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The Problem

When I power on my laptop, the screen is completely black (I think the screen is not on at all) even though the power light is on. The hard drive light flashes initially, then goes off. The wifi light is off.

My computer

My laptop is a Samsung NP350V5C (a few years old).

The story

I was notified by windows that there would be the creator's update soon
I put my computer to sleep, moved to another wifi network and woke it up again
My mouse and a USB drive I plugged in were not working (when they were earlier), so I restarted my computer.
I got a blue screen of death, with the error "Boot device not found" or something like that
I tried powering on again and saw the problem as described above.

I tried:

  1. Hard reboot
  2. Leaving it on overnight in case there were updates.
  3. Plugging in an external monitor

None of which worked.


Can anyone help?

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Have you tried to boot into Safe Mode or get to the screen with Advanced Boot Options? When you start your PC hold down the Shift key and restart. Also, I found some other articles linked below that might help solve the issue:

Let us know how things work out!

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Thanks for your reply Brian.

Unfortunately I don't think it's possible for me to boot into safe mode as I never see Windows (as my screen stays off), so cannot access the restart button in order to try shift + clicking it. I have also tried switching my computer on and holding the power button to switch it off again 3 times to trigger a recovery screen, to no avail.

Maybe there is a way to reinstall windows using an ISO file. Can thus be done without ever seeing a boot menu? Perhaps if I remove my hard drive and put the for on there?

Or maybe the problem the connection to the BIOS (physically on the motherboard)?

Unfortunately I did not have the foresight to make a recovery USB drive. Unless there is a way to repair Windows on another computer with my hard drive plugged in as an external drive?

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I have the same problem. Black screen on start up, I can move the cursor and see arrow but nothing else.  I left it on overnight in case it was still updating. I've tried to get task manager and refresh screen as suggested but nothing changes. I can't get safe mode as turning on and off 3 times does not bring it up. Any other ideas? 

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On 5/7/2017 at 9:27 PM, Brian Burgess said:

@Helen B - Did you go through all the options Brian posted? 

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