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  1. When I do that, I have two accounts at the login screen (same user name) and I have to log in. I don't want to log in, this is my home PC. I switched it back to patty and now I don't have to log in.
  2. But maybe, with all the interest shown in Money on this and other boards, they'll continue to provide minimal support.
  3. I've tried several times to install the update and keep getting an error message. All is good until I restart then it tells me it's unable to complete the updates and rolls back the changes. Online research seems to suggest that the problem is in my users and that makes sense since I've had an issue with users before. I do not want to reset (I've made too many modifications) and it doesn't sound like refreshing will do the trick. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. wsreset.exe didn't seem to work for me either, but I kept hitting "try again" and, after several tries, they installed. I think their servers are probably hammered.
  5. When I first upgraded to Windows 10, it created a users account for me using a part of my email name as the user name (patty). I hate being called patty and would prefer that the user account be called Pat. Is there some way to change the account name to Pat without having to redo all the work I've done on modifying the libraries, folders, etc?
  6. Found on another website, to fix my problem downloading statement: The transactions bug is a very old MS Money issue. See this message regarding the mnyob99.dll replacement...
  7. After the latest update (I'm on fast ring) most, if on all, of my files and folders are read only. The security is not set to allow access to all users. For instance, to run Calibre (an e-book program), I had to change the access option for the program, then change the storage folders to allow access. To store a new book, I had to change the folder to allow me to write to it. I've tried changing the properties for the whole folder, including sub-folders, but have to allow access to all sub-folders manually. I am using the only account on this computer and it is the only administrative account. What went wrong and is there an easy way to fix this?
  8. and now it's broke again. After the newest build, it won't open without IE 6 installed. Anyone have a work around for that?
  9. This latest build seems to have changed my permissions. Suddenly I have to authorize myself to add or make changes to folders. Does anybody know of an easy fix for this?
  10. I finally got MS Money Sunset to work on Windows 10, I just can't import the new items. After installing Windows 10, I tried to run Money and it worked well until I tried to import from the bank. It showed 2 new items but they didn't appear in any check register. Every time I tried to work in Money it crashed. I uninstalled Money, reinstalled it and restored my back up. It works well. Even with the need to enter my transactions manually, it still is better than Quicken.