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  1. Well there ya go! Glad you have it up and running again.
  2. First, make sure you are logged in as an Admin to your desktop. Next, I would reinstall the app.
  3. What happens on the site? Does the browser crash or?
  4. You should test your Audio and confirm it's working before the call. Go into Skype > Settings > Audio & Video. Setup your Mic and Speakers. Run a test. Results?
  5. Do you have a screenshot you can share?
  6. Hi @slashbracket - It appears what you've done is enable the OneDrive backup of your Desktop, Pictures and Documents folder. The fix is fairly simple. Right-Click OneDrive icon in Taskbar, Click More > Settings Click Backup Tab Click Manage backup (under Important PC Folders) Click Stop Backup for each of the 3 folders (Desktop, Pictures, Documents) It will give you a warning that your files will still be located in OneDrive. You will just need to move them if you don't want them backed up. But, you should be fixed.
  7. Heya @Geoff Olding - thanks for posting the fix on this! Good info.
  8. Read through this article and see if you can get things going again:
  9. Hi, Unlike Dropbox, Onedrive cannot detect other systems on your local LAN and then sync more quickly vs. pulling down from OneDrive servers. So, to make things go faster, you could copy the files over manually before turning on OneDrive then select that folder where you copied your data. When you enable Onedrive, it will then see the files are already there and only sync the delta's. From there, you can blow away your old system and you're good-to-go.
  10. Hi - A drive defrag will not fix a slow PC issue normally. That said, you can find the Defrag / Drive Optimization in Windows 10 by: Open File Explorer > Right Click the Drive > Click Properties > Click Tools Tab. You will see the button on Optimize your drive there. Now - regarding your slow PC issue - how is it slow? Might be something else going on.
  11. Is that a BIOS error you are getting or from Windows? Where did you get the batter? Correct one?
  12. Best bet @hippie is to use 7 Zip. It will be able to open pretty much any compressed file.