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The Importance Of Software Updates


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One of our forum members found a neat little program that will tell you what programs are out of date and also the highly important browser plugins as well

and then will update them for you.I am at times negative on 3rd party software. It's only installing third party software which duplicates something Windows already does or dangerous 3rd party software.


Let us know what you think!

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Hi! I use the program, but I'm a little picky  what I let the program update. I don't let it mess with my MBAM Pro.;) but the other updates  are fine. I think it's a good safe program to help you keep your software updated.

Here's insert from the program and  good reason to keep your software up dated. Thanks @Rich-M

Hackers and virus writers love outdated software. It might contain a security vulnerability or “hole” that can provide them with access to your computer. Outdated software can also be buggy, or have performance issues, which is usually fixed with a newer version of the software. These are two of the main reasons why it is important to keep the software on your computer updated (or “patched”).

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Hey @Profiler This software has quite a list that it checks. I'm not sure you can check all these software programs for updates manually. A lot of programs will notify you when a update is available. I just use this software as a reference.;) I don't mess with MBAM Pro!


I agree "Each to their own" I personally find it quite helpful. I suppose it would depend on how many programs you have installed. I don't have that many.




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35 minutes ago, Profiler said:

I check for updates manually and regularly.

If you recommend the program @holdum333 then it must be OK.

Sure it would help some.


You are very kind my fiend! Thank you for your support @Profiler I don't recommend many 3rd party software programs, but I think this is a keeper!;) This is for the casual PC user, maybe not for you old dogs that have been around the block a couple of times.:D There are so many fake programs with PUP's these days and they pop up saying updates are available and then they install malware on you!. Well just use this Program to see if there are updates and never click on those pop ups; especially when surfing the web! The web is becoming a cesspool and I'm afraid it will only get worse.

Thanks for your kind reply my friend!

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10 hours ago, Profiler said:

I do have one question, @holdum333

I wonder has this program have the ability to prevent any P.U.P's hidden in updates?

That's a great question @Profiler. I don't know if it can prevent PUPs. I'll do a little more research and get back here. Don't know if this will help but I use unchecky and I think it helps a little. Here's what HTG says about unchecky. We sure need some thing to stop these damn PUPs.

For a competent computer geek, Unchecky is probably not really necessary.  However, if you find yourself skimming through installations and ending up with coupon offers you don’t remember asking for, it may be a good idea to install Unchecky.  Even the most careful geeks can be duped into accepting a promotional offer, or maybe you just want to save some mouse clicks and make installations faster.



I just might make a good hand on this help forum one of these days. Sorry for tooting my own horn @Rich-M

Not my first rodeo!! Speedy recovery Rich! I also like to have a little fun some times. I like learning new things and passing forward things I have learned from others.:D It seems to me like the forum is growing and that is a good thing.;)@Steve

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