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ON July 27, 2016 I switched to Windows 10 -- anyway it really didn't work --the store or Cortana, but since I didn't use/have it before thought ok what the hey as everything else worked ok  (after over 10 hours of on line support with MSN) anyway one day I wake up and Walla -- Cortana and everything else worked... ok I say well this AM I got up and apparently there was an upgrade on Win 10 and for some reason restart doesn't work on my pc --so I just shut it down and wait a moment and it starts back up... well this morning the time was wrong and I couldn't figure out how to correct it ... long story short -- #1 when asked to be transferred to someone In the United States - they tell me they can't do it (I thought that was a law) and I've been trying to contact MSN Hqtrs to no avail... but again After slamming down the phone on MSN I figured out how to set the clock.... but what gets me is these IDIOTS IN Butt Fleck Egypt told me my pc is not compatible with Win 10 and I should revert back to Win 7.... are they all crazy or what?  They now tell me that any future updates might not work on my pc  Help Please


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Hello and Welcome to windows10.help lucyfurferalcat.

I have yet to find a computer running either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 that is incompatible with Windows 10 and I have upgraded at least fifty of them so far.

I wouldn't worry about future Windows updates, I'm sure they'll be fine.

Are you currently having any other issues with your Win 10 operating system?

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Could I suggest for a clean working windows 10 you try a clean install, you are entitled to do this and use your same id as you do now.  As stated above if your system ran on 7 it "should" be ok on 10, but there is no guarantee on this. Clean installs are always preferable to updates.

As far as Microsloth advising future updates may not work on your pc is concerned, their record to date with updates doesn't guarantee they'll work on any machine.

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      Hey im unsure if this is the right place to put this but im just out of ideas and the internet is netting me 0 fixes, ive tried everything to fix the issue that i can find from google but the windows store will instantaneously crash as soon as i click to open it, maybe it opens for a second at most, The most common fix seems to be using wsreset however the window does not auto close and comes up with the text box that i have attached.
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      Last few days I have problems with mouse and keyboard and their commands.

      About week ago I installed new version of Windows 10 but it's was bugged too much and I done recovery to previous version of Windows 10.

      Now everything is normal but I have problems with mouse and keyboard commands.

      After I turn on the computer and after a few minutes mouse go wild.
      When I click on one icon with a left click, it opens a menu that opens with right-click.
      When I leaf on the Internet something with the middle button ( scroll ) it zoom page, although I do not touch the keyboard ( ctrl or alt ).
      When I click left-click on one icon, it opens 10 folders on desktop not on my command even I opened one folder.
      The keyboard does not respond at all and not work or when I write a keyboard something it writes on the computer that only after a few minutes.
      Practically, the mouse and the keyboard go crazy at one time and I'm forced to restart computer.
      Often it happens to mislead and to do it yourself, for example, once I click on the left or right mouse click, he starts to move open tabs alone.
      Drivers are updated for both.
      I tried to put them in another USB port, but it's the same.
      I tried on another computer where they worked normally.
      When I installed the bugged version of Windows 10 ( for me ), he asked me to update my driver and I updated, but later I returned the older version of Windows 10 and I do not know if the old driver came back but the previous version can not be restored in the driver settings.
      I tried with BIOS resetting but nothing.

      I have these keyboard and mouse: 

      Logitech K360 keyboard.

      Genius Ammox X1-400 mouse.

      Thank you in advance for the reply and apologize for a bad english.
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      I am frequently getting corrupted icons appearing in my Start Menu. These icons are appearing anyways if I am signed in with Microsoft or with a local account. I am really annoyed with these white icons.
      I would be thankful if this great forum could help me fixing this problem.
      Best Regards,
      Reply soon

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