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  1. Lost password to my Windows 10 PC

    @steveskaggsThis article should also help you out so you can reset it from the Lock Screen:
  2. Excited to be here!

    @softeyes Welcome aboard!
  3. Password no longer working

    @Christi Check out our articles on how to reset your password: Hope one of them helps. Let us know how things go!
  4. how to hide windows 10 taskbar

    @Carlos Zamudio Did you double check the taskbar settings? You can right-click the taskbar and turn features on or off to get it to work correctly. For more details, check out our guide on Windows 10 Taskbar Settings:
  5. @DanHPPavillion I would start by taking a look at some of the common upgrade issues: I would upgrade to the latest build and then check for new drivers after that. Also, take a look at this article for important things to do before upgrading to Version 1709: Hope this helps
  6. Win 10 won't boot up anymore

    @gica69 It looks like you may have done some of these things, but here are a few articles that might help: Are you using Nuance PDF Reader by any chance? Let us know if you've made any progress so far
  7. @ralph blake Have you tried to roll back the driver your keyboard is using? Is it a Wireless keyboard or connected directly via USB?
  8. @morrisct1 Check out this article @andre wrote for how to install and change languages in Windows 10:
  9. @Logo25 This article might help you out:
  10. updated windows 10 pro This article should help you out as well:
  11. Meltdown/Spectre: It's a vulnerability that has existed in all processors for the past 20 years. The fix isn't going to slow down your modern processors. Consumers should be aware of it, but it isn't some crazy imminent threat. There are no known exploits out in the wild at this time. Windows 10 is already patched, as are most other devices. As always, just make sure you have your devices up-to-date. The patches aren't going to slow down your phone or modern PC. However, there have been issues with a previously released patch for older systems with AMD processors -- but Microsoft has already pulled the patch. Here is an easy to follow explanation I got from a Cisco engineer: "Modern processors get some of their performance by trying to guess what you’re going to ask it to do next. It predicts that you’re going to want the CPU to do a task, and gets started on it. So, by the time you ask it to do the work, it’s either already done or close to done. The flaw is that researchers figured out how anyone can ask the processor what it has guessed you will want to do. This means that an attacker can read things in the computer’s memory that they’re not supposed to have access to. This affects places like Amazon’s EC2 or Microsoft’s Azure where they run virtual servers for many different customers on the same physical hardware." I would have written an article on this, however, when you get into it, it's quite overwhelming, and it's already been explained so well by another trusted and experienced tech writer, Woody, who is all over the story. So, for more details and clarity, I highly recommend reading the following pieces from Computer World's Woody Leonhard:
  12. Windows Timeline has Arrived

    Microsoft has released the much-anticipated Timeline feature for it's most recent preview build for Insiders. It should drastically change your workflow for the better, and increase your productivity. And, it's not a crazy complicated new thing to learn.
  13. Star Trek: Discovery - Yah or Nay?

    OK. Get ready for a bit of a rant regarding Star Trek: Discovery I think the way CBS is airing this new version is ridiculous ... in the U.S. anyway. Some of that was brought up in an article I wrote about it previously: Anyway, it's a dirty trick by CBS to show the first episode on broadcast TV for free. Then make you subscribe to CBS All Access to keep watching it. A subscription is $5.99/month and it includes commercials. $9.99/month for commercial free. I don't care about anything else from CBS, just Trek. That is a helluva lot to pay for one show. Luckily I got my first week free, then a 20% discount on the first month, and then when I went to stop my subscription they gave me one month free. After that though, I am not paying for it. I can wait until it's available on Amazon or wherever. As far as the show content is concerned...I am mixed. The obvious look of the Klingons is irritating. Yes, I know the look of Klingons has changed a lot from TOS, motion pictures, to TNG et al. But, in Enterprise they look how we're used to. It's irritating but not a deal killer. I miss "boring Trek" as each episode seems to be trying to do WAY too much and show tons of effects. Yeah, it looks great, but I miss the mellow, cerebral format of the previous versions. Even when Enterprise came out, it upped the action ante and I wasn't a fan at first. It's a decent show, but I don't like it to the point where I NEED to get it week after week... let alone pay $6/month for one show. I have four weeks left on the free sub right now, so, of course, will keep watching it. That's all I have, for now, I am too tired to think of anything else.
  14. Star Trek: Discovery - Yah or Nay?

    Indeed there are. Make sure to check out the previous posts we've done regarding Trek:
  15. Music Equalizer

    @Ricky I haven't tried it. I run my audio through a receiver. How much is it for the premium?