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Windows Security Center service can't be started, Why


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I have received my Windows 10 Pro 64 free upgrade around 20 days ago.

Sorry to ask a again, but I found no info for Windows 10 regarding to the mentioned Error, but some for Win 7 and 8. (I have tried them with no success).

My windows defender worked as of yesterday. But yesterday evening I got a message in Notification area of taskbar, that “Security services are turned off” (or a similar message). Here comes some related info:

1- I have not installed any Antivirus. I used Malwarebytes without any problem in windows 7 with Microsoft security essential before upgrade. It worked fine here with Windows Defender for 20 days or so.

2- Last night, I ran Malwarebytes in full option mode (scan for rootkits and …) with updated database and has found nothing.

3- Windows Firewall is ON and running.

4- Sfc/ scannow has reported no Problem. (Ran in administrative command prompt in normal mode, not safe mode)

5- If I go to “Security and Maintenance”, in Security section it written:

“Winsdows security Center Service is turned off.” If I click on “Turn ON” I get a popup box with: “The Windows Security Center service can't be started”

6- If I go to “Windows Defender setting”, everything is greyed out, but I can see Realtime protection is ON and Cloud based protection is ON in GREYED OUT manner. (I can’t change anything) but last line of the same window it is written in blue ‘Use Windows Defender’. If I click on it I get a pup up box which it won’t stay on the screen (Strange!) but the content is: (Reading with persuasion and clinking 20 times on it became possible).”This app has been turned off and isn’t monitoring your Computer” continues with ”If you are using another app to check for malicious or unwanted software, use security and maintenance to check that apps status” (Of course there is no sign of such app in Security and Maintenance)

7- The MOST IMPORTANT INFO, I have tried some harmless methods which I have fond on the web for windows 7 and 8 regarding to the mentioned Error: (Windows Security Center service can't be started). So if I go to Services application, “Security Center” is there but its startup type is set to “Disabled”. If I use properties and set its startup to “Automatic (with delayed start)”, then apply and then start it, it starts but after 5 to 10 sends it turns off and sets itself to “Disabled” with no error given.

8- I have also tried to reset the registry values for “Security Center” via found on internet registry files.(risky but I did since I took a current backup). I can see small changes are being made but they revert themselves automatically in 5 – 10 seconds or so.

9- Once, I also saw Error 1058, but I found it irrelevant. Led to nowhere.

It seems a program is protecting my registry and settings which I have not installed it. Please let me know if you need more accurate info to help me.



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