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Black screen, but also critical process died, also 0xc0000218, also BAD System Config Info


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So this is my brothers pc and we think after some new update from window 10(less than a month ago) happened the pc just kind of died. So we left it around 2 weeks hoping for some reason it would fix it self but it did not magically and now am tasked with solving the problem.

Ive tried the turn of and on pc 3 times to enter the blue screen to advanced options and everytime i just got one of the error codes from the tittle when i tried fixing it 

The latest time i tried today i got into windows logging celebrated too early it got stuck loading and it went to black screen

I dont even know what to do anymore i have a pc myself so i can use a pc for a new windows copy if that would fix anything i have the flashdrive for it too

I want to say this is a beefy gaming pc it has a 3090 and just good components and my bad pc with a 1050ti and cheep ass motherboard and everything else hasn't had any problems for around 2 years now 

I need help please explained everything step by step very detailed becuase i dont really understand computers too much. 

Thanks in advanced 

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i want to give a update 

Unplugging form desktop and pc and plugging it back in fixed it, but now the pc is a bit slower then normal and when put to sleep takes a bit to fully power down into a sleep mode, i now need help with maybe it been some kind of software?

When in task manager the disk goes to 100% even if only task manager is open on the pc with no single item being really big from the occasional 0.1 system powered on in the background 

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Ok another update after tring some things like turning off start up software i tried getting into windows settings to search a power settings trying to set it to high performance pc blacked and now it wont even enter bios or windows or anything dram light orange on x570 and am still super lost now it got worse god damit

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 Main reasons for Critical Process Died Windows 10 Error are as follows:

  • Corrupted system files.
  • Malicious files in the memory may turn out to be the reason for abnormal functioning.
  • Driver issues may show up with even more bugs with the hardware.
  • Compatibility issues, installing of advanced software which might not be compatible with the hardware.
  • Bad sectors in the disk are corrupted.
  • Bad updates may arise compatibility issues.


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