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  1. Thank you all for the tips. Will see if any of these help....I'll update what happens so you will know.
  2. I installed the free Windows 10 upgrade successfully on my desktop, it took about 2 hours or so. However on my Dell notebook, things did not work. Every time I tried, it would either fail or the Update window showed the files downloaded for hours and hours. I canceled this each time and retried with the same result. On the last day of the free offer, I read where I could save the Windows 10 installation files on a flash drive or save the ISO image to burn to DVD. I saved both on my hard drive. When I tried to install the upgrade from the flash drive, it asked for my Windows 7 Product Key. I do not have one as the operating system came pre-installed on my notebook. So I am at a loss how to get the upgrade completed now that the free offer has passed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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