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  2. I recently changed my TV resolution to 1366*768 from 1920*1080. After doing this I clicked on keep changes. From then both my laptop and tv goes black when connected. My laptop is working fine, it's only when I plug the hdmi cable from this TV. Its working for my projector. Just this TV, and I'm not able to change it back to 1920*1080 because my laptop flickers and freezes for 10 secs and goes blank. I updated the drivers but no luck. I just need to get the second screen resolution to 1920*1080 which I'm not able to do. Please help. Thank you.
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  5. Hi, When I create a VPN connection in windows 10, then later want to edit and go to 'Advanced options' of this connection, there is only 'Clear sign-in info' button and Edit button is missing. My user is administrator.
  6. Feature update to Windows 10, version 20H2 failed to install. Error 0xc19000101
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  8. I use OneDrive. In Windows Explorer on my PC I now have multiples of the same folder names and many of them are empty (the one I am looking at has 10 copies). How do I sort this out and just have one file? Thanks Lynne
  9. No, idea, but I have istalled a lot of machines, since dos 3 & dos 5 + 6, and windows 3 + 3.11 !
  10. every time I try to install (setup) a program receive this: Whom is issuing this, it´s Windows Defender? why? I´m trying to run it as Administrator ! Is anyone can help me w/ this? (I´ng Win10 Pro)
  11. Hello. So my display had some problems and I changed my screen resolution. Everything was fine. Then I went to 'monitor properties' and clicked 'centre image' right after that my screen went black. When I restart my PC it shows the Windows logo but then the screen turns black. Can someone please help me with that? I have a Windows 10 and my PC has been working for only a few months.
  12. HP 15-Cd059sa (2YK85EA#ABU) My hard drive failed so upgraded with a 240GB SSD. I installed Windows 10 1709 with a USB stick made with HP Cloud Recovery. Once installed the laptop did a few updates including a BIOS update which went fine. The laptop did not offer Windows 10 20H2 so I ran the update manually which worked. After a few restarts to install updates, it restarted for the last time and did a HP BIOS update as before but instead of rebooting into Windows, it rebooted into a DOS like environment to updates other parts of the BIOS, ending with the boot block.
  13. Hello friends. For the past few days I've been trying to remove paired Bluetooth devices on my Windows 10 computer. But every time I try, I fail. I don't understand why this is happening. Guys, can you help me with this? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Sometimes "save a copy" generates its own new file name. Sometimes it lets me specify a specific file name. How do I force it to always let me select/type the new file name for the cropped photo, as in a number sequence for an event?
  15. this is what my laptop does, anyone help????
  16. Black screen w/ cursor. Unable to use safe mode from prompt or from diagnostic screen. Gone thru most angles I find on internet any help?
  17. How do I change the quick action icons in Windows 10 email? Currently they are archive, delete, and flag. I's like to remove the archive icon and replace it with mark as read. I realize you can right click on the mouse to get a selection of actions, but I'd still like to be able to make changes to the quick action icons that appear next to the email subject line when you hover over them. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hi, since i bought my brand new laptop a few months ago, ive had a problem where every time i put it too sleep or ive been using it for a sustained period i get the cannot connect to internet message when trying to load up internet pages. The only way i can the get back online is to restart the whole laptop which is obviously annoying and hinders my workflow. Im on windows 10 and have an asus rog srtix which i bought late 2020, all drivers for everything are up to date and troubleshooter says everything is working fine. Not sure if a bug or easy fix, hope someone can help. Thanks in advance!!
  19. another easy way is to hit alt+f4 in the desktop and choose the action preferred
  20. How do I go back to my old computer and pull up cookies. Every blasted forum I was a member of acts as though I am not registered but I am. Ten Forums, NewsbinPro64 and so on. I have a csv file that shows all the google saved passwords so I know the usernames are valid and passwords are valid but their system is not recognizing me because of the lack of cookies on my new machine. I suspect all my places I make payments too are going to reject me too. My old machines computer fan had quit working and taking the old computer apart because it is so damaged to replace the fan would be like p
  21. Hi @doneirik -- I can confirm that OneDrive does support TIF (AKA TIFF) files. Microsoft also publishes that TIF files are supported with OneDrive as well. I did some testing on my own and I'm not having the same issues with TIF either. I can upload the files, create an album out of them etc. Granted, in my test, I created the TIF using Snagit and saved both an uncompressed version (TIF Uncompressed RGB) and a compressed version (TIF LZQ RGB) to make sure it wasn't an issue with compression. Here's the upload of the two files: and here's the files in an album:
  22. This is what it looks like in explorer C:\Users\%USERNAME%\OneDrive
  23. Hi can I ask for some advice please I have just done a clean install of windows 10 Version 20H2 build 19042.746 on my laptop. During the install OneDrive was installed and soon after I noticed problems, I had made a shortcut on my desktop but when I tried to delete it said the shortcut was open in another app or something like that. After looking through my computer I saw in the USERS folder then my name a folder for one drive was there it was not the normal blue colour just the default brown, and in that folder, there were 3 files My Desktop, Pictures and my documents. Thi
  24. New HP ENVY computer. Trying to add my Gmail account to Windows Mail, when you choose Gmail, the Windows Mail says it will remove all information from Gmail. Before you just clicked on and it added it to Windows Mail. I don't want to remove anything, I notice others are having the same problem. So can't we Gmail people use Windows Mail as well now? This is 5.2.2021. Would appreciate any help.
  25. Is anyone out there?? Seems like a billion BSOD posts and no replies
  26. Good day, comrades. A few days ago I got the B(lue)SOD. Finally managed to do a clean install using a USB boot drive and a new hard drive. Loaded into windows, looked great so I shut down to put my other HDDs on. Black screen. Monitor is fine, works on other devices, but I don't even get the bios startup, just blackness. Tried the windows key+ctrl+shift+b, all kinds of stuff... My mobo is old, (asus m3n78-vm, ~6 years old) could it have finally died? I just want to confirm that's it before getting a new system
  27. Dear Forum, I am currently testing the free version of Onedrive, planning scan and upload a number of old photos. However, I seem to have an issue with the format of the photos. Scanning them with my Canon Lide400 scanner and storing the scanned images as .TIFF they do now display correctly in oneDrive. When I upload a folder with .TIFF images and later try view them either as "album" of in the "file view" , when I click on one image in the folder it seems to freeze briefly before displaying the photo as "1 of 1" photos, i.e. I am not able to sweep to view the pictures in the folder
  28. If only just noticed this issue. I have programs which are "run as administrator" - in the past I right clicked and ran these from the desktop as an administrator, Now all of a sudden I find that I can only run these programs from the file location in File Explorer. Any help would be useful.
  29. After I upgraded my old pc (which wasnt working anymore) with some new components I found out my pc was from time to time getting the so called "blue screen of death". When this kept on going I reset my pc to the fabric settings. Hours past my pc froze and when I turned it back on it went to a black screen. I assumed it was a windows problem (didnt have a windows key or something) and tried to download the installer on an usb, went into BIOS mode (which worked then) and tried to install windows. I went threw the install progress until I had to wait the installation out. I went to do some thing
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