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  3. So I have a problem that when new updates are released for Ark that update is not an option in the Store. Last time i had to completely uninstall the the game and reinstall to update it. I have tried the reset Cache and terminate the app with no luck. Can someone help me?
  4. In Windows 10 I've been making documents with pictures in them using Word Pad. In all other versions of Windows I've used, doing that method would paste the picture where I want it either by Ctrl+V or or right clicking and Paste. But in this Windows 10 version it almost always puts the picture one line below where I try to put it, so I arrow down, hit the Home key and back space. Then when I put a picture beside it again it puts it a line below so I arrow down, hit the Home key and back space. And then the next picture it puts it a line below..... I know how to select line spacing in the paragraph section, uncheck the annoying: Add 10pt space after paragraphs, and select 1.0 instead of 1.15 but that doesn't fix the problem with pasting in pictures. Is there a way to get it to put the picture on the line I select instead of on the line below? Also is there a way to make the default setting to not add the 10pt space... and the spacing to be 1.0 instead of 1.15? Thank you for any help with this! David
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  6. tao

    Problem with command script

    Are there any news on this? I can't find anything remotely related anywhere else. tao
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  8. Your English is clear enough. Hi. First thing you should is to try to reinstall the driver. Delete it from your PC and clean the registry After this try to download and install the latest version and if it will not work correctly, try to download and install older versions of Realtek audio driver here If it does not help maybe you have some troubles with your OS or maybe something changes after the latest update. First thing you should is to try to reinstall the driver.
  9. MrDan

