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  1. Thank you Cindy and Gus...My PC seems to be working fine now and the time is still correct, so I guess those guys across the pond, probably to the west of Phoenix are flying by the seat of their knickers??? Have a great Weekend.......
  2. ON July 27, 2016 I switched to Windows 10 -- anyway it really didn't work --the store or Cortana, but since I didn't use/have it before thought ok what the hey as everything else worked ok (after over 10 hours of on line support with MSN) anyway one day I wake up and Walla -- Cortana and everything else worked... ok I say well this AM I got up and apparently there was an upgrade on Win 10 and for some reason restart doesn't work on my pc --so I just shut it down and wait a moment and it starts back up... well this morning the time was wrong and I couldn't figure out how to correct it ... long
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