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USB partitions not showing in File Manager

Guest jamies

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This is now more as an alert than for discussion - but I'm posting it to advise others and - maybe (hopefully get some advice)


Suddenly Windows 10 is not showing the folders and files from my backup drives -

Well, not all of them, just most of them ! ??

I have been investigating - and have contacted the MS Chat-Line for a solution

(Well that was several hours wasted - they replaced drivers initiated a restart and then I got to talk to somebody else and advise them of the problem and what their associate had done - and then pretty much repeat the experience.)

So - the drives are seen show in the safely remove facility and in Storage Manager.

Storage manager shows the partition as Healthy, just not as NTFS - which explains File Explorer not showing it.

So - Using Paragon Recovery boot CD - Yes - partition is NTFS with files - so PC hardware is OK.

So - Using Paragon Partition manager under win 10 - Yes - partition is NTFS with files - Definitely PC is OK.

Using my backup PC - Win 7 - yes files are there and can be updated - so cable is OK too!

So - I am now looking at backing up the data on a slow (USB-2) system - OK some drives are only USB-2.

Then options are - change size of partition using paragon, next try Delete and Recover partition - with data recovered too I hope,

Then maybe try change size using win 7

Then - if no luck - delete and recreate the partition as a NTFS one under win 10, and reload all the data!

OR - hope windows 10 gets fixed (to be reliable ??) before I get much further into the copy of the data backups.

OR - there is revert to win 7 - but has anyone got any other suggestions? - Please.

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An update - and closure -

I have identified the problem as being that windows 10 has decided that many, but not all of my NTFS partitions should be marked as 'offline' - that is SOME of those that were connected at the time, and SOME of those that were not connected - either at that time, or as I connect them.

The solution is - start up Windows 10 Storage Manager, and for each partition that is not recognised as being NTFS when the drive is connected - specify a drive letter, disconnect the drive, and then reconnect it!

Simple once I had a backed-up drive to test with! - but copying 2TB is a slow process using USB-2 - had to do it as files as I don't have a free device for a partition copy

And a happy rest of the weekend to all

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