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  1. I knew it was a python script - I created it (it's not a game, it's a sudoku solver, hence the name ) Either way, the file has now mysteriously disappeared even though I haven't touched it since leaving this post - if I go into the "Trash" section of google drive online it shows the last modified date as 23 September 17, which is the day after I tried to delete it... Part of my efforts to delete it included trying to take ownership, which seemed impossible - I didn't have permission to take ownership...
  2. Hi I have a problem that I was wondering could be caused by malware: So I have a file in my google drive folder in windows 10. I deleted it once (using Shift+Del to permanently delete), but it promptly reappeared, and now when I try to delete (using normal deleting) it, a dialogue box pops up saying that "Access is denied" and that admin permission is required. If I click continue, the box text changes but still doesn't allow me to delete it, which is odd considering I am the admin. If I right click on it and go to properties, then the security tab says "you must have read permi
  3. Thanks for your reply Brian. Unfortunately I don't think it's possible for me to boot into safe mode as I never see Windows (as my screen stays off), so cannot access the restart button in order to try shift + clicking it. I have also tried switching my computer on and holding the power button to switch it off again 3 times to trigger a recovery screen, to no avail. Maybe there is a way to reinstall windows using an ISO file. Can thus be done without ever seeing a boot menu? Perhaps if I remove my hard drive and put the for on there? Or maybe the problem the connection to the BI
  4. Also, I would just like to clarify that I do not even see the logo with loading wheel before windows should boot. There is never anything on the screen.
  5. The Problem When I power on my laptop, the screen is completely black (I think the screen is not on at all) even though the power light is on. The hard drive light flashes initially, then goes off. The wifi light is off. My computer My laptop is a Samsung NP350V5C (a few years old). The story I was notified by windows that there would be the creator's update soon I put my computer to sleep, moved to another wifi network and woke it up again My mouse and a USB drive I plugged in were not working (when they were earlier), so I restarted my computer. I got a blue sc
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