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  1. Hi I need a bit of help here. I saw this video on Youtube and I found he was talking about the latest version of Windows 10, 2004 which has the problem of defragmentation which as according to him is dangerous and might shorten the life of SSD drives installed. I also have an SSD as a C drive and a mechanical drive on my laptop and I wanted to know if this is true? I have not yet turned off the defragmentation as told from the video but I want you to see this and then guide/advise what should I do? Youtube video
  2. Hi everyone I am facing this very strange issue from a few days. I am using my laptop with windows 10 1909 installed as clean format (not upgrade from previous version). When i have to leave my desk, i close the lid and the system goes to sleep mode. The power light remains on as the laptop is connected to charger and the HDD/SSD light starts blinking and that's when i know that system is now on sleep mode. But from few days, Randomly it would turn back on (even though the lid is closed) and i hear fans turning on, display still off and i then open the lid to see that it is on welco
  3. Hi I have windows 10 1903 installed. My system is i3 with 8gb of DDR3 ram and primary drive is a SATA SSD while the secondary drive is HDD. Ever since I have installed 1903, I have been facing strange and absurd issues from windows. Sometimes the system process would go to 100% without any logic and I have to rush to task manager to see what is making it do so, and then kill the process. Then chrome started making issues, with software reporter tool (first of all I don't understand the logic of that tool with chrome, why to google wants to know the software installed on my computer t
  4. Hi I am trying to upgrade my laptop from HDD to SSD and adding 4gb more ram to make it total of 8gb but there are some concerns for which I need your help. I will be putting this hard drive into optical bay using a caddy and install an SSD in place of HDD. My HDD is formatted as MBR (checked it in diskpart) and UEFI is turned OFF in BIOS. I am using "legacy" boot option. My laptop is an i3 4010U (3mb cache) and 4gb ram. I read somewhere on the internet that using GPT will enhance performance. I wanted to know: 1. If I format SSD with GPT and keep HDD on MBR, will it work fine? (HDD has d
  5. That's another reason for not liking windows 10 as well because sometimes the errors and problems which are created by windows 10 are totally unknown and seen first time, So no one knows what to do about it. I reverted back to windows 7 and i am now very happy that i returned back. Windows 10 is such an OS, which is like this: You turn on your computer and BE SURE that windows will create strange issues, ranging from software to hardware and first you will be forced to search it on Google, solve them and THEN try to remember for what work you turned on your computer and then you can
  6. Hi I have windows 10 1703.15063.966 which is latest in 1703. I have set the options for update as "current branch for business" and set to defer the feature update for 365 days. I don't like 1709 at all due to many reasons and want to stay with 1703 as long as possible until 1803 comes out. I simply have a big NO for 1709. With "current branch for business" and defer feature updates to 365 days, i am still getting an annoying software installed itself. I have attached the pictures. It is windows 10 upgrade assistant which pops up every time i boot windows (and doesn't let me take scr
  7. No, they were a separate query and this new thread is a new thing. Previous one was more related to underlines but this one is more for icon spacing.
  8. Hi I need some help regarding windows 10 1709. I don't know if people noticed this or not or they are happy whatever lousy changes Microsoft does to windows and people accept it as Bible. 1709 did some utterly absurd changes which had no reason and logic and gave a horrible appearance but i never heard people complaining about it. I wanted to know if there is any way to solve them? 1. (I use mostly tile view in my computer, explorer and drives and as well as in partitions showing my data). There is a gap on left end side of icon. Before that the icon used to be at the left border o
  9. Hi I don't know what is this issue. Everything else updates just fine from windows update and is working fine but only the windows defender updates are not working. It downloads, then installs but the install doesn't complete and it shows an error. I have attached the screenshot with this. I tried searching online for the error code but all they say is, to troubleshoot with windows and i tried them but it doesn't resolve the issue. I am using windows 10 1709.16299.98
  10. Hi I wanted to discuss something because lately i have been moving around between different OS. I had installed windows 10 (1703) and then when 1709 came out, windows started updating with feature updates. When it installed, i was severely disappointed because of such idiotic appearance changes. I couldn't stand with the newer interface which looked to me as someone was busy doing other things that he forgot the interface glitches. Anyhow that's my point of view about 1709, people might be liking it. I am now on 1703. I will probably stay on 1703 until i see 1803 because i cannot bear the
  11. Hi I tried to upgrade my windows 10 from 1703.15063.674 to 1709.16299.19 through clean install. I ran into horrible horrible horrible scenarios. The FCU (fall creators update) has huge list of glitches everywhere in it and it was so annoying for me to keep using windows without running into issues. I had to search each and every query on forums and Google to see it's solution. It should be a matter of shame for Microsoft releasing such feature updates without any quality checks. I am going to raise a compiled list of issues in 1709 on "feedback hub" shortly. I am now back on v1703. I
  12. Instead of that, you could simply download the ISO and do a clean install. To be honest, Microsoft is themselves not sure what they want to do. I had a horrible experience with windows 10 v1709 and reverted back to 1703.
  13. Hi I found the reason to this. There is an option to highlight the links in windows 10 settings. I have attached the screenshot. Before that option was on and windows was showing me that aforementioned box but now after turning this off, it is not there anymore.
  14. Hi Let me explain a bit more in details. First of all i don't have touch screen, its a laptop with Core i3, 4gb ram and i made sure before installing the windows 10 that everything is updated. I have all latest drives for graphics and others installed, along with latest java and flash and all the software installed are also being used in latest versions. So, there is nothing obsolete being used. This thing for which i wrote, is from the very first day so i am sure this is some sort of feature of windows and not due to some other installed program. I have certain things in mind which
  15. I have tried turning on the narrator and then turning it off again, but it doesn't work. Those boxes around texts doesn't go off. And also i don't have touch enabled screen. If i had touch enabled screen, this would be very understandable that it is giving me touch areas which windows recognizes as font, but no i don't have touch screen. This thing is really strange for me and i don't know which feature is using it and how to turn it off. It is from day first of windows 10 installation.
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