    windows 10 free download

    Yes go to windows 10 download page and it will allow you to download it but you will have to have a activation key to install it
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  11. Hey!I have a Lenovo ideapad 330 and it comes with a Realtek audio device built in. I have had the laptop for 3 months now and suddenly my sound stops. Only bluetooth still works. when I click on the sound icon at the bottom right, the help-wizzard audio appears. This one says they have no solution. and when I right click on the icon it says: speaker settings: UNKNOWN. and when I go to the sound settings of windows in the settings menu it says that no input and output devices are available. Also my Realtek audio device is not in the list with device manager. so i can't check the drivers or reinstall them. I thought I would solve the problem by implementing the new windows update (v 1903), but that didn't help. Also restarted several times. just for clarity .. the problem was already there for the update. I've been through the entire internet but can't solve it ... Can you help?Greetings Sem van de BeldNetherlands(sorry for the bad english .. Google translate :))
  12. If you want a tool that converts Groupwise to PST then, I glad to inform try Groupwise to Outlook converter tool from Shoviv that provide an efficient environment for Groupwise conversion. Using this tool you able to export multiple Groupwise mailboxes directly into Outlook PST format as well as the tool allows exporting Groupwise local/remote/archive data into Outlook. Direct Download Link: Click here I hope the mentioned tool solve your problem
  13. I have a laptop (Asus model:N550JK x64-based PC) Recently , I've update my windows 10 pro (to edition:1903 , OS build:18362.207). Before that , when I turn on the Bluetooth all of my Bluetooth devices (cellphone , hands free , ..)could be able to find and connect to the laptop . but after updating non of devices can't find the laptop .in the other hand the laptop also can't find this devices. There is no any error message. I've checked all the options for finding the reason, but I can't find. What I've done to solve this issue : I've checked the laptop Bluetooth driver => it is update to last version. I've checked the "Bluetooth Support Service" => it is Running and is started. I've checked if the Bluetooth is on =>it is on. I've checked "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this pc" state => it is checked. I've checked all of my Bluetooth devices => they work perfect. I've run troubleshooter . Every time I run the troubleshooter, this message is appeared : "Check Bluetooth radio status Fixed". I've Updated BIOS to last version(2019) But the problem still remains. So,what is your suggestion?
  14. Hello everyone,I started facing with this issue 2 days ago. Where while working from home suddenly when visiting the website I kept getting this issue called "Misdirected Request". Whenever I try to refresh the site looks like the issue will go away, but later if I keep browsing it will just continue so I have to press refresh every single time.I didn't touch anything it turned to happen by itself. There was no Windows Update to corrupt or mess my computer like we all know sometimes it does.So I've noticed after a while that it's not only that particular website but it's just other websites in general.Also, my skype is not working, whenever I try to send a message, the message just keeps loading and won't send at all. It looks like something is broken in my files, or registry, I don't really know.The funny part is that my desktop computer is connected with wifi card, I tried connecting it through LAN cable and again same issue. I tried calling my ISP and ask them to reset the internet for me, and that didn't fix the issue.I have also a laptop connected on the same network, and on the laptop I don't have this issue, same with my phone, no issues whatsoever, I can send messages on skype, I can browse those websites who have that issue on my desktop PC and also I can even sign in on Microsoft forums without an issue, where if I try from my desktop PC it's just the website won't load.My last chance is to format my PC, but at the moment I have to deal with this problem as I've already explained, I work from home and it's really important for me not to waste any time. If there's any fix I would gladly appreciate. Here is what I've tried so far. And nothing workedReset my router to factory settings, re-configured.ipconfig /releaseipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /renewnetsh winsock resetnetsh interface ipv4 resetnetsh interface ipv6 resetTried reinstalling ChromeTried installing Firefox (same issue)None of this worked, (from what I was able to find on the internet).I am using only Windows firewall, no antiviruses no nothing.Here is pictures of the issue when I try to visit some websites.I get this error on some of the ads on the right side of one of the forums I visit.This is when I try to sign in on Microsoft or even some of the websites will show me this issue.Is there any way for this issue to be fixed?
  15. I recently brought a windows 10 professional key from .But i dont know how to activate my windows 10 via that key.This is the link from where i got the key. Please help me as i dont know how to activate
  16. Being a pro-Apple person for the past 10 years, surrounding myself with everything Apple it was quite a difficult task to switch to Windows. But I went ahead and did it. After some thorough research I've made my decision and went with Huawei Matebook Pro X (the one with Nvidia Geforce). I loved it, and much to my surprise Windows 10 seems pretty robust and versatile nowadays, as opposed to what I remember from the 2000's when the Blue Screen of Doom was an everyday thing. But here the bad news. Couple of hours into setting it up for my liking I began to notice that the dude won't wake up from sleep, especially if I close the lid. Now this is something I wasn't prepared for after splashing twelve hundred quid. As I mentioned before, I've been with Apple for quite some time now and have absolutely no idea what to do when Windows starts playing games like that. Naturally, I Google all possible combinations of my issue, but to no avail, all I could find is: Update BIOS, Change this this and that then that that and this then this and that and then restart. Jeez, why do I have to go through all this haha. I reached out to official Huawei support and they kindly put my query in the bin (at least that's what I make of it, since they haven't responded) It's a great piece of hardware but the inability to switch it on, whenever I please so, unless I reboot it 5-6 times really challenges my decision of dumping Apple. I'm not even sure whether this problem has something to do with the OS, in my case Windows 10 or is it a hardware issue. No idea whatsoever. I would kindly appreciate any Win experts' help and any suggestions. If I need to provide more details about my machine - please let me know.
  17. I have read various contradictory items about the MS recent statements concerning the related topics of minimum storage space requirements for (the 'May") feature update; and Reserve Storage. My favourite magazine, Computer Active, had to print a correction / clarification but it still leaves me confused. It is of particular concern to those of us with 'small storage' devices such as 2-in-1 Tablet PCs. In particular I am no longer sure about the temporary use of external devices such as USB flash drives to assist updating. When it was announced a while back that this was possible ----and I found it to be so --- I was relived. It seemed to solve the storage problem. But there has been no mention of it in recent articles and statements. I was pleased to discover that when the October update arrived (in February) it had actually used my integral SD card in the process, which seemed a logical improvement, but I have not seen this mentioned anywhere. This is of concern to me now especially, as a few weeks back 7 GB of my small storage vanished and for a while I assumed that the Reserve had been installed. On learning this was not so I realised I do not have sufficient free storage if external drives cannot be used.
  18. The History suddenly stopped working, all I get is a blank window. I have the impression (from alerts) that clips are being saved, they are just not being displayed. I have tried some fixes found online, without success.. I believe there is an on / off REG edit but don't know how to apply it.
  19. SBCGlobal email setting is actually the combination of two sub settings that are Internet Message Access Protocol and the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
  20. Hi all: Can someone please tell me how to disable the female voice that notifies me everytime I get a new email ?? I tried everything so far to no avail. EDIT: windows 10 home - vers. 1709
  21. I embraced cloud backup after losing my physical drive backup to theft and fire. With 2 different cloud backup service, my files are secured. One challenge I faced was choosing the best backup solution for my business use. I had to dig around and check Backup Comparison and other sources. Eventually settled for backblaze
  22. Dear helpful people,Over the last few weeks I eagerly put together my new PC. Progressed through the windows 10 installation smoothly, and proceeded to install drivers for all of my hardware and periferals. During the process my screen went black, and I assumed it to be resetting after installing a video driver, as they do when shifting resolutions. So I left it two hours, and when I returned, it was the same. So I pressed the power button to initiate shut down, which went smoothly. Then restarted, which progressed passed POST, motherboard manufacturer's image loading screen, and then into the black void from whence it was moments before. Ok. Through the last two days I have tested rigorously to discover a cause, and searched fruitlessly for a solution that would work for me. The issue arrives the moment I install a display driver, regardless of if it is a display driver for my onboard graphics, or my gpu. It happens regardless if I use my motherboard's disk, drivers downloaded from manufactuerer websites, or through the windows update utility. It is an easily repeatable occurance.My system specifications are as follows.Windows 10 home editionMPB Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon MotherboardIntel i7 9700k32gb Corsair Vengence ramNvidia RTX 2080ti with EK water block Samsung 860 EVO V-NAND M.2 1TB SSD 2Tb Barracuda HDD Asus PB287Q 28" MonitorSo far I have tried:Installing drive through DDU Installing on m.2 SSDInstalling on 3.5" HDInstalling on HDs in RAID Windows key + P fixInstalling graphics drivers from the internet, CD and Windows update utilityCable checks,Alternate Display Ports on both GPU and MotherboardThe system runs stably without installing a display driver. I am posting this message from chrome installed on it. But obviously, to use as a gaming rig, no display driver is kind of a killer.Thank you for your time and advice in advance, I am struggling to understand what I can do.
  23. Hi I am trying to upgrade my laptop from HDD to SSD and adding 4gb more ram to make it total of 8gb but there are some concerns for which I need your help. I will be putting this hard drive into optical bay using a caddy and install an SSD in place of HDD. My HDD is formatted as MBR (checked it in diskpart) and UEFI is turned OFF in BIOS. I am using "legacy" boot option. My laptop is an i3 4010U (3mb cache) and 4gb ram. I read somewhere on the internet that using GPT will enhance performance. I wanted to know: 1. If I format SSD with GPT and keep HDD on MBR, will it work fine? (HDD has data which can't be moved). 2. Do I need to turn on UEFI in BIOS or legacy boot will be able to handle the GPT SSD? 3. Upgrading to SSD and 8gb ram, will it be enough for a way better performance or the 3mb processor cache will become bottleneck while using heavy applications such as Photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro. Please help me with this as I am not much of tech-savvy person regarding these things.
  24. odetowatch

