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Could PowerShell do speech to text?


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Cont. from https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-desktop/i-want-windows-10-to-write-my-speech/9578c1f7-2c9e-4707-a917-c4bb97b5ab48?messageId=a152b31d-f519-4db0-9511-142bfb07ac47&tm=1569292153054


Stack  exchange is too competitive and the problem is they dissect, and post a lot of bits of code, which is behavioristic and banal

I have looked up and down and cannot find how to write in command prompt or terminal using neither voice nor cortana. I have found code with more problems than it solves in stackexchange.com who is the only ones who come close to answering, but they are only close.


Also  I request is personal favorite; having voice to text in command prompt to open my often used commands; like ipconfig,  defrag /C /H /V, and so on, with Cortana. I love Cortana and think she is one of the best programs out there. I just am unhappy I cannot get her to write! What is wrong with a vocal command like "Hey Cortana>Terminal> Write ipconfig forward slash>space all"? With spelling  correction built in it would be fine.

What would be great could be a  program called Microcoft Write, in which I would vocally write up english homework in Wordpad or Office and would have voice writing on telnet, newsgroups and in PowerShell. It would write in I an not disabled, maybe lazy or Autistic but not disabled. As I grow older I find the internet and programming to be a job for the young. Solutions are not handled by the young exclusively Solutions for the geeks like myself who are overweight, older and more reclusive, as well, writing larger coding projects are tiring. My lower back aches and winter is coming.


I would have programmed this project for you, and for myself and would have looked up partners in coding groups but I want everyone to have this, I want you to have  the first crack at it. 


Thanks very much for your attention to this matter,


John Mathis


I go to answers.microsoft.com when I have exhausted finding my solution online. When I can help, I will stalk it to help others find help; meaning I will find as well as submit and until needs are met, somewhat. Thanks for continued direction.

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