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New updates not available for Games

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So I have a problem that when new updates are released for Ark that update is not an option in the Store. Last time i had to completely uninstall the the game and reinstall to update it. I have tried the reset Cache and terminate the app with no luck.  Can someone help me?

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    • By hugo
      I would like to fink out if it is possible to control when updates are downloaded in windows 10. I know there is some control to schedule update times, but I'm specifically referring to downloading. In South Africa, Internet costs are quite high, so being able to schedule a download to only happen between midnight and 6am, would be SUPER great!!!! Up to now, Windows 10 is great, but this would really help a lot of people.
      On a second note, adding  a "Install now" feature would also be great considering the latest bug which could delete files, this would give users time to backup, or completely ignore the update.
      If this doesn't exist, is there any way of sending this request to Microsoft? And will they even consider it or give feedback?
    • By hughgee
      Why did the latest update take so long? Its was as if the entire codebase for win 10 was being re-deployed?
    • By Dan Thomsen
      I cannot download Apps on windows store. When I click the green 'Get' button beneath the App, the page seems to just refresh and nothing happens. The 'Get' button is still there and no download has started. I don't get an error message or anything, just keeps refreshing the page. Any Ideas?
    • By Erich Crombie
      After a lot of reminders, updates are ready for your computer, quite a few updated and installed. 1703 I think it was, failed to install. Over a period of weeks I tried to down load it umpteen time. Always without success. Last week my wive closed the  computer down as usual. Two to 2 hours later she remembered something and she had to start the unit up again
      On the screen was a lot of technical writing. I tried all permutation but no luck . I decided to  the best thing would be do use all 5 recovery discs,  after all the discs were used the message on the screen was, THERE IS A PROBLEM ON THE COMPUTER,  COMPUTER COULD NOT BE RECOVERED  ( words to that effect ) so I tried the Recovery stick this time 32GB  exactly the same 
      A useable computer was used for app. 2 hours  shut down for app. 2 hours  and on staring up discovered all we have now is a useless black box.
      Has anybody out there experienced anything like it and more to the point can it be repaired? The unit is mainly almost only used for email with friends and family abroad.
      Any suggestion would be very much appreciated 
    • By Eagleshadow
      I have Windows Creator on a Dell XPS27.
      Recently several weird things are happening. BTW, I have run the Windows Store troubleshooter and Winreset to no avail.
      Some of the things I have noted may or may not be related but I am throwing them out for comment.
      Weird Events:
      1. Microsoft Games such as Solitaire and Majhong ( among others) are slow to connect to the internet to gather game data.  Once they connect they take take a long time to sign in.
      2. Windows Store apps and games take forever to download ( 30 minutes to an hour), the same goes for updates.
      3. One of my Games, "WordDrop" is corrupted and hangs.  Repeated re-installs don't fix the problem.  I have deleted it in the interim.
      4. I am connected directly to a Comcast Bridge. My home network does not connect to my computer and my phones and linux box do not have these problems.
      5. I noticed that I cannot ping from the Dell XPS 27.  I can from all other devices.  I entertained refreshing the Broadcom ethernet adapter driver.  I tried to let windows download the latest driver
      from the internet but the process goes into a loop requiring that I kill it from the Task Manager.  I ran a diagnostic and the error noted was that the driver could not find its DNS server.  That is why I cannot ping.
      Is this mess related to the driver, or something else?  I have a creator driver from Microsoft but, I am not sure if it a good idea to install it 
      Helpless in Frustration Land
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