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Guest viewing Windows10forum!


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  • 3 weeks later...

HI there! Looks like we have a bunch of visitors tonight( 31 and counting) and a couple of new members. IMHO that has to be a good sign!;)

I try not to miss very much here!xD Are these all bots? It sure would be nice to know if these are bots or real guests. I do what I can to make the forum active!;) Who will read this post?? Members list would be nice.;)


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OK Thanks! Would be nice if we had a members list showing members , guests, bots or who ever was logged on. Bots are good. That means someone is watching and interested in what we're doing. I don't understand why some times it shows what guests are clicked on and viewing ,and other time it doesn't. I would guess those that don't show are bots!:ph34r: I like to see which threads are being viewed. I would also like to see a members list. I have asked about that before , but no comment so far.

I see all these guest registering, but I never see a new members list or who the latest member to join the forum . I think oboy new members. More action, but nothing happens. Makes me wonder if guests are having problems registering and I would think staff would be checking on that!

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It seems to me there should be an active list that shows just what Gary is talking about and perhaps it was shut down because the actual membership numbers are so low as to be discouraging for others to join. I mean if there are only 46 real members then why would someone with a lot of problems join as you can see how they would perceive a small number of possibilities of help.

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Hi! I have been searching the forum and there are several registered members here. I don't know the exact count. I just hope that some of them see that the forum is active. I hope they come back here if they have W10 issues and let us help them! My thinking is that there has been some confusion in the past and hopefully that is being addressed by staff at this time!;)

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  • 2 weeks later...
53 minutes ago, Rich-M said:

That may be good in terms of action but I see that guests are allowed to post here and that is one thing I would change immediately as it takes away one of the

main incentives to joining this forum!

I wouldn't be telling the owner how to run his Website. LOLguest.png

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