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  1. Einstein was spot on. We have a lost generation. They have no clue how to socialize, or hold a meaningful conversation. One word answers are the norm. They can't add up without a calculator. Spelling is out of the question. Pretty Pathetic IMO.
  2. Welcome Kenny. Have you tried pressing the key combination Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow to return to normal view.?
  3. When your computer crashed, did you get a BSOD (blue screen of death)? You need to determine what caused the computer to crash.
  4. I can't see that as being so bad. Maybe families can get to know each other better, and communicate with each other again.
  5. That was a tongue in cheek stir,Gus. I don't have any issues whatsoever with my Windows10. I pulled the Sata cable on that drive and use Windows7.
  6. What your saying "Thanks Guys for your suggestions" but blow them out your arse, I will do it my way. You wouldn't farkle everything if you bothered to listen to those who know what they are talking about.
  7. Gary's Laptop is 5yrs+ and running old hardware so one would expect some issues. I agree a clean install is the way to go,
  8. Rarely a sequel is as good as the original. We can hope.
  9. If the family car had as many issues as Windows 10 you would burn the SOAB...
  10. Me thinks you may have been brainwashed, Gus. Tell someone something often enough, they believe it.
  11. Many of Star Trek's technologies have come true. Amazing.
  12. I liked Star Trek. How time has flown by.
  13. Give it a good road test,Rich. A Tech Guru I know in South Africa put me onto this program.
  14. Hope you don't mind me posting my opinion. I also had Acronis at one time and it let me down at two crucial times I had Macrium for some years and liked the program, although can be a bit daunting for a beginner. I have tried many backup programs including AOMEI Backupper which I liked very much. Nice interface and very simple to use. I am trialling Casper at the moment and one word, WOW! This backup software is nothing short of brilliant. So intelligent . Makes backing up a breeze, best interface and so user friendly. Best I have used so far. Casper in my opinion is a
  15. Hello and Welcome. I use VLC media Player with Windows 10 Has it's own codecs and will play just about anything. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html
  16. Disregard my posts above complaining about privacy. Has been explained and settled to my satisfaction. Carry on as you have been @holdum333 You are doing a great job building up this site. Mick.
  17. Correct. I like to psychically disconnect the external from my PC when not in use. That's my choice.If hackers got into your PC they can turn your external on. Just being extra cautious. https://www.cnet.com/forums/discussions/can-my-backup-hard-drives-be-affected-by-ransomware/
  18. Hi Holdum333. For you to spend hours every day viewing the online user list watching every move everyone makes is wrong. Members shouldn't have that ability. Only Owner and Staff. Other Sites don't make that available to members. We deserve a certain amount of privacy. Mick.
  19. To be tracked every second I am on this site, what I am doing and what I am reading is of no business to other members. Qwner and Staff,Yes. A complete turn off.I think members that do that are dam nosey. I will certainly be coming here less. Mick.
  20. I though you may offer to teamview first seeing it was your product key.
  21. I can't get your key to validate,Gus. I must be missing something.
  22. You have a pirated copy of Office and you want us to give you a Product key so you can validate your copy. Is this correct?
  23. True I don't like giving up. When you uninstall the old Driver I would go a step further and use a search with program "Everything" and delete every entry in the registry. Then I would install the new drivers, not before. Mick
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