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Info needed regarding windows security


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I wanted to discuss something because lately i have been moving around between different OS. I had installed windows 10 (1703) and then when 1709 came out, windows started updating with feature updates. When it installed, i was severely disappointed because of such idiotic appearance changes. I couldn't stand with the newer interface which looked to me as someone was busy doing other things that he forgot the interface glitches. Anyhow that's my point of view about 1709, people might be liking it. I am now on 1703. I will probably stay on 1703 until i see 1803 because i cannot bear the interface of 1709. Microsoft has seriously puked on the interface. (if someone wants to know, i can write a post for the glitches and changes of interface which i found horrible).

I wanted to know something. There are huge list of forums, threads and blogs all yelling that windows 10 is dealing with latest security things and the older systems are more vulnerable to hacks and attacks. I was wondering on it and thinking. What exactly is the security threat to a user?. Suppose i am also using windows 7, and i want to stick with it. The only connection of it with outside world is the internet connection. Other than that, i have installed few software that i use and i have downloaded from their official site so i know the setup is virus/trojan/malware free. I don't install software other than few of them which i use. Rest is the internet part. I use Mozilla Firefox. Browsers are constantly being updated and they have recently released the Firefox Quantum. I have it. I am using windows defender as the security. So, where exactly is the threat that Microsoft is treating windows with? 

I am sorry if i sound dumb for asking this. This post is in no way a trolling post or for fun. I seriously wanted to know what is the thing.

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