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  1. Hi, I upgrade my PC to Windows10 32 bit, and try change out shortcut icon of 16bit programs on the Desktop. I look for icon's in ...windows\system32\shell32.dll But I meet with persistant refusal. Whay Windows refused change icon a 16bit program's shortcut? Somebody can explain this reaction, and give me a working solution? With regards, Serj
  2. Hi, I have 16bit programs ,which love and start it in NTVDM.exe More of 16 bit programs started normally With cyr.com, bds.com I try to start a cyrillic alphabet. NTVDM.exe stoped working and display me a report : "Windows will close the program and notify you if solution is awailable" But nobody /Microsoft/ notify me. I havn't this problem with Windows 7 - 32 bit OS Can anybody give me a working soution? I will accept with thanks. Best Regards
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