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  1. Hi Steve, I have tried that, but the pictures inserted are fully rendered to whatever resolution is allowed in the settings, and it clutters my issue list too much. I am still working on figuring out how to reduce the quality of the pictures that I am embedding as objects in the spreadsheet. Thank you nonetheless! -Andrew
  2. Hello. Background: I use an Excel spreadsheet as my issue list for large installation projects (flour mills, food factories, etc.). I save it on my OneDrive so that I can access it on all of my devices, especially the iPad, when I'm running around the construction site. Problem: I want to have pictures of the issues in my spreadsheet. My understanding is that it is not possible to 'insert' a picture directly into a single cell (I think there would be issues with sizing of the pictures anyway, and the size of the spreadsheet itself may cause issues for manipulating it on the iPad/iPhone). Currently, I have my issue list spreadsheet saved in a folder on my OneDrive along with another folder that contains the pictures. Using my laptop, I make links in the spreadsheet to the pictures saved in my OneDrive, and I am able to open them on my laptop as long as I login to OneDrive. However, I am not able to open those links on my iPhone or iPad because the link path is to OneDrive via my laptop's disk drive (for example: C:\Users\Andre\OneDrive\...). Furthermore, if I share the issue folder to anybody else, they cannot open the links either. Question: Is there an efficient and effective way to somehow place, link, or attach pictures into an excel spreadsheet on OneDrive that are able to be viewed on all devices and by anyone that I share the spreadsheet to? (Kind of like how you make an attachment on an email).
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