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  1. Have you updated all your drivers?
  2. FIX "Invalid IP Configuration"

    What error exactly are you getting and where?
  3. Did you disable the service in services.msc or just stop it?

    HI Carol, Welcome to the site. I would start by playing around with the "Storage sense" feature built into Windows 10. Goto - Windows Key + I > System > Storage > Storage Sense (Toggle on). You can click the link "Change how we free up space". Here's a full article that covers how to use and configure Windows 10 Storage Sense.
  5. windows store issues!

    Take a look here - Perhaps a reset of the Windows Store will help ya.
  6. Check to verify you have the latest drivers/firmware on that network adapter.
  7. I always go back to "What changed". And that change was the motherboard... The problem is, if you ask the PC tech to fix it, he will probably just say - reinstall Windows and see if that fixes it. If not, will replace the MB again. So - that's probably your next step. I would probably do a System Restore as a first option before running a "Reset this PC" from Settings > Recovery menu. Keep us updated!
  8. Sounds like a driver issue. Any chance you're just not picking up the right driver?
  9. Hey there - Did you ever find a solution to this issue @cemeteryman ?
  10. Excited to be here!

    Awesome! Welcome to the site!
  11. Windows Timeline has Arrived

    Really looking forward to this hitting the mainstream build. The feature looks great. Having it on your box for a bit @Brian Burgess - how is it working?
  12. 16 bit program's shortcut

    Hi Gloria, Give this article a read and let me know if it fixes your issues.
  13. Is your computer managed by your Tech department t work? Sounds like they might be uninstalling your software honestly.... Does it happen when you are not on the company network?
  14. Ubisoft game does not run

    It will really just depend on the game @Ladan. What I would do is make sure you are running the latest video drivers, BIOS for your PC and last resort - uninstall and reinstall the game that's not working. Be sure to copy off any saved games you have first so you don't lose progress (if that's tracked).