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  1. So I have a problem that when new updates are released for Ark that update is not an option in the Store. Last time i had to completely uninstall the the game and reinstall to update it. I have tried the reset Cache and terminate the app with no luck. Can someone help me?
  2. I cannot download Apps on windows store. When I click the green 'Get' button beneath the App, the page seems to just refresh and nothing happens. The 'Get' button is still there and no download has started. I don't get an error message or anything, just keeps refreshing the page. Any Ideas?
  3. I have Windows Creator on a Dell XPS27. Recently several weird things are happening. BTW, I have run the Windows Store troubleshooter and Winreset to no avail. Some of the things I have noted may or may not be related but I am throwing them out for comment. Weird Events: 1. Microsoft Games such as Solitaire and Majhong ( among others) are slow to connect to the internet to gather game data. Once they connect they take take a long time to sign in. 2. Windows Store apps and games take forever to download ( 30 minutes to an hour), the same goes for updates. 3. One of my Games, "WordDrop" is corrupted and hangs. Repeated re-installs don't fix the problem. I have deleted it in the interim. 4. I am connected directly to a Comcast Bridge. My home network does not connect to my computer and my phones and linux box do not have these problems. 5. I noticed that I cannot ping from the Dell XPS 27. I can from all other devices. I entertained refreshing the Broadcom ethernet adapter driver. I tried to let windows download the latest driver from the internet but the process goes into a loop requiring that I kill it from the Task Manager. I ran a diagnostic and the error noted was that the driver could not find its DNS server. That is why I cannot ping. Is this mess related to the driver, or something else? I have a creator driver from Microsoft but, I am not sure if it a good idea to install it Helpless in Frustration Land
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