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    Resolution issues

    Sorry, i don't have any solutions for this problem , this is a common problem for us . you are not the only one .
  2. Yavver

    How can I save my computer?

    Good , i am using Dell laptop , (Windows 10 OS),but my computer occasionally has some lock screen status, but i didn't actually do that ,
  3. Finally, find a Windows update problem , but i seen to be late , updating Windows 10 , Windows 10 update has a lot of problems. I don't know if Microsoft is aware of it. he should give soeme solutions ,
  4. Yavver

    Window 10 to window 7

    If you want to downgrading window 10 to Windows 7 , it is possible , you can consult a professional, this avoids unnecessary problems
  5. This tool doesn't work for Microsoft account user , thanks ,
  6. By the way , the upgraded Windows 10 system has not been completely improved , even Windows 7 is more comprehensive than it is ,
  7. Thanks , i want to have a try next time , hoping it can help me ,
  8. I'm sorry, I haven't finished yet, I've found that in addition to the login page, i can't enter a password on the login page, unlike the login page for Windows 7
  9. Last week, I tried to update Windows 7 to Windows, But after I've done all this, I've found that in addition to the login page,