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Calendar, Mail and People apps not working


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This is a problem I have had on more than one occasion but this time I'm stumped. About 3 weeks ago my Calendar/Mail and People apps all failed to load. Apart from a flicker on the icons nothing happens at all when clicked. They are all fine when accessed on Outlook via a browser. Apprt from not loading their Live Tiles are also bare, suggesting a lack of connection to Outlook. To date I have tried:

1. Uninstalling Calendar and Mail from the super user command line (it doesn't seem to uninstall People) then re-installing from the Store - no effect.

2. Changing my account from Microsoft to Local, reboot then change back again. My thinking being it might rebuild my accouunt (it worked when I had same problem on 8.1) - no effect.

3. Ran sfc/scannow -no issues found

4. Restored to my one and only Restore Point (created 24 hours before I discovered the problem) - no effect.

5. Tore my hair out - it hurt.

This is not a life or death issue but I would dearly love a fix. All three apps work ok on my phone by the way.

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Guest Edwin009

Hello Bob,

If you haven't already resolved the issue, please try the following steps:

1: Run a full virus scan and remove all infections.

2: Disable 3rd party security software.

3: Tried forcing global DNS for the current network connection (Preferred: & Alternate:

Let me know if this helps.




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Right, I've been a bit busy so apologise for not replying earlier! Since last posting I had reason to use the store again (not something I do very often). I discovered a queue of 25 apps (including the three that kickedd this off). So I changed tack and started trouble shooting Windows Update. Tried everyything I could find on the web. Various approaches told me they had found problems and fixed them. If I then ran the same procedure again it found exaclly the same problems and fixed thenm again. Good fix eh? Meanwhile back on Earth nothing changed. I eventually threw my arms in the air and did a reset. THAT fixed it. Since then I've been busy re-installing applications, looking for lost product keys etv etc - thank god I had an old report from Belarc Advisor on OneDrive.

Edwin:- thanks for your suggestions (only saw it after the reset. I had already tried most of it except "3: Tried forcing global DNS for the current network connection (Preferred: & Alternate: " Which went over my head (I'm only short). I know what a DNS is but not how to 'force' it. Probably missed a much better route than the one I took.

I was an avid admirer of W10 - not so enamoured now though.

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