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  1. how to untar/decompress....

    slick333, thanks for the link. I had tried it before but I gave it another try. I still can't get anything to work! Thank you to everyone for your help, Bob
  2. how to untar/decompress....

    Squid, I checked the sites you listed and have already tried them all. I can only assume I am an idiot for not having the brains to accomplish this simple task. I will not bother you again and thanks for the advice, Bob
  3. how to untar/decompress....

    Well, from the last time I posted is 10 days and I've been working about 5-6 hours a day but still failed to figure anything out! Below are some I would like to have opened. Most were .tar.gz however I did manage to get them into .kmz format. On a side note, here is what I've been attempting to download. https://maps.ngdc.noaa.gov/viewers/northeast_ocm/ I need the area off Ocean City, Md, north to just above the De state line and south to just above the Va. state line. When you go to this site, please click out of everything and then click onto BAG Color Shaded Relief Imagery. Also these will be in .tar.gz format and will also need to be uncompressed. Thank you. 7z1801.exe bag_bathymetry.kmz multibeam_mosaic_hillshade.kmz ngdc_order_2018-02-15T14_10_00.349Z (1).tar.gz
  4. I have Windows 10 in my puter. In File Explorer I have numerous images saved which appear as "thumb nails". Some have multiple images joined together as a single image. (I was putting pieces of a Bathymetry map together so they appear as one map), however, now I cannot drag any of the images around, within the same window, to "fine tune" my map. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to how I can accomplish this. Thanking everyone in advance.
  5. how to untar/decompress....

    When I did as you advised, I get a small window that says "cannot open archieve".
  6. I am not very computer literate so please excuse me if this is in the wrong forum or is simply stupid. I have been attempting to download a file that is in .tar.gz format. I have tried about 10 programs but cannot get past the first step but have read that it can be done in Windows 10 which is what my computer has. Would some one be so kind as to explain what I have to do. Thank you.