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Steve K.

Star Trek: Discovery - Yah or Nay?

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star-trek-discover.jpg.40ca824ba5fdefaabbcce5d1c808e4df.jpgSo.... Do we have any Trekkie fans out there? So far, what do ya think of the new star trek spinoff? Thoughts? Comments? What do ya think?

I JUST started watching the series. Just wrapped up episode 3. No spoilers plz... ;)



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OK. Get ready for a bit of a rant regarding Star Trek: Discovery

I think the way CBS is airing this new version is ridiculous ... in the U.S. anyway. Some of that was brought up in an article I wrote about it previously:


Anyway, it's a dirty trick by CBS to show the first episode on broadcast TV for free. Then make you subscribe to CBS All Access to keep watching it. 

A subscription is $5.99/month and it includes commercials. $9.99/month for commercial free.

I don't care about anything else from CBS, just Trek. That is a helluva lot to pay for one show. Luckily I got my first week free, then a 20% discount on the first month, and then when I went to stop my subscription they gave me one month free. After that though, I am not paying for it. I can wait until it's available on Amazon or wherever. 

As far as the show content is concerned...I am mixed. The obvious look of the Klingons is irritating. Yes, I know the look of Klingons has changed a lot from TOS, motion pictures, to TNG et al. But, in Enterprise they look how we're used to. It's irritating but not a deal killer.

I miss "boring Trek" as each episode seems to be trying to do WAY too much and show tons of effects. Yeah, it looks great, but I miss the mellow, cerebral format of the previous versions. Even when Enterprise came out, it upped the action ante and I wasn't a fan at first. 

It's a decent show, but I don't like it to the point where I NEED to get it week after week... let alone pay $6/month for one show.

I have four weeks left on the free sub right now, so, of course, will keep watching it. That's all I have, for now, I am too tired to think of anything else.

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