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  1. Have a look HERE and if you aren't able to resolve it following those instructions can you advise what version of Outlook you use?
  2. So I take it you got windows 10 installed? Have a look here... http://www.fixerrs.com/2016/08/windows-10-update-error-0xc1900107.html
  3. Could I suggest for a clean working windows 10 you try a clean install, you are entitled to do this and use your same id as you do now. As stated above if your system ran on 7 it "should" be ok on 10, but there is no guarantee on this. Clean installs are always preferable to updates. As far as Microsloth advising future updates may not work on your pc is concerned, their record to date with updates doesn't guarantee they'll work on any machine.
  4. You might like to look HERE also if the tiles dont't suit you?
  5. Hello Dell, As a workaround if you don't mind temporarily installing firefox or something similar, you could use http://www.hekasoft.com/hekasoft-backup-restore/ to backup Safari and restore it to Firefox, then import from firefox into Edge. Yes it's a bit messy but depending on how much stuff you've got to recreate it may well be worth a go. If you don't want to install Firefox there is a list of alternate browsers hekasoft can backup/restore to at the above link. Hekasoft is free, there is a portable version and it works well across different browsers
  6. If you mean that the disc that's part of the retail package doesn't have the latest drivers I too have found that with Asus sound cards, but they are always available at their website. These drivers are available for the DSX I have been told I've been brainwashed, but I would not go back to an earlier OS than 10.
  7. And to think you gave me a real hard time earlier because I said I don't rush in to Windows updates. It's test pilots like yourself who I have to thank that go through this grief that allow the bugs to be sorted before I get my updates that go smoothly
  8. No Sir, I would not go back to Windows 8 or 7, and 7 was nice, but 10 blows it away. What I don't do is get updates the minute they come out, just the same as with previous O/S's
  9. Windows 10 is already a great O/S, easily the best offering from Microsloth, ever, and even without the constant barrage of updates..
  10. You are dealing with Micro$oft here, depends on the servers, just leave them go as it's not unusual to take ages.
  11. But when you watch the repeats they don't get any older.
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