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  3. Brian Burgess

    Black Screen Issues

    @Carl113 this seems to be an issue that several people have with Windows 10. Check out the following article and hopefully one of the suggestions will work out for you.
  4. I'm having black screen issue with my PC - when I lock it - all looks ok, turn off the monitors, leave for a few hours and then I turn them back on and it's just a pure black screen with no mouse cursor or chance to do anything. Also happens when I restart it, boot options bit loads up then nothing but black screen. If I restart three times in a row, my normal lock screen pops up and it's fine. Have virus scanned, malwarebytes etc, computer isn't, graphics drivers are all updated. Very confused, anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  5. Running Windows 10 Home x64 Version 1803Last Cumulative Update KB4462919 installed on 10/10/2018Ever since I installed the above cumulative update my Windows Mail app has started to not work with my g-mail accounts. They no longer will download new mail and when I try to sync one it comes up with a sync error. If I click on the sync error symbol it gives me a window titled "Attention Required" with the two options of Change Mailbox Sync Settings or Delete Account.I tried to see if there was any thing in the sync settings that might be wrong but it all looked good to me. I then deleted one of my G-Mail accounts and tried to add it back again. After adding it back in it just says Creating Account and never does anything, I let it run all night thinking it might be downloading all my e-mails but in the morning it was still creating account, I killed it. I just checked and the only e-mail account that still works is my Hotmail account, my yahoo accounts and my comcast account do not work either.I am going to try one thing while I wait for a response. Seeing as windows mail does not seem to work anymore I am going to uninstall the app and then reinstall it and see if I can get my e-mail accounts to work again. If not I will be looking for a new e-mail client.see screen shot for what I am seeing when I try to sync an account other than Hotmail.
  6. I wish Best Buy's website and others would allow me to select which laptops are considered "Modern". I went to my local store and asked but they did not have an answer at all. The community suggested a Microsoft website so I was able to find this information: To modern connected standby, a PC hardware platform must meet a specific set of requirements. These requirements govern the selection of the SoC chip, DRAM, networking device, and other key hardware components. Enabling modern standby on a PC platform requires careful planning and engineering. The primary reason for additional engineering is to deliver the low power consumption that the end user expects when the system is in a sleep state and the screen is turned off. Users will not tolerate excessive battery drain, particularly relative to the very good battery life of most smartphones. The second largest engineering investment for modern standby is to enable low-power communications (Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, and Ethernet). Each communications device includes a significant amount of autonomous processing capability and firmware to allow the platform's SoC or core silicon to power off while connectivity is maintained.
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  8. open browser go to any other page and the page crashes and restarts what the F.....
  9. Since I bought my laptop, I have been logging in using a 4 digit PIN. After booting into safe mode, Windows is insisting on a password instead of the PIN. My password isn't what I thought, so I can't log in. At the log in screen, Windows is not connecting to WiFi. I changed my Microsoft account password on a different device, but without networking, the laptop won't know about that. Can anyone help me get in to my laptop?
  10. i recently had applied a theme but it didnt work so i removed the theme and i did sfc /scannow and everything but my theme is so dumb i want to get it back or fix it i have everything grey grey text grey selecting... please someone help me
  11. All I get after start button is DELL logo then Windows logo with swirling icon then NOTHING but the cursor icon WIN + P gets the screen options but none of the options yields results. I need help! Thanks in advance. ~ Terri
  12. Hi, I would like to fink out if it is possible to control when updates are downloaded in windows 10. I know there is some control to schedule update times, but I'm specifically referring to downloading. In South Africa, Internet costs are quite high, so being able to schedule a download to only happen between midnight and 6am, would be SUPER great!!!! Up to now, Windows 10 is great, but this would really help a lot of people. On a second note, adding a "Install now" feature would also be great considering the latest bug which could delete files, this would give users time to backup, or completely ignore the update. If this doesn't exist, is there any way of sending this request to Microsoft? And will they even consider it or give feedback? Thanks
  13. JimB

    HTTP:// TO HTTPS://

    Upgraded from Windows 10 1803 to Windows 10 1809 and now I can't use Edge. When I type an address in the address bar, it changes it from http:// to https:// and says "Can't Reach this Page". Even if I type in it changes it to None of the fixit tips that I've gotten, have worked.
  14. I have invoke set up on my laptopbut it can't search or open anything. If I type into cortana search box I have invoke set up on my laptop and connected cortana to it, I can't get cortana to assess documents or open settings, says I can't do this here. If I hit hit the mic button on cortana's search box and ask a questions I get an answer from cortana on both my latptop and through the invoke 2 different cortanas answers, help
  15. Guest

