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  2. This tool doesn't work for Microsoft account user , thanks ,
  3. By the way , the upgraded Windows 10 system has not been completely improved , even Windows 7 is more comprehensive than it is ,
  4. Thanks , i want to have a try next time , hoping it can help me ,
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  7. Hi I wanted to discuss something because lately i have been moving around between different OS. I had installed windows 10 (1703) and then when 1709 came out, windows started updating with feature updates. When it installed, i was severely disappointed because of such idiotic appearance changes. I couldn't stand with the newer interface which looked to me as someone was busy doing other things that he forgot the interface glitches. Anyhow that's my point of view about 1709, people might be liking it. I am now on 1703. I will probably stay on 1703 until i see 1803 because i cannot bear the interface of 1709. Microsoft has seriously puked on the interface. (if someone wants to know, i can write a post for the glitches and changes of interface which i found horrible). I wanted to know something. There are huge list of forums, threads and blogs all yelling that windows 10 is dealing with latest security things and the older systems are more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. I was wondering on it and thinking. What exactly is the security threat to a user?. Suppose i am also using windows 7, and i want to stick with it. The only connection of it with outside world is the internet connection. Other than that, i have installed few software that i use and i have downloaded from their official site so i know the setup is virus/trojan/malware free. I don't install software other than few of them which i use. Rest is the internet part. I use Mozilla Firefox. Browsers are constantly being updated and they have recently released the Firefox Quantum. I have it. I am using windows defender as the security. So, where exactly is the threat that Microsoft is treating windows with? I am sorry if i sound dumb for asking this. This post is in no way a trolling post or for fun. I seriously wanted to know what is the thing.
  8. Hi Steve, Thanks for your response. After I read through some posts on other forums, I tried to recollect what has changed since when this problem started. I then remembered that I had installed a paid version of the application that is used to remove malware. I shut it down from the task manager. Since then the problem seem to vanish . I wrote to Spyhunter support, and they responded back by asking me to switch off a feature of that app called "System Guard". After doing this problem did not reoccur. I am ofcourse writing to them to fix this issue, since by switching off of this feature, I am losing the functionality of blocking malicious processes from executing on my laptop. I think we can consider this problem to be resolved. I there are other members struggling with the same problem and maybe this thread can help. Thanks.
  9. Accessing files on a PC

    I have successfully set up my main PC to be available for file fetching. And when I go to a desktop browser and choose PCs, the name of my PC appears, and I can see everything on it. This beats the heck out of pinholing my way into our router. However, I am unable to access the PC from my Galaxy Note 8: From Chrome, I can see PCs on the menu, but the name of my PC does not display anywhere. From the OneDrive app, I don't see a PCs option. I really hope that this functionality is available to Android users; it stands as one of the most appealing features of OneDrive. Here's hoping that someone can help me get there... Rick A. Pleasanton CA
  10. I'm sorry, I haven't finished yet, I've found that in addition to the login page, i can't enter a password on the login page, unlike the login page for Windows 7
  11. I recently downloaded Microsoft Edge to my windows 10 PC. No problems until I tried to copy a passage from M/S Word into website Tumblr. All the text copied OK apart from where I had used an apostrophe '. when pasting this into Tumblr every one came out as A with circumflex above it and a Euro symbol. this was throughout the document. Plus 4 line of gobblegook at the top of the document. Can anyone please tell me how to avoid this. I need to use this function regularly.. I eventually had to revert to using Google Chrome to Past it successfully.
  12. Last week, I tried to update Windows 7 to Windows, But after I've done all this, I've found that in addition to the login page,
  13. Not a hopeless situation - Give this article a read: It explains many of the issues you're running into. BOOTREC is going to be your friend here.
  14. Heya - there could be a number of issues here. Give this article a read and try the suggestions: Let us know if you're still stuck.
  15. Working Packard Bell after update nothing

    Can you get access to a working Windows 10 box? Here's an article that talks about how to fix a box that won't boot and repair it from a black screen at boot.
  16. This happens a lot at work. You walk away from your computer and boom - someone updates your language... not good. Here's a guide on how to add / remove and change your language settings for Windows 10.
  17. It sounds like something on your box is messing with your file association table. That's not good. Make sure to do a full sweep of your system. Could be a virus/malware... If you goto the command prompt when this is happening, type: assoc .exe If should look like this: If it doesn't you can fix it using this command (launch cmd.exe using admin) and then reboot. assoc .exe=exefile You can also mess around in the registry using this as a guide -
  18. Thnx for pointing that our @Gunnar Hansen and sharing.
  19. PC stuck on boot, left on black screen

    Do you have access to a working Windows 10 PC so you can create repair media? Sounds like your MBR (Master boot record) has become corrupted. Could also be a bad Drive or PC component. I would try to repair Windows 10 using the details at the link you mentioned above and here
  20. Disabling "Switch to Chrome" popup

    Where are you getting this popup? Inside Chrome or when you launch Chrome, it prompts you to set your default to chrome?
  21. Black Screen with Cursor

    Hi @jinxedbomb - @andre wrote a great article on this here: Give that a read and let me know if that solves your issue.
  22. Missing Wifi Driver

    Hi @hgknutsen so WIFI was working for a short time after the upgrade then it stopped?
  23. Windows 10 pro automatic shutdowns

    HI @rajeshkc681 - So during the day, your system will just randomly do a shutdown? Have you looked at your event logs and reviewed system and application logs? Windows Key + R > Type eventvwr > Windows Logs > System or Application I would start here. It should show some info regarding the shutdown. Let us know back here what you find.
  24. I'm using a Linux system and cannot get a Windows 10 download whatever I try. I simply get 'we encountered an error processing your request' and a link to an irrelevant FAQ page!! In desperation I installed Windows 7 first as I had a copy of that handy but, once I've gone through the rigmarole of downloading the installer I get a typical meaningless Microsoft error code 0x80190194 - 0x90018. I'm only trying to install this OS for a friend and have NEVER encountered so many difficulties simply trying to get hold of a copy!!!
  25. Hello Support, I'm using windows 10 pro, my desktop gets automatic shutdowns randomly everyday(1/2 times a day). while restarting, it opens without any error. Couldn't get the reason behind this problem. I have recently migrated from windows 7 to windows 10. My desktop technical info is as follows: Manufacturer: AMD Phenom || X2 Processor 3.30 GHz RAM: 4GB OS: Windows 10 PRo 64 bit Motherboard: Biostar Group / TA880GB+ Facing this problem since 1 month. Cpu temperatures remains below 60 C. Didn't know the nature of this issue. Please help. Regards, Rajesh Kumar
  26. Same problem. I Rx'd this: Can't create files. Please check if you have permission to write to the installation folder. Ver 1073 - Error 0x80131501
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  28. Window 10 to window 7

    Error code:0x80072F76-0x20017
  29. Missing Wifi Driver

    I bought my Dell XPS in April and it came loaded with Windows 7. I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 and it worked great! About two months ago my wifi icon went missing from the action center. When I search wifi anywhere on the computer I cannot find anything. My wifi capabilities were just GONE! Now, after doing tons of research and looking through every crook and nanny of this laptop, I find that the wifi driver is nonexistent. Weird, because it was there since April. I didn't think it had anything to do with the Win10 upgrade as it had been perfectly fine for a few months. When I go to the Dell website to download the driver, it does not offer me anything after Win7. I just need to know, has anyone else experienced this problem? Do I have to downgrade back to Win7 now? Or is there a work around?
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