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How to retrieve win 10 product key for activation


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4 minutes ago, gus said:

Can someone apply the ban hammer PLEASE.

Whilst hes is waiting to get clobbered he can try this key, backwards and forwards..


Oh no, forgot the K:D


LMAO! You just made this old country boys day @gus . Not sure the OP deserves the ban hammer, however! Maybe just a warning would suffice.:D

Maybe the OP doesn't know what he's asking for!

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42 minutes ago, gus said:

Don't know so much about a first time poster asking help to pirate software, think he might know pretty good?

The question is, did my key work?


This thread needs the old "Ready steady go" puff of smoke, thread gone

I can't get your key to validate,Gus.

I must be missing something.


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Heya Thanks friends! You all just made my day, and I personally think this thread should be left just like it is. It will give our guests and members some thing to read! I'm LMAO! Maybe our staff and owner will get a good laugh also, like i did! I say what ever starts a little action; bring it on. I'm loving it mates! Maybe this could be moved to the Lounge if not appropriate here!;)


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