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Facing issues in Windows 10pro after Major updates in June 2017

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Dear All 

hope to find you in best of health,

i am facing 2 issues after updating major update of windows 10 in June 2017 099.gif.

actually when i updated the system and after final reboot laptop stuck at startup with black desktop window, after trying so many fix i was unable to complete to properly load desktop always stuck at black screen after login.
then i perform the windows reset option to remove all the application and settings which worked for me. but after this i am facing this 2 issues. 

1. No list available of wifi network Screen shot attached.

i am able to connect to the known network which i previously used and saved in my computer but if i click on show available network it remains empty. even i reinstall all the drivers, restart the wifi autoconfig service. reset my network settings but still nothing work for me.

2. application searching not possible.

when ever i click start button and start typing for the software like paint word or excel nothing appear, i waited for more than an hour, but computer keep on searching. even i reset the index settings. screen shot attached.

only option was left for me to install a clean windows.

Thank you so much in advance




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