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  1. Cannot play MP4 video email attachments

    Hi HC, For me, the easiest thing to do is go download VLC Player. It's the best MP4 viewer out there - and it's free. So, not a fix exactly but should get you up and running.
  2. Black screen after startup

    Hi @Sumin, welcome to the site. When it first starts up, does anything come up on the screen? Dell / Lenovo logo etc... or is it black the entire time?
  3. MyMalwarebytes now open for business.

    @Bastet That's good to know. I've been a long-time user of the free versions of Malwarebytes but never the paid. Do you use anything in addition to MB?
  4. Edge will not boot up fully

    Awesome tip! Thanks for reporting back the issue @Robwin . Great info for our users!
  5. Hi @kai - welcome to the site! Well, bad news is by the sounds of what you described above, sounds like you have a bad hard drive. If you're able to get it to boot again, launch EVENTVWR and check the System Log. I bet you will see a lot of errors about the Drive failing. Not a lot you can do from here other than getting another drive and swapping them out. Do you have a backup?
  6. Not old at all. Just a baby... however, probably just old enough to not be covered by a warranty. Since you get some power from it and it works "sometimes", it's probably not the OS, Hard Drive, Screen. Could still be a Power Supply or Memory that's failing. Sorry... Keep us updated here if you are able to find root cause.
  7. No Print on Edge

    Scratching my head. I assume it would work in Chrome and Firefox? To update Windows 10 (1607) Start menu > Settings > Update and Security > Check for Updates Not holding my breath but worth a shot.
  8. Edge will not boot up fully

    When you say it won't "boot", do you mean it won't open? Is IE still working? You can try to reset Edge: Let me know if that fixes it.
  9. Do you own Windows 10 or did you upgrade from a qualifying Windows license? You should just call Microsoft and ask them for support. They should/will help you if you have a valid copy.
  10. No Print on Edge

    Yikes @Char1les First thing I would do is 1 - make sure you're fully patched with Windows 10 2 - delete and re-add the printer Try that and see if you're back in biz.
  11. Duplicated saving of files to One Drive

    Hi @Janner - The files sounds like they are stored in your OneDrive folder. That's why they are trying to sync up to OneDrive. Two things you can do. 1 - Just move the files outside of your OneDrive folder and this will stop them from trying to SYNC up to OneDrive. 2 - Uninstall OneDrive. Once that's done, you should be able to login to OneDrive and delete the files without having that action SYNC back down to your desktop. Let me know if you get this fixed! Thanks
  12. Sounds like a HW issue, not a software issue. How old is the laptop? You might try calling Toshiba and get HW support from them on this one.
  13. win 10 enterprise product key

    Well... the Enterprise key was from work? In that case, they probably used a KMS server with no KEY at all, so there is probably no key to recover as KMS activates the machine ever 90 days (I think). If they used a MAK key you might be able to recover it. Try following these steps:
  14. Windows 10 and Locky virus

    Like I said, Crashplan or Backblaze are the best options. I personally like CP better. -S
  15. Hi Tom - Welcome to the forum! Now, if I were you I would just boot into safe mode and disable Cortana and disable the Network adapters. Here's an article on how-to boot into safe mode: Hope this resolves your issue. If not, here's a few more ideas to repair it even further.