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  1. Just wanted to post my success story and give thanks to @adacosta for his tip on how to upgrade AFTER the deadline from Microsoft! https://windows10.help/blogs/entry/6-windows-10-free-upgrade-apparently-still-available/ I followed the step in that article and it was almost... flawless. Turns out it wasn't happy I needed some updates from Windows 7. The first time I ran it, it sat at 99% install status. After a reboot, I ran Windows Update and it installed a few patches. Second time I ran the upgrade, it went flawless. Took a few hours and was done. So, Thanks again!
  2. I ran into this same issue yesterday. Upgrading from Windows 7. Upgrade ran all night and when I woke up, it was sitting at 99%. I did a reboot then ran Windows update again. Guess what, it need some updates... Once I fully patched and reboot, I kicked off the upgrade again using the tip from @adacosta. Although I missed the deadline to upgrade, I used the blog post here: https://windows10.help/blogs/entry/6-windows-10-free-upgrade-apparently-still-available/ for my Windows 7 -> WIndows 10 Upgrade. Anyway, long story short, I kicked off the upgrade again and it took that second time after Windows 7 was fully patched. So... ya might give that a shot!
  3. Hi @Steve K. - I'm trying to enable my Guest account on my Windows 10 box and although I've enabled it in User Manager, I still can't login with it..... Lame... What's wrong? Worked just fine on older OS's. Thnx for the article BTW - you answered a few questions I had. VV
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