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  1. @Carl113 this seems to be an issue that several people have with Windows 10. Check out the following article and hopefully one of the suggestions will work out for you.
  2. @penelopepony You should be able to reset your password from the login screen. Here are full details on how to do that: Depending on your situation, like it's not booting, try to boot into Safe Mode:
  3. @xovolarjem Unfortunately Microsoft still hasn't perfected its updates process. Since you're getting black screens you might want to check out one of the options in this article: Also, you say "something was written" are you able to note what that is?
  4. Check out this article on how to fix a Black Screen on Windows 10 PCs. Hopefully one of those suggestions will help you out.
  5. @DudePerson5 I recommend checking out our article on how to fix a black screen in Windows 10 and see if one of the options works for you:
  6. @Lorrs A lot of people are having issues with 1803: Have you tried to rollback to the previous version? Here's how:
  7. @are21 Typically, when I see that happen, a full system shutdown (not just restart) works. But if you're still having problems you can install updates manually. Here is our article on how to manually install updates:
  8. @denniss Have you tried to roll back to the previous version? If you need help, check out our guide at the link below:
  9. @JOQuantaman Are you running another third-party antivirus or malware program, too? Windows Defender is notorious, especially in 1803, for not playing well with other security programs.
  10. @Alexandra We have an article you can refer to that addressed problems when it comes to Windows 10 activation. For your specific error, our MSFT MVP @andre notes the following: "Activation servers might be overwhelmed at times because of the volume of upgrades, so give it some time if you get an error message such as (0XC004E003, 0x8007000D, 0x8007232b, or 0x8007007B.) Windows 10 will eventually activate as long as you upgrade using the appropriate method." For more, refer to the following article:
  11. @ExED Here are the instructions on how to rollback your PC to the Windows 10 version that worked:
  12. @Ellen We have a detailed troubleshooting guide for people who get a Black Screen: I would try that out and see there is something you haven't tried yet and see if one of them works!
  13. @nopeda You can right-click the desktop and go to View and from the menu, you have different resizing options. For more details and other options in Windows 10 check out our article: Hope this helps!
  14. Are you running an ad blocker? If so, disable it for YouTube. Also, go through and disable each of your extensions one at a time to see if one of them is causing the issue.
  15. @jabo Have you tried to follow the steps laid out in this article?
  16. Viruses can be tricky. You might want to start with doing a full PC reset. But your best option is to do a complete reinstall. Wipe the drive clean and reinstall from fresh.
  17. @winnoob Yep. There are two reset options for Windows 10. You can find out more from this article:
  18. @claudiathompson Are you using an ad blocking extension? That could be causing the issue.
  19. @aptman1429 You can head to Settings > Personalization > Themes and scroll down and click Deskto Icon Settings and make sure all the system icons you want are checked.
  20. What type of PC do you have? What are the various options you've tried? Are you getting any error messages? If so, post them so we have more info on what's happening.
  22. Microsoft has also released a detailed knowledgebase article on the entire Meltdown / Spectre issue as well that is chock full of great information for all Windows users:
  23. Unless your system isn't working correctly and you can't figure out exactly what's causing it, you really don't need to reboot other than for Windows Updates. What is your blue screen error message? That can often tell you what's crashing. Just search the error code that pops up.
  24. @DanHPPavillion Can you install other apps? If you can, then download Firefox and see if that will install. Otherwise, I am wondering if you're actually running Windows S? Do you get any errors? If so, plz take a screenshot and we can go from there.
  25. @Joeanddani Check out our article on how to fix a Black Screen on Windows 10: Hopefully, you'll find something there to help fix the problem. Let us know how things go!