then try to restart the Windows update service and then try to update your windows 10 if that does not solve. Join here and they will fix your update problem instantly for free.SoftwarePal support: Here
  21. You can do a Disk cleanup for C Drive first and then try to restart the Windows update service and then try to update your windows 10 if that does not solve. Join here and they will fix your update problem instantly for free.SoftwarePal support: Here
  22. I recently changed my TV resolution to 1366*768 from 1920*1080. After doing this I clicked on keep changes. From then both my laptop and tv goes black when connected. My laptop is working fine, it's only when I plug the hdmi cable from this TV. Its working for my projector. Just this TV, and I'm not able to change it back to 1920*1080 because my laptop flickers and freezes for 10 secs and goes blank. I updated the drivers but no luck. I just need to get the second screen resolution to 1920*1080 which I'm not able to do. Please help. Thank you.
  23. Hi, When I create a VPN connection in windows 10, then later want to edit and go to 'Advanced options' of this connection, there is only 'Clear sign-in info' button and Edit button is missing. My user is administrator.
  24. Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2 failed to install. Error 0xc19000101
  25. I use OneDrive. In Windows Explorer on my PC I now have multiples of the same folder names and many of them are empty (the one I am looking at has 10 copies). How do I sort this out and just have one file? Thanks Lynne
  26. No, idea, but I have istalled a lot of machines, since dos 3 & dos 5 + 6, and windows 3 + 3.11 !
  27. every time I try to install (setup) a program receive this: Whom is issuing this, it´s Windows Defender? why? I´m trying to run it as Administrator ! Is anyone can help me w/ this? (I´ng Win10 Pro)
  28. Hello. So my display had some problems and I changed my screen resolution. Everything was fine. Then I went to 'monitor properties' and clicked 'centre image' right after that my screen went black. When I restart my PC it shows the Windows logo but then the screen turns black. Can someone please help me with that? I have a Windows 10 and my PC has been working for only a few months.
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