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  1. Music Equalizer

    @Ricky I haven't tried it. I run my audio through a receiver. How much is it for the premium?
  2. Hello Everyone

    @Ricky Welcome aboard! Glad you joined our Win 10 community!
  3. Show Your Desk Or Work Station

    Like @ShockerSH I won't post a shot of my "Command Center" even though I have a TON of crap here in my lab all for testing and writing articles for you is a embarrassing mess
  4. External Monitor Windows 10

    @jrreyn59 Is it possible to take a screenshot of what you're looking at?
  5. Black screen of death, constant

    @FlamingoNut Check out our article at the link below. It covers several how to fix several black screen scenarios. Hopefully, it helps but if not let us know.
  6. Weird issue with Windows 10

    @Jillian Check out the following article. Hopefully one of the troubleshooting tips will help solve your issue: Let us know how things go!
  7. Error Message

    Does it happen for all web pages you try to visit or just a particular one? Which browser are you using? It could be a problem with JAVA loading on the page.
  8. Night Light

    No problem happens to the best of us!
  9. Laptop power button and sleep settings

    You might want to check out our Windows 10 Shutdown, Sleep and Hibernate Roundup article: Also, with Lenovo's...they often come with proprietary software settings for the device. Check to see if there is one for power settings as it might be interfering with the native Windows settings.
  10. Links fail in W10

    Have you tried to do a Repair?
  11. Black Screen on Startup

    Have you tried to boot into Safe Mode or get to the screen with Advanced Boot Options? When you start your PC hold down the Shift key and restart. Also, I found some other articles linked below that might help solve the issue: How to Fix a Black Screen in Windows 10: How to Boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode or Advanced Boot Options: Tips for Repairing a Broken Windows 10 Installation: Let us know how things work out!
  12. - How to disable

    @Bella1 Not sure what message you're referring to. What does the message say? Can you post a screenshot so we can dig into the issue further?
  13. Usb flash drive

    If you follow the steps in this article, the Recovery Drive wizard should format the drive appropriately automatically: If you get a message that Windows can't complete the format, give this trick a try, it usually fixes the issue:
  14. Microsoft released the latest Windows 10 Creative Update build 15025 to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring. Learn more about this latest build:
  15. New Insider Preview of Windows 10

    Microsoft today released a new version of Windows 10 for Insiders: Build 14936 You can read all about it at the following link: btw, it's getting impossible to keep up with these new builds and build numbers. Anyone else thinking that?