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  1. Thank you for both of your responses. I have fixed all of the problems after many Google searches. I do have a last roadblock. I am trying to install 2016 Office Professional Plus on the same laptop that I was updating in my previous posts. The laptop is now Windows 10 Professional version 1709. The Office install stops at about 60% into the setup. It says setup has a problem. I have tried all of the fixes I can find on Google. They all are the same. They say Office is buggy. Their solutions of various reg changes, task scheduler fixes don't work. The Microsoft tech support boards seem unable to solve this problem also. From the number of posts from customers it would appear a lot of people have the same problem. I tried installing Office on my old work PC (which is also Version 1709 but it arrived at 1709 thru Window updates from Microsoft) and it installed fine. Is Windows 10 Professional on my laptop the problem? It is new and it works with every other application just fine. I could not find any comments on Office 2016 professional plus on Windows.10 help. If this topic has been discussed could you point me to the discussion. I do not understand why Microsoft has not the Office addressed this issue and included the fix in their updates. Microsoft appears not to to really care about home users much anymore. The tragedies posted here about the unintended damage of the Fall update on many users is really sad. All of these folks seem like Microsoft customers for many years. Again thanks for your responses. They are appreciated.
  2. I did à clean install of windows 10 pro. I want to install Google chrome as my primary browser. Edge will not let me down load it. Nor will Google running as a site under Edge allow it. I tried the new Google play store. Again no luck. Finally I tried the off-site static builds Google site thinking maybe I can burn DVD or an ISO. Again no luck. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have a two year old HP Pavilion NotePad. laptop. Window 10 1703 (Creator) killed my Realtek microphone array. When 1703 became cumulative all of the the updates failed to installed. When 1709 came along it also died. And the HP support website seems to be dead for at least the last 3 days.also. I have several questions: 1. Should my HP have reacted as badly as it did to these updates? My two old desktops (both over 5 years old) took both versions without a problem. 2. I said my microphone array is dead because 90% of the time since 1703 Cortana can't hear me. When she does hear me she then says something went wrong. try Later OR she says I cannot connect. The HP has no problem connecting to the internet with Google Chrome so I do not know what this second (internet connection) Cortana problem is. To me the only logical blame is the microphone array system is making Cortana crazy. A third problem is that my HP seems to have slowed down since the updates attacked. A lot of comments around the web point to the fact that the new releases have a lot of fancy (compute intensive) features that most of us will never use. My question is should I download and reinstall the microphone array system as an interim fix??? Some family members used Cortana a lot before she went deaf. 3. So should I download the 1709 graciously offered in an earlier post. If I go this route what do I do for additional HP drivers???? Versions 1703 and 1709 appeared to using existing drivers. But what do you do when 1703 or 1709 kill or maim the existing driver like they did to my microphone array? 4. Re the download. On.my 3 MB internet connection we are talking 10 hours of downloading files. Is the download a single image or is it in 1 gigabyte RAR folders.. In summary I guess I could add some more complaints about Microsoft forcing the the 1703 and 1709 downloads onto the user community with little concern for customers welfare and NOT devoting enough of their resources to sufficient testing but truly we are only customers so we really don't matter to them. A second comment is that I am pretty sure that the age of my old PCs (5 years+) is what saved them from also being screwed up. The components on the motherboards were so old that there was nothing recent for the software to screw up. Any thoughts/comments on how to recover my HP Pavilion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Dan.
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