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  1. I should really change my user name from 'SuperBob' to 'SuperPrat' ! I have just realised that version 1607 (which I am on') is the Anniversary update not Creators, do it's not surprising that I don't have a 'night light' option. My apologies and you can stop laughing now!
  2. Have recently updated to 'Creators Update' without any problems. The one thing above all others in this upgrade was going to be able to switch to 'night light' in the evening so that, supposedly, I would be able to sleep better after spending most of the evening in front of the screen. That would be great if I had the option to switch it on - but I don't. I enter settings and go to System>Display and there is no sign of any Light Night settings. I am using a Samsung All-in-One desktop PC. Being an All-in-One machine the display adaptor will be built in to the mother board and I suspect that that is where my problem lies; maybe my adaptor doesn't support the ability to reduce the amount of blue light emitted? I will attach a screen shot of my display settings. If anyone could confirm (or otherwise) my suspicions I would be glad to hear it.
  3. You're absolutely right! Getting somewhere at last - just had wife in, enquiring why was I talking to myself? I'll wait till she's ou spending all my money and then I'll experiment. Find out how long it works for and how long you can keep quiet for - don' want to have to keep talking (might end uo changing sex - but don't tall any females I said that)
  4. Nothing to do with mike (otherwise she wouldn't hear when you poked her in the Mike. If I hit the mike then clap my hands she perks up, listens then says she "didn't catch that". If I don't poke the mike I can make as much noise as I like - she just isn't interested. it's not t he mike - it's Microsoft! If I'm going tto have to press keys or hold them down just to talk to the silly woman I find it quicker and less frustrating to just typeinto the search box. Like tyour photo of Cortana llaughing at us though!
  5. She hears, and undestands me, perfectly. It's just that she thnks we're married so she totally ignores me most of thetime and I have to poke her in the mike button to attract her attention EVERY TIME
  6. Well at least I'm not alone! Cortana only ever works for one request for me - I have to click the mike every damn time so I stopped using her when I made my entry on this forum (I spell pretty good anyway). I didn't use your PSR as I had already 'trained' Cortana for my voice 648 times (or was it 649?) Like yourself I.m waiting for the Autumn update to see if that fixes it. Don't know about you but, unlike most of my acquaintances, I rather like Windows 10 and it seems to be getting better all the time. Now, if they would just fix Cortana and let me view my photos in the order that I want!
  7. Thanks for getting back to me - you're the first after all this time. I guess the others don.t want to argue with a woman, I understand that! Trouble is been there and done that - Cortana understands my voice almost perfectly PROVIDING I CLICK THE MIKE FIRST. If I don't click the mike she totally ignores me and carries on with whatever it is she does in her spare time. If I do click the mike she answers to the best of her ability (usually pretty good) then puts me on the back burner again until next time I press the mike. I've decided that, as she obviouslly doesn.t like me we are better ff ignoring each other - so that's what I do. If you have more ideas I would be only too pleased to hear and try them.
  8. This is a problem I have had since day 1 of upgrading to Windows 10 (August 2015). Cortana thinks she's my wie and totally ignores me! That's not strictly true - if I press the mike button then say "Hey Cortana" she can be quite helpful. If I DON'T press the mike key first then she is deaf to all my pleas including "Hey Cortana" and ess complimentary statements. I have always assumed this is just the stupid way things are and that everybody had to go through both steps. Brian has just informed me this is not so and directed me here to seek help. I have checked that "Hey Cortana2 is enabled - it is. My microphone works perfectly well ((including for Cortana once I have clicked the mike. She then pays attention until I stop asking questions for more than about five seconds. If I have to press the mike key every time I need her to listen it seems rather pointless having to say "Hey Cortana" as well. Anybody got any suggestions as to what I might have missed/done wrong? Thanks for any help.
  9. Right, I've been a bit busy so apologise for not replying earlier! Since last posting I had reason to use the store again (not something I do very often). I discovered a queue of 25 apps (including the three that kickedd this off). So I changed tack and started trouble shooting Windows Update. Tried everyything I could find on the web. Various approaches told me they had found problems and fixed them. If I then ran the same procedure again it found exaclly the same problems and fixed thenm again. Good fix eh? Meanwhile back on Earth nothing changed. I eventually threw my arms in the air and did a reset. THAT fixed it. Since then I've been busy re-installing applications, looking for lost product keys etv etc - thank god I had an old report from Belarc Advisor on OneDrive. Edwin:- thanks for your suggestions (only saw it after the reset. I had already tried most of it except "3: Tried forcing global DNS for the current network connection (Preferred: & Alternate: " Which went over my head (I'm only short). I know what a DNS is but not how to 'force' it. Probably missed a much better route than the one I took. I was an avid admirer of W10 - not so enamoured now though.
  10. This is a problem I have had on more than one occasion but this time I'm stumped. About 3 weeks ago my Calendar/Mail and People apps all failed to load. Apart from a flicker on the icons nothing happens at all when clicked. They are all fine when accessed on Outlook via a browser. Apprt from not loading their Live Tiles are also bare, suggesting a lack of connection to Outlook. To date I have tried: 1. Uninstalling Calendar and Mail from the super user command line (it doesn't seem to uninstall People) then re-installing from the Store - no effect. 2. Changing my account from Microsoft to Local, reboot then change back again. My thinking being it might rebuild my accouunt (it worked when I had same problem on 8.1) - no effect. 3. Ran sfc/scannow -no issues found 4. Restored to my one and only Restore Point (created 24 hours before I discovered the problem) - no effect. 5. Tore my hair out - it hurt. This is not a life or death issue but I would dearly love a fix. All three apps work ok on my phone by the way.