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    Brian Burgess

    Microsoft has done a lot over the past year to make its services available for both iOS and Android mobile platforms. You might be surprised to know that Microsoft currently offers about 80 apps for your Android device via the Google Play App store.

    1 Microsoft Apps

    Microsoft Apps for Android

    To make it easier for Android users to find its apps, the company recently released Microsoft Apps, which provides a central location for all of its apps available on Android.

    In addition to being a one-stop shop for Microsoft’s mobile apps, it’s an easy way to find what’s popular. It also helps you find the apps you need in different categories like productivity, entertainment, education, and others.

    Microsoft Apps Android

    While an app to find, apps may seem redundant, if you’re a fan of Microsoft and its services, having them all in one spot makes it much easier to find them. If you search the Play Store for Office apps, Cortana, or Xbox, sometimes you get results from third-party developers and not the official ones.

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