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  1. Another problem with Edge--It will not add any photos or attachments from forwarded email but can do so using Chrome or Internet Explorer
  2. Updates are up to date. Can print using Internet Explorer and using Chrome but not Edge.
  3. Uninstalled and reinstalled the printer software/ Made no difference. Don't know if I'm fully patched to Windows 10
  4. When attempting to print anything while on Edge it will not load anything to send to the printer. I must use Internet Explorer which allows the print process to be loaded and sent to the printer. This started after the new Windows 10 upgrade was removed from the computer a couple of weeks ago because it would not operate properly when it would not operate properly.
  5. I'm frustrated. I installed the latest Windows 10 upgrade and I can no longer connect to the net. This is on a HP laptop. All the wizards were run to correct this and keep getting message that there is no wireless system on the computer. Upon finishing the down load there was a notice that the wireless connector was removed. What can I do to be able to get back on line short of taking the computer into a shop and spend money on this. The update caused this problem and I shouldn't have to spend my own money getting this corrected.
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