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  1. Never mind, I found an article elsewhere that helped. For those who are wondering, it was this one: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/rebuild-icon-clear-thumbnail-cache-windows-10
  2. Okay, just a disclaimer: Although I consider myself fairly noobish, I'll understand WHAT to do when it's explained to me, there are just certain things I'm not sure HOW to do. But with that said, here's my predicament: I like to make custom icon for my various folders. I'll create an image in Photoshop, save it as as a .gif file, and then convert it to an .ico file after that. I have created a specific folder where I keep my custom icons, so that when I want to want to change the icon on a folder, I naturally right click and then go to Properties --> Customize --> Change Icon --> Browse, and then I just locate the folder where my custom icons are stored, and select the one I want. But here's my problem: Just to use an example, let's say I create an icon titled "Example.ico" which I assign to a folder. But then I change my mind about how I want this icon to look, so I redesign it. I delete the first icon file (permanently, using Shift+Del). Just to make sure that it's gone, I hit "refresh," and the folder to which this icon was assigned is now a standard, "blank" folder. After I have made a new custom icon, I also call this "Example.ico", but when I try to assign this NEW icon to the same folder, the OLD design shows up. I know that if I call the .ico file a different name, or I store it elsewhere, the new design will show up. But I have my reasons as to why I prefer that certain icons have specific names, and are stored in a specific folder. I understand enough to guess that this happens because when I first assigned the original "Example.ico" to a specific folder, Windows made some kind of backup "memory" of that connection, including the visuals. So what I want to know is, would anyone be able and willing to explain to me how to erase that "memory" - to reset the folder, so to speak - so that the NEW version of "Example.ico" appears when I assign it to the same folder? Thanks in advance.
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