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  2. TY Ironically after I refused to beat my head against the wall ANOTHER day, an loose X amount of hours, my husband happen to remember it. What I do know is NOT every forgetful moment can be blamed on C.E.T.. TY very much. I think my best choice will be to learn just how to eliminate that password all together.
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  4. Guest

    How to Sort Favorites on Microsoft Edge Browser

    Too bad this didn't actually answer the question.
  5. I recently had to recreate a profile thanks to some updates causing havoc with my laptop profile. So I'm working my way through re-setting up my profile and I get to default web browser. I don't want Edge, I'd like Chrome as the default. But as soon as I click Chrome, the Default Apps page freezes, then closes, and Edge is still default. Any of you guys come across this? Any ideas of what I can do?
  6. I updated my conputer but it is stuck at 75%. It shuts off my computer, then I have to turn it back on. When i do, it goes totheupdate screen amd is still on 75%. It stays like that for about 10 seconds before shutting off again.
  7. I’ve become a Windows 10 user a year ago and it was unbelievably hard to get used to that start menu. I’ve installed some tools and only one of Start Menus was really helpful.
  8. @penelopepony You should be able to reset your password from the login screen. Here are full details on how to do that: Depending on your situation, like it's not booting, try to boot into Safe Mode:
  9. Turned on Toshiba satellite Sun. all good. Turned on laptop Wed. & password don't work. I researched & tried holding shift key, & followed thru the steps, but I got pictures on my desktop I refuse to loose.
  10. Update to 1803 didn't go well for me. Long press (10 - 15 seconds) on power button now required to turn on my pro 4. Battery at 100% when shutdown, becomes a flat battery overnight. Touchscreen and touch pen not working at all. Both functioning normally before update. SurfaceME has a driver won't start problem, can't commit code that is being written to memory. Typecover backlight has stopped working. Firmware update that fails to install no matter what I try. I've tried every suggestion on the Microsoft website to resolve these issues. I've even reimaged back to 1703 then updated again from there. Still no solution to the problems. I've had three call with 2 different Microsoft support agents. Basically 1803 has reduced my pro 4 to a desktop.
  11. SonGoku

    Black screen for Windows 10

    Hi guys, I’m also having this same issue on a fresh built pc. The other night I was trying to update windows and it took nearly 3 hours to get to 46% and then it just stopped and said schedule a restart. I clicked restart now and then after it rebooted it was at the blue windows screen saying it’s updating and said this pc will restart several times. After about 5-10 mins of updating it did one restart and the screen just stayed black for about 1-2 hours if not more. So I just shut it down and waited till today and now everytime I boot up it gets past the initial bios set up screen then just goes to a black screen. I already read through the link @Brian Burgess you sent & I tried getting into safe mode but even after the 3 on and off boots It won’t go into diag mode. So I really need some help here to dissect this problem. What could I possibly do in order to get windows working correctly ?
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  13. Brian Burgess

    Windows 10 - Sudden Crash 20%

    @xovolarjem Unfortunately Microsoft still hasn't perfected its updates process. Since you're getting black screens you might want to check out one of the options in this article: Also, you say "something was written" are you able to note what that is?
  14. Which model exactly you are using, it is working fine for me on my Asus A555L for me without any bugs or glitch. With Regards, Xovo Larjem
  15. xovolarjem

    Black screen for Windows 10

    Reported the same issue a few minutes back as a thread, hope then reply, then will edit this comment and update the solution. With Regards, Xovo Larjem
  16. Using Asus A555l and windows 10 in it with latest security updates. Till that time never faced any such issue, but while working on my laptop suddenly the screen goes black and then after 5-6sec starting repairing automatically showing a black screen and crashed something was written with a black background. Any idea what can be the cases?With Regards,Xovo Larjem
  17. I have uploaded photos to and rearranged them using drag and drop. After saving the new order, I am now trying to sync the folder to my PC so I can access the files using file explorer. I found 2 methods using a google search, neither of which seem to work The 1st suggested right clicking on a one drive taskbar icon which does not exit and the setting for taskbar icons does not include a onedrive icon. The 2nd method suggested right clicking on the onedrive icon in file explorer and choosing a folder to sync but that option does not exist either. I'm using Winodws 10 Pro 64bit. Mike
  18. Hissahussa

