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Messed up big time!


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Hi I have to share this with someone here on the forum. Senior asked to help them upgrading to W10 today. No big deal. I have done that many times. MS wanted to do the upgrade with windows updates. I thought that might be cool and so I started the process. Three hours later. The upgrade failed. No big deal I'll go on the web and upgrade with the MCT. Two hours later at 92%, the upgrade failed and the damn PC will no longer boot into W7. I tried restoring to a earlier time and also tried the repair feature. No go! I preach all the time how important it is to create a back up image and then like a damn fool, I tried taking a short cut and now I'm paying the price. I'll get there one way or another, but right now I'm really pissed and embraced. Don't be stupid. Create a back up image of your OS with a 3rd party program like Macrium Reflect and save yourself all this grief that I'm having now. I guess the good thing about all this is that I never except one penny for my labor.

If you have a story like this, please share it and make me feel better for being a complete idiot. I'll get over all this and you can be assured this will never happen to me again.

What the Hell was I thinking? I know better. I guess I'll have to blame it on being senile! Damn it! I'm felling better now; that I have confessed to being a complete idiot. LOL

Hey Steve! Hey Brian! Can you top this compete  laps of sanity? It will be hard to do!


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You are not an idiot there, you simply hadn't had that kind of thing happen before so you were over confident in what you could do.

Been there and done that more than once. TonyD you and I both know from another forum always makes an image file before working on a computer so he is smarter than both of us!

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Don't know a TonyD! I will never let that happen again. The sad part is that I have no idea why the PC went into a black screen, and would not boot into windows. I can only guess that while trying to up date to W10 , the OS became so corrupted it would not boot. After going back to factory,the W10 up grade completed and all was fine.

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Hi! There! After rethinking all this; I think I should have tried to boot with the MCT when the PC failed to boot into windows. Any way that will be the thing I will try if I ever have this problem again, and of course I'll create a back up image of the OS first before I try any thing. ;) Some times we learn these things the hard way!

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That is a debate I always have with myself. Do I take the time to make an image file before attempting whatever it is I am about to do or just go forward.

One thing I do do is I always make a backup of their files and data before attempting anything major where I realize there is a risk of losing their data as I carry a 500 gb portable hard drive in with me at all times in my case. Making an image file is something I would only consider if the unit is badly infected and my scanners could blow away the OS cleaning it asI charge hourly and try to keep the client bill down wherever possible.

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