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  1. Best option would be to just call the PC Manufacturer. That's what I would do.
  2. HI @fpetri - there are several options you can go down. One I suggest to people who just "want it taken care of" is That's what I'm running here. It's fully hosted and just works. If you need help, PM me. I can give a hand.
  3. That is just freaky.... Before updating Windows, I would update my video card drivers. Check your PC/Laptop make and model and see if the PC Maker has a newer display adapter for it. DELL and HP are all really good at this. If you have a dedicated adapter (like NVIdia), hit install GForce Experience to get the latest drivers. Being that you mouse over them and things get better..... It "could" be Windows related. What version are you running 1909? <Press Windows Key > Type WINVER and press enter. ?
  4. No, that's not normal. Problem persists after a reboot?
  5. In most cases, I would just let it sit. Now granted, if it sits at 40% and just freezes for....2 hours, then I might worry and restart. However, 10 minutes of just sitting, I wouldn't mess with it.
  6. What I've found is getting updates from time-to-time work just fine. However, full version upgrades, I like to do those manually by going to: Just click Update Now. Personally, this works a lot better for me vs. using Settings > Update in Windows 10.
  7. So - is this not working? Take a read here:
  8. Looks like something your computer is doing. Perhaps a laptop? Perhaps the volume button is getting pressed (on the keyboard)?
  9. When you download something, normally in the browser the file will show up at the bottom. You can click on it to open or click the arrow next to it to open the file location. Also, in most modern browsers you can open a tab to show downloads. Google Chome and Edge Chromium, this is CTRL+J. Microsoft Edge, it's also CTRL+J. Give that a shot.
  10. Wow, this is a hard one to help on as the problem could be several different thing. First, make sure all your monitor cables are fully plugged in. It could be a number of issues. Here's what I would bet it was in order: Cable issue (swap the cable) Monitor (try to plug into another monitor) Video card issue Motherboard issue Static issues Normally, issues like this is not software. It's hardware / physical... Hope that helps a little. Let me know what you find.
  11. @Aria - More than likely, your PC was not new and this data was there before you bought it. Perhaps it was a sales person or.... it might have been a used PC. You can Click Windows Key > Type Users > Click Add, edit, or remove other users. From here, do you see the user profile? You should be able to delete it. Another way to delete a user profile is to - Click Windows Key > Type: View Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab > Settings (Under User Profiles). From there, you can delete all User Profiles. Lastly, you can also take Ownership of those folders from the last user in order to delete them. Do this under Advanced Permissions in Windows Explorer.
  12. It will be very rare for a card not to work with Windows 10. Not real reason to go back to Factor install other than to clean up windows a bit. Should be OK to just do the upgrade.
  13. First, Right-Click your desktop and click View. What settings are enabled? I assume the icons are snapping to Grid? You can disable this so you can move them around manually.
  14. Do you have any drives set in the BIOS for boot? Are any drives showing up? That would be my first guess. Let us know what you see there.
  15. With your display adapter disabled, have you gone into Windows 10 again and installed the latest adapter from ATI or from HP for your system?
  16. Hi Tommy, you have a few options which are detailed here:
  17. Hi @Jasper - The first thing I would try is to change things back in Safemode. Take a look at this article: and scroll down to section: How to use Safemode to troubleshoot black screens. It reviews in details steps you can take.
  18. HI @Williamtell - I think I'm running the latest version of Microsoft edge. And when I goto print, I can still print clutter free. Version: Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 details here on how to do it:
  19. Have you adjusted your resolution? I think first step is to resolve your black screen. Try to restore from a previous system restore would be my first piece of advice.
  20. You should contact Authy. Being that you still have your phone and your original number, you should be able to re-install the Authy App and then re-add the device with a mobile number. Here's an article we've written up on Authy. Might help.
  21. Black screens can be a pain but, there can be many different issues. Here is another topic talking about this:
  22. Where are you now? When you boot do you get a black screen even before Windows loads?
  23. Black screens can be a pain but, there can be many different issues. Here is another topic talking about this:
  24. Black screens can be a pain but, there can be many different issues. Here is another topic talking about this: