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  1. I just thought I would update my previous post,I ended up reinstalling windows 10 fresh,but although for 18 months I never had any problems running win/10/2/go on my Mac,this time I installed it on the external ssd again but without win2go and it installed okay and seems to be working well. i am not sure why I suddenly stopped working last time .
  2. Hi alli am hoping someone can help me.i have installed Mercedes EWA/epc/wis workshop manual / parts cat on my Windows 10,but I am having trouble running it and I have just found out that I have activated it with the wrong MAC address it is using Ethernet MAC address when it should be activated using the wifi MAC address as the Ethernet cable is not connected,but I don't know how to make the program use the wifi MAC address instead.any help would be much appreciated thank in advance Dell
  3. Hi i use USB3 and I use Windows 10 and Mac about the same . so far I have had no problems with Windows 10 on external SSD apart from using the new Magic Mouse 2 it was scrolling way to fast but it is sorted now using Magic Mouse utilities. Dell
  4. Thanks for the replies will give it a go. dell
  5. Hi all can anyone help me is it possible to import bookmarks from safari to edge. Dell
  6. Sorry I forgot to say that I used a VMware with Windows on to do the installation to SSD then deleted it of Mac. Dell
  7. Hi all i just thought I would write my experience with Windows 10 on Mac. Having just purchased a new iMac I did not want to install Windows on it as I did on my old one (I had to hard drives one for Mac and one for Windows ) I do not like bootcamp or virtualisation. Anyway back to topic as it is new I did not want to open it up to install extra drive so I did a bit of research on tinternet and decided to purchase a external SSD ( Samsung 500 gig SSD USB 3 ) installed Windows 10 on it using win2go connected it to iMac booted EFI before I had blinked it had booted up, I then installed Apple for Windows drivers re booted but noticed the Magic Mouse only had left & right click,not what was used to so a bit more Google research and noticed it was a common problem but I found a bit of software magic mouse driver,installed that Magic Mouse back to normal. The next problem was activation I thought I would have had a problem as I had upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8 on my old Mac but as my Windows 10 license was linked to my MS account I tried my Windows 8 product key and it activated. it boots very fast and I am very pleased with the outcome, the only thing I have to do now is install my Mercedes wis asra workshop manual.
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