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  1. Steve K.

    No idea what happened...

    When you boot your computer @CAL5, what happens? Do you get a post of any kind? Or, when you reboot, does it just sit at a blank screen with a flashing cursor?
  2. Hi @Andrew - For my install of Excel 2016, I add images by going to Insert > Pictures. See below. Any reason you just don't use this feature?
  3. Hi Kem, Is this a local account of a Microsoft account?
  4. Steve K.

    my sd card reader won't work

    Got it. There is a chance the Memory card is also the issue. You might format it or grab another one just to test the card is good.
  5. It looks like you just need to add a column to Windows Explorer in that folder. This is simple. Just Right-Click the the Column and add the missing column. You can also add a missing Column by clicking: View > Add Columns From there, you just need to add the Date created or Date modified column. You should also make sure the view is in Details mode as shown in the screenshot above.
  6. Steve K.

    Can't find my USB drive

    When you plugin your USB drive, Windows should prompt to you take an action. If not, you can go into Windows Explorer and look under "This PC". It will list all the drives on the PC including any External USB drive.
  7. Steve K.

    System Backup

    How much drive space do you have? Have you tried to format the drive and restart? Is the drive formatted as NTFS? Just throwing out a few ideas.
  8. Steve K.

    Win2go stuck

    Hey @Dell - Thanks for the update. Yeah, I think Windows To Go is a great tech which is mainly designed to throw your install on a USB stick so you can walk it around on different systems. Glad to hear just the standard install worked fine on that external drive you have.
  9. Steve K.

    how to untar/decompress....

    Hi @hippie If you're running Windows, just go and download 7-Zip. Once you do that, you should be able to open File explorer, Right-Click on the file you want to decompress, 7-Zip should be in the context menu, select Extract files. Hopefully this helps.
  10. Hi @schabelf - As time moves forward with new builds of Windows 10, you might want to just look at moving to a new Wallpaper app. What features does it have that is keeping you on the old software vs. trying what's native to Windows and/or finding a new app built for Windows 10.
  11. Steve K.

    re-installing win10

    What does it tell you when you try to do a system reset?
  12. Steve K.

    DOS program for windows 10 64 bit

    Give this a shot Alex.
  13. Steve K.

    Help detecting keyboard

    What happens when you select US ? Will it not accept your selection?
  14. I ran into issues and what I did was log out of the store with my normal Windows ID fully then logged back in with a new ID i created. I then logged it out and back in again with my normal ID. It was a pain but it reset everything in the store on my Windows 10 install. Might give that a shot.
  15. Steve K.

    my sd card reader won't work

    Hi Katherine, Did the card reader EVER work? Why not return it and buy another one?