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  1. Really? I thought you guys were getting both a buyback and a settlement? Not the case?
  2. Yeah I saw that... What I need tho is a nice keyboard that will let me place my iPad mini on. Using it on my lap or desk would be great. Any suggestions?
  3. booooo Personally, I'm just shocked by hold old William Shatner is! I guess it should be no shock honestly since the series is 50 yrs old! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Shatner Hard to imagine old Capt. Kirk is 85 years old... Just nutso. He's in great shape! -S
  4. Guarenteed it will @billsandeman 100%. Thanks for the tip and the update!
  5. Windows 8.1 was quality (In my opionion). My work machine has been running 8.1 for awhile now and it's stable and runs great. Now that I have 10 Running on my home box, I'll have to buy my IT guy to get the biz updated!
  6. what a mess. I don't see how the good guys can stay ahead of the bad guys... I'm sure one day it will be so bad we won't even be able to use computers!
  7. Just wanted to post my success story and give thanks to @adacosta for his tip on how to upgrade AFTER the deadline from Microsoft! https://windows10.help/blogs/entry/6-windows-10-free-upgrade-apparently-still-available/ I followed the step in that article and it was almost... flawless. Turns out it wasn't happy I needed some updates from Windows 7. The first time I ran it, it sat at 99% install status. After a reboot, I ran Windows Update and it installed a few patches. Second time I ran the upgrade, it went flawless. Took a few hours and was done. So, Thanks again!
  8. I ran into this same issue yesterday. Upgrading from Windows 7. Upgrade ran all night and when I woke up, it was sitting at 99%. I did a reboot then ran Windows update again. Guess what, it need some updates... Once I fully patched and reboot, I kicked off the upgrade again using the tip from @adacosta. Although I missed the deadline to upgrade, I used the blog post here: https://windows10.help/blogs/entry/6-windows-10-free-upgrade-apparently-still-available/ for my Windows 7 -> WIndows 10 Upgrade. Anyway, long story short, I kicked off the upgrade again and it took that seco
  9. Nice tool. I don't use it much being that my system is running just fine.
  10. Bots and Search engines probably.
  11. Well... I wouldn't call it a bad habit, just a habit. Personally, I use Chrome. It has all the plugins I need and it works. Don't really need an alternative until Edge can not only match Google but also give me something new. If I worked for Microsoft fine, I would use it but I don't. I'm a customer.
  12. The issue is people don't read and educate themselves. They hear something and rather than read it for themselves and confirm it, they accept it as truth. Lemmings... This is true from everything from Religion, Politics and.... Windows 10. So, if you want to get educated, for 30 minutes and read the Microsoft Terms of Service. They tell you what they DO and will NOT do. It's really just that simple. For example, here is the Terms of Service in regards to YOUR CONTENT: If you don't like it, fine. However, I guarantee the Terms are better than most other companies like Facebo
  13. Yeah that's what I do also. I just create a standard account and it works fine.
  14. When? After you read the release notes and decide - yeah, I need that...
  15. Hi @Steve K. - I'm trying to enable my Guest account on my Windows 10 box and although I've enabled it in User Manager, I still can't login with it..... Lame... What's wrong? Worked just fine on older OS's. Thnx for the article BTW - you answered a few questions I had. VV
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