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  1. Mine downloaded fine on the 29th and I liked it much better than 8.1 which i hate, but microsoft money does not work so i have had to reverse and go back to 8.1 :'(
  2. Hi Everyone, i am new to the forum but will be following this subject closely. Two days ago I downloaded the windows 10 upgrade on my new laptop which is/was running windows 8.1 and which I hate, I did however love the Money plus sunset that I had downloaded to improve my previous version (2001). I absolutely loved windows 10, much easier to use than windows 8.1. I was very happy with the upgrade and was all organised and up and running on windows 10 until I tried to open my money program!!! it just wouldn't open, i was getting the same message as lots of other people about it needing IE6! I tried everything to get it to work, I read about changing the registry but I didn't want to try this and break something as I am not fully sure how to do it and have since read that it isn't a permanent fix anyway. I have just had an on-line chat with microsoft support and even that guy didn't know what to do so I have now had to restore my laptop back to the vile 8.1 just so I can use my money program which I totally rely on for my personal and business finances. Very disappointing so I will hold off re-installing windows 10 until the money issues are fixed. If anyone has a solution or hears of a fix to the problems with windows 10 and mocrosoft money i would be very grateful to know.