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  1. It started when my friend told me that I could get a free upgrade from my W 8.1 to Win 10 Pro. I figured it would take me an hour or two to accomplish. I was mistaken. There was so much drivel and misguidance available on the internet that it took over 12 hours to download W 10 Pro 64, and W 10 Pro 32 bit. When I looked to buy a key, there were hundreds of companies selling keys. I mistakenly bought a key from "" The name has many iterations because the website is a scam. I paid $18 which I thought a reasonable price, but when I tried to install W 10 Pro, it first asked me for a key. I of course used the key I just bought. It didn't work. Then someone told me that I could NOT update 8.1 to w 10 pro. After 2 days of wasting my time, I dropped the urge to update. Anyone have some advice that will accomplish my update. Herb