    Photos app can no longer trim videos

    It got fixed on my computer after i went back to an earlier version of the Geforce Nvidia driver. But now I have the very latest one, and it also works for me. So maybe try an earlier or the latest driver from Geforce. It was a very specific one that caused the problems for me.
  19. I constantly switch from my headset to my speakers in windows 10 - 1803 and would love to minimize the sound page without it being stuck on my desktop constantly. I know i can close it but i would rather minimize it. I dont want to keep right clicking to get there. I use 2 way dual Bluetooth, so i have both my Samsung Bluetooth speakers going at once (simultaniously) from my PC but i also like to quick switch to my headset so minimizing to do this is what i am asking. I am aware that when i plug an item in it will automatically switch but i have my headset on front USB dongle and my dual bluetooth is plugged in at the back of my tower, so having to keep unplugging will just defeat the objective i am trying to achieve. Can Microsoft devs add a minimize to this page please.. It would make things so much better 🙂
  20. cgh40

    Photos app can no longer trim videos

    Have you gotten this fixed yet? I'm experiencing the same issue.
  21. kingkong


    Kingkong contact.vcf
  22. jonhob

    login page lockout

    So, I put in my password on the login page and it tells me incorrect password. So, I'm stuck on the login screen. And, any time I try to bypass it, I have to put in my password to which was last used 3 years ago. This is the administrator's email that keeps popping up promoting me for the password I don't have. I can't even reset to default. What do I do? Help!
  23. long story-sorry-I opened an email account about 3 years ago: had it about 2 weeks and then I changed the email to I logged in ever since then it shows both emails when I click on login then I click on kept seeing pop-up here and there and I want to delete it from my laptop but I don't know how-fast forward-I had an email issue and called protonmail customer support-they wanted to make sure the issue was not related to my pc-my laptop-they had me do some things-one of them was to do a msconfig in the run start bar bottom left screen-I restarted my laptop-put in my password-nada-did it 4 more times-locked out-this has never happened to me-so I say ok I go online on YouTube and I do the safe mode or whatever and get all these boxes like I do the shift/restart thing on the login page, click troubleshoot, click advanced options, and I get these boxes: system restore, go back to the previous version, system image recovery, startup repair, command prompt, startup settings and UEFI firmware settings. One guy says do the safety mode thing in startup settings-long story short I click on any of these options and they want your password to your email-know what email they put up? Yep, you guessed it: I have no idea what that password is-I have the recent password of how do I get past the login wall? Please help!
  24. Brian Burgess

    Black screen for Windows 10

    Check out this article on how to fix a Black Screen on Windows 10 PCs. Hopefully one of those suggestions will help you out.
  25. After using the laptop for two to three hours, the screen suddenly turns black. Initially I could wake up the screen by pressing Windows key plus ctrl key plus shift key plus B. But now it's not working. I have to switch off by pressing the power button. How to solve this? I have never had this problem until recently. It's persistent.
  26. When I boot up my PC (or restart if already in use) before I get to the desktop, a background picture is shown for a second or two, on which is superimposed a logo of a circle with a small picture in it. Is there any way I can prevent this small circle appearing - that is to say, I would rather simply see my (chosen) background picture appear, however briefly, as my system starts? I show below a screenshot of the item I refer to under "Your Picture". Thanks for any advice.
  27. Hi Experts, I am working on a project that migrates user profile from one domain to another. Everything is working fine, except for the Sign in Options which are not migrated. Are there any registry settings where these options are saved?
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