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  1. I ran in to this on another forum and thought it should be listed here, as it's a good/easy fix. I'm a computer technician and have been running Windows 10 on my desktop computer since it's been available. Most of my customers are still on Windows 7, but the numbers will be increasing on W10. Keep up the good work on preaching backup...I do also with ALL my customers, as it's VERY important to have backups!!
  2. This is the craziest thing I've ever experienced with a Window machine...gave me a good laugh! Was working remotely on a new Surface and there was a Windows Activation error, so went to Settings\Updates and there was a statement that the update server could not be found and check the internet connection? Duh, I'm working remotely and the browsers are not having issues?! So I decided to do a search on error 0x80072ee7 and came up with the following non MS post: go to control panel search "view network connections" go to view network connections c
  3. I've been hearing about webcams not working due to compression conflicts...any other notable problems with 1607?
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