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  1. Not a hopeless situation - Give this article a read: It explains many of the issues you're running into. BOOTREC is going to be your friend here.
  2. Heya - there could be a number of issues here. Give this article a read and try the suggestions: Let us know if you're still stuck.
  3. Working Packard Bell after update nothing

    Can you get access to a working Windows 10 box? Here's an article that talks about how to fix a box that won't boot and repair it from a black screen at boot.
  4. This happens a lot at work. You walk away from your computer and boom - someone updates your language... not good. Here's a guide on how to add / remove and change your language settings for Windows 10.
  5. It sounds like something on your box is messing with your file association table. That's not good. Make sure to do a full sweep of your system. Could be a virus/malware... If you goto the command prompt when this is happening, type: assoc .exe If should look like this: If it doesn't you can fix it using this command (launch cmd.exe using admin) and then reboot. assoc .exe=exefile You can also mess around in the registry using this as a guide -
  6. Thnx for pointing that our @Gunnar Hansen and sharing.
  7. PC stuck on boot, left on black screen

    Do you have access to a working Windows 10 PC so you can create repair media? Sounds like your MBR (Master boot record) has become corrupted. Could also be a bad Drive or PC component. I would try to repair Windows 10 using the details at the link you mentioned above and here
  8. Disabling "Switch to Chrome" popup

    Where are you getting this popup? Inside Chrome or when you launch Chrome, it prompts you to set your default to chrome?
  9. Black Screen with Cursor

    Hi @jinxedbomb - @andre wrote a great article on this here: Give that a read and let me know if that solves your issue.
  10. Missing Wifi Driver

    Hi @hgknutsen so WIFI was working for a short time after the upgrade then it stopped?
  11. Windows 10 pro automatic shutdowns

    HI @rajeshkc681 - So during the day, your system will just randomly do a shutdown? Have you looked at your event logs and reviewed system and application logs? Windows Key + R > Type eventvwr > Windows Logs > System or Application I would start here. It should show some info regarding the shutdown. Let us know back here what you find.
  12. So.... Do we have any Trekkie fans out there? So far, what do ya think of the new star trek spinoff? Thoughts? Comments? What do ya think? I JUST started watching the series. Just wrapped up episode 3. No spoilers plz... -S
  13. Windows Help

    The fastest path would be to just call Microsoft or get them in Help Chat. Should be able to get you rolling ASAP.
  14. Toshiba A135

    Hi @pcdaycare4u - If I were you, I would head over to the Toshiba Driver Site -, type in your computer make/model and grab the latest BIOS. This can be key with Windows 10 updates. That said... not all Hardware will be supported and now that 1709 is released, you might want to just skip 1703 and go direct with 1709. @andre just posted a blog article which lists Toshiba as supporting 1709 however, you will need to get the latest updates first and go from there.... keep us updated what works for you please! Thanks!
  15. Great question Randy. My setup looks like this: TB16 Docking Station - Mini Display Port OUT to Monitor 1 DisplayPort IN (Yes, I have a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable) Monitor 1 - DisplayPort OUT to Monitor 2 DisplayPort IN Obviously, my setup is unusual in that I'm daisy chaining my monitors together. Most monitors don't have IN/OUT for DisplayPort. That said, the Dell TB16 Dock supports Mini-DisplayPort, DisplayPort, and HDMI. Being that Mini DisplayPort is just a miniature version of DisplayPort, my setup works flawlessly. Hope that helps you out! -Steve