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  1. Have you searched for Black screen issues? There is a lot here on that. -- https://windows10.help/search/?q=black%20screen&quick=1
  2. Yeah - USB3 is pretty good. Might even be as fast as eSata (might have to google that). I have Mac and Windows. I find that I use Mac for more non-work stuff - just surfing online... Windows is where I get my work done. Great tips tho @Dell. Thnx for sharing.
  3. I grabbed one of these today - Amazon Echo Dot. It's 20% off and I've been wanting one of them for my kitchen. I already have one for a few othe places so this will be nice. $39.99 so I grabbed two of them.
  4. $349.99.... not bad. I might just need to take a look at it. I need something for the TV room...
  5. Hi @Roger B - Welcome to the forum. Did the upgrade finish? I personally had to restart my Anniversary Update..... it sat at 99%. Same thing happened to a few users here - https://windows10.help/topic/503-ug-freezes-ay-99/?do=findComment&comment=2093 So don't give up!
  6. Awesome. What OS do you find that you use more? Windows of MacOS? I have both myself and these days, I can't say if I really have a preference anymore. So what interface is being used to connect that external drive? Is it Thunderbolt or USB or what is it?
  7. Yeah @Brian Burgess it's a great show hehhe pretty funny!
  8. Reminder @joyce ultsh, at least for now, if you are back at Windows 7 or 8, you can still do a free upgrade by following these instructions. Hope that helps.
  9. I just upgraded an old DELL (Latitude e6420) to Windows 10. It was an upgrade from Windows 7. I used the Accessibility link from @adacosta so thanks to you and @Vadim!
  10. LOL nice... yeah, that's why I have a "NO DEVICE AT THE TABLE" law.
  11. Unfortunately.... I pay for it. I was using the FREE version. I bought a 1TB drive for my parents and backed up my PC to them and their PC back to me. However, they kept turning off the external drive or the laptop (or both) and it just became a pain for me always calling them.... (sigh). So now I'm using the family edition. I pay like $50 a year or something. That said, I do backup 3 computers to my main box and then back up that main box to Crashplan since it's unlimited data, versions, deleted files. Love it.
  12. Nice - Yeah great tip. Did the users have any backup? I was using Backblaze however for awhile now I'm using Crashplan for this very reason. I love how you can be really granular on changed files/version history.
  13. it's good. Watched it a few times. Tokyo was great... Really funny.
  14. What did you do exactly? Are you upgraded then?
  15. Working! Nice. Looks like you finished. Working for me.
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