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Microsoft Money (Sunset)

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It sounds like you've tried the right things. Of course, as I am sure you know, programs that don't work in the preview now might work in the final version.

I would think MS would allow the Compatibility Settings work, especially on their own software product.

Which version of MS Money is it?

If all else fails and you truly need Microsoft Money, you can always run it in a VM.

Let us know what happens, because I am sure there will end up being a lot of questions like this.

By the way, for those having a similar issue, first try to run the program in Compatibility Mode, right click the program icon, select Properties, and choose a different version of Windows.




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I finally got MS Money Sunset to work on Windows 10, I just can't import the new items.

After installing Windows 10, I tried to run Money and it worked well until I tried to import from the bank. It showed 2 new items but they didn't appear in any check register. Every time I tried to work in Money it crashed. I uninstalled Money, reinstalled it and restored my back up. It works well. Even with the need to enter my transactions manually, it still is better than Quicken.

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Apparently there is a registry hack that will allow MS Money, including Sunset, to run under Windows 10:

64-bit version of build 10240

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Internet Explorer]

"Version"="9.11.10240.0" (originally: 9.11.10240.16384)

32-bit version of build 10240

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer]

"Version"="9.11.10240.0" (originally: 9.11.10240.16384)

I haven't tried it myself yet.

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Further to my post regarding the registry hack.

Anecdotal evidence is suggesting that the issue may be as simple as the length of the Internet Explorer version number in the Registry. Apparently entering the Version as '9.11.10240.1638' will also work.

I have been happily using Money under Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer 11 where the Version in the Registry is '9.11.9600.17905'. I note that whilst my Revision Number segment, '17905', is the same length as in Build 10240, '16384'. However my Build Part, '9600', is one less in length than that under Build 10240, '10240'. This suggests that it is the overall length of the Version entry that is causing Money the problem. It is possible that Money just cannot handle the length. On reading the final digit does it just pop off the first digit (Major Part) to compensate and then Money cannot identify that IE is installed?

The issue is that even if this is only a small issue to fix, as a discontinued product would anyone at MS do it. I would regard the registry hack as a short-term fix:

- What if another application needs the proper Version?

- Do we have to do the hack every time IE is updated?

- Are there any other ramifications?

I rely on Money for my personal finances but does this issue really underline that all of us users are on borrowed time and that a search for an alternative needs to be undertaken.

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Hi Everyone, i am new to the forum but will be following this subject closely.

Two days ago I downloaded the windows 10 upgrade on my new laptop which is/was running windows 8.1 and which I hate, I did however love the Money plus sunset that I had downloaded to improve my previous version (2001).

I absolutely loved windows 10, much easier to use than windows 8.1. I was very happy with the upgrade and was all organised and up and running on windows 10 until I tried to open my money program!!! it just wouldn't open, i was getting the same message as lots of other people about it needing IE6! I tried everything to get it to work, I read about changing the registry but I didn't want to try this and break something as I am not fully sure how to do it and have since read that it isn't a permanent fix anyway. I have just had an on-line chat with microsoft support and even that guy didn't know what to do so I have now had to restore my laptop back to the vile 8.1 just so I can use my money program which I totally rely on for my personal and business finances. Very disappointing so I will hold off re-installing windows 10 until the money issues are fixed.

If anyone has a solution or hears of a fix to the problems with windows 10 and mocrosoft money i would be very grateful to know.

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Simon, welcome aboard.

As a point to be made, "until the money issues are fixed" is the heart of the matter. As a discontinued application Money has no issues and nor does Microsoft have issues with Money. It's us the users who have the issues!!!

The options would appear to be:

1) Keep your Windows 8.1 in a virtual environment to run Money (and any other applications that may not run under Windows 10) and install Windows 10

2) Keep your Windows 8.1 as is so that you can run Money (and any others....) and risk turning 8.1 into an XP-style scenario where you cannot ever move off of it

3) Apply the registry hack and risk it breaking something else plus a) applying the hack every time there is an IE update or b) turning off automatic IE updates and risk not applying security patches

4) Migrate to an alternative application

5) Hope that a) the 'fix' is very simple and b) someone at MS gets the authorisation to apply the 'fix'

Clearly 5) is the most attractive option but be prepared to wait..... for ever. Whatever, in the long term 4) is the only real solution.

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The only time, long time ago, I altered the registry on my computer it no longer started windows! I have found the registry entry to alter to allow money to run but will this prevent my pc starting if I do it wrong? I am competent and if I have a problem ! would want to restore the original number but could not do this unless win10 is running.

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I don't personally use the program, but I found something that might help you to get it working...it requires hacking the Registry...which isn't for the faint of heart...but if you're an experienced user you might want to try it:


If you do try this, BACK UP YOUR REGISTRY FIRST! And Create a System Restore Point following these articles:

Back up Registry (This article is from Windows 7/Vista days, but the process is the same in 10: http://www.groovypost.com/howto/microsoft/how-to-backup-restore-registry-in-windows-7-or-vista/

Create a Restore Point in Windows 10:


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Thank you. I altered the registry to 9.11.10140.0.but Money still did not load. I remember that my error message said that IE5 needs to be installed, not IE6 as most correspondents state. Is there another known modification to the registry for IE5?

I have also tried 9.11.10140.0 (no full stop at the end) and 1638 instead of 16384. (suggested on another web site)

When trying to load Money I get "Do you want this app to modify this computer?etc" to which I enter yes. Then nothing. I also do not get the offer of compatibility mode having restored 16384 as the final number in version.

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The message about IE5 (as is the IE6 messages) is essentially a spurious message.

The message means that when running Money it encountered what is known as an 'exception' (basically an error condition it didn't know what to do with) but rather than leave a cryptic message that looks like technical gobbledygook, Money's developers tried to handle the exception more elegantly by presenting the user with a meaningful message.

It just happens that when the version of Money that you are using was written the version of Internet Explorer that was current then was version 5. People running later editions got the message about IE6 as that was the current version then. The messages would have made more sense back then.

The fact that users didn't get messages about later versions just reflects when Money was last developed.

Anyway, see my next post for some potentially good news.

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On Tuesday (i.e. 11th August) Microsoft issued some updates, none of them to MS Money of course.

It would seem that after installing these updates the registry hack is no longer necessary.

I have tested this by reinstating the original Internet Explorer version to '9.11.10240.16384' and running Money (Sunset version) and have had no problems since.

I would, therefore, strongly recommend ensuring that all updates provided by Microsoft have been installed on your machines and then reversing the registry hack as we still do not know what side effects changing the Version number might have.

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