    Hacked I think

    Next to the time in my taskbar is the word hacked. I am a novice and don't know where to start to find out how this got there.It was appearing every now and then , but is now there all the time. I'm assuming I should be concerned about this. I ran SuperAntispyware and found nothing. I ran "Wise registry cleaner" and did a full scan with my TotalAV virus program. Nothing seems to help. I am running Windows 10 Home Version 10.0.18362 Build 18362 on a Dell laptop. I do have classic shell installed and was wondering if this could be a problem. I connect by secured WIFI in my home and run the Total AV firewall. I'm stuck. Thanks to anyone who could help. If you need more info let me know.
  25. I recently had to pawn my laptop computer to be able to pay my rent, I picked it back up yesterday and noticed that since they assumed I was not going to pick it back up (I was late on the last payment by one day) they deleted my user account, now none of my program files have changed but my desktop is completely empty as well as all my document files that were a part of that user account. I noticed they used a software called "System Saver, Pawn Edition" which is from White Canyon Software (Pawn Shop Software - WhiteCanyon Software) My question is this, Is there a way to recover all those files by simply restoring that user account? and is restoring that user account even possible? If so what is the easiest way to go about this? I have already run system restore back to the date that they installed that software, it took about 2 hours for the restore to complete but it did not change my user account back to what it was before. I really need those files that were on the desktop as I am a graphic designer and it contained tons upon tons of custom vector designs that I have amassed over the years, they are really irreplaceable. I have installed data recovery software such as MiniTool and EaseUS but I cannot seem to find a way within those programs to recover my old desktop folders. Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me figure this out as I have exhausted all my know-how and attempts thus far. Another question, if I use a recovery software is there a particular file or directory I should look for that will contain my old use account data? Something such as where I could restore something that would give me my old user account back?
  26. Please see attached screenshot... Adobe Creative suite was installed in 2013 Serato DJ Pro was installed in 2018 Serato DJ was installed in 2017 Notepad++ was installed in 2018
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