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Windows 10 Screen Flicker Error at startup

james rocket

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I just got a dell optiplex 780 with a nvidia grapihcs card and i get this screen flicker issue when it boots up the monitior turns on and off over and over agian and i cant get anything done. How do i stop it from doing that? 
When it boots up, i mash the f8 and f2 key till i get a white screen with a list of options and i go to virtualization or something and there is three options, one is disabled and requires other check boxes to be check but i'm not sure which ones to check and i hit apply and everything works fine (sometimes now it jst flickers.) but when i restart it i get the same problem and have to go through the same problem agian. the only way to see anything on the screen is to rip the graphics card out and everything is fine but i need the graphics card to work cause i want to set it up to make "adult" rated stuff. any updates makes this machine do it more. Any awsners guys?
System specs:  Dell Optiplex 
780 Tower Desktop Pc
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 
E8400 (3.00 GHz)
Memory: 500GB DVD
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
Graphics Card:  NVIDIA 
GeForce GT  730 4GB 
Graphics GPU/VGA T
I found the scource of the problem, it is when i press f2 and f8 till a sceen pops up and says Dell inc. dell optiex 780 along the top blue bar, i go to virtualizon suppot and down a list of three options, i select trusted execution check the "enable Intel Trusted Execution Technology. This fixes the error and the screen stops flashing and works like a normal monitior would. sometimes it keeps flashing, sometimes it works almost instantly. But it fixes it a couple minutes after logging in. Anyone know how i can keep that checkbox i mentioned quotes checked permantly? Anything helps guys, thank you for your time. :D
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  • The psu is 300w, i just read the box of the non-returnable graphics card and discovered that it is compatible with windows 7 or 8, it says nothing about windows 10, so i might  have to change the OS altogether. There something i did discover however, i only need the card in the machine, i don't need to plug a monitor into it the graphics card for my purposes. So is there a way to set up dual monitor use so i can use monitor off of the intergrated VGA port while having the graphics card still inside the machine? I want to make the computer to use the intergrated VGA port as primary and the graphics card as secondary.

    Any ideas anyone?

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