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  1. I am running an AMD A10-6700 APU w/Radeon HD Graphics 3.70GHz. Memory: 8.00GB (7.19GB usable) System: 64-Bit OS x64 based processor It is an ASUS. I am having difficulty with live streaming sports, specifically hockey, in that I am able to connect to the streaming site but after sometime, nothing consistant like after the first 10 minutes of 20 minutes or 50 minutes. When using Google Chrome I attempt to correct this by working with Flash Player and sometimes it works and other times it does not. I am using wifi at my tower and the computer is approximately 30 feet from the router. The wifi connection works fine. When I connect to a streaming website the stopping and starting begin to occur and once it does then that website will not be usable again that evening so I switch to another website. That may or may not work. Recently I purchased an HDMI cable, 25 foot, to connect my computer to my 40 inch widescreen tv. Conncection starts out ok but then as above it starts to stop playing then continues and then stops again, to the point where I have to move to another website. People have told me I am too far away from the modem/router but the computer operation is not the problem The computer works fine but might occasionally develop a slowness in changing using keystrokes. The wifi antenna sits on top of my towere when I do a speed test I get very close to the 10mb I am paying for. It is o nly when I start live streaming that this occurs. I know that this has been long but I wanted to give you full information. Thank you for any comments I will receive. Bruce