    How to Sort Favorites on Microsoft Edge Browser

    I want to learn all the CMD commands of Windows10. Please give me this manual.
  16. Hello, Thanks for your reply. I tried several times, but without any success. Best regards.
  17. Legit Labs

    Battery power level icon

    Hello Jm6058, You can right-click on the desktop > select Display settings. Now in the search box, start typing "Select which icons" and then click on the "Select which icons appear on the taskbar" result. In here you'll see the option for toggling on or off the battery icon. Your battery icon might also be sitting in the group of extra icons, which can be found by clicking on the small arrow just to the left of your system tray icons. Hope that helps!
  18. Hello Loover1, There could be many things you could try, but with the limited information on offer, the only thing that I can really recommend is trying to take a System Restore. Please note that some computers running Windows 10 come with this feature turned off by default, and if that's the case for your PC, then it won't be taking restore points yet, and you won't be able to use it. But you might wish to enable it today so that you can use it in the future at least for next time something happens.
  19. Hello, When I turn on my desktop, Windows 10 Pro starts cleanly. I wait for the login screen, but the screen turns black, an arrow appears but nothing else happens ... ! What could be the problem and what can I do to solve it ? Thanks in advance for your reply : to Best regards.
  20. Hi. I have two different windows 10 systems, and they display the icons in the right pane in different way. I cant find how to change them to be alike (I prefer just the icon instead the folder with the small icon) Any suggestion? Thanks
  21. Once again, the power level icon has disappeared from the tray. Annoying! Since it's been a few months since tha lasr "update" I have forgotten how to get it back. Please advise.
  22. My co-workers and I work remotely and are constantly using Skype during the day. The call quality survey comes up almost every call. How can that be turned off. It is extremely annoying and we always give one star with no feedback to exit as quickly as we can. I'm sure most everyone else does too so you can't be getting very good data from it and by the looks of similar questions, you're also upsetting your users.
  23. Hi guys, I have two desktop computers with Windows 10 Pro build 1803 connected to a switch and using static ip addresses: a computer is called "Asia" and has this ip the other computer is called "Europe" and has this ip I can ping and access from "Asia" to "Europe" and vice versa only using ip addresses but not using host names. It's been a while that I had this problem. Anyone knows how to solve it? Thanks. Filo
  24. key1024

    How to retrieve win 10 product key for activation

    Here are lots of free product keys for Win 10, and a simple tutorial to teach you how to activate WINDOWS 10 quickly I hope this will help you.
  25. I'm having problems syncing my POP3 email. I'm presuming that this is because the wrong password is stored on my email account settings. However, every time I try to correct the password and save it, I find that it isn't in fact saved, and that it insists on saving an incorrect password. What's going on here, and what can I do about it?
  26. Hi Folks: So I think I have tried everything I can think of. Basics: Intel i7 X 990 running on a EVGA X58 SLI3 mobo w/ 16 gB RAM. Video is an EVGA GT 740 FTW Everything on 1709 build was running fine. But ever since I finally let an upgrade to 1803 go thru, I've lost my secondary monitor. Device manager check indicates a Code 43. Purged the driver and updated, no go. Ran DDU to revert back to basic driver (w/o secondary display). Re-installed the most updated driver ... no-go. Checked for update mobo BIOS .... it's current to last release. Checked for updated video firmware ..... no issues. Reverted to 1709 and viola! Secondary monitor comes back to life! Overlooked that MS would eventually FORCE 1803 update and now lost secondary display. Checked for updated driver and installed (sans GeForce Experience and as fresh install), no-go. Ran DDU and re-installed most current nVidia driver (sans GeForce Experience and as fresh install), no-go. Reverting back to 1709 from a much older backup will just put me right back where I started from. Any thoughts? Did something fundamentally change with 1803 that accounts for this sudden loss of vNvidia capability? If this is already discussed in another thread, I'd appreciate a re-direct so that I can review. Thanks!
  27. Anura Bandara


    dxwebsetup (1).exe
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