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Audio CD will not start

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When I put a audio CD in D or L external drive I have to bring up the files and click on one of them to get it started before I can it to play. When I put the CD in drive D it Brings up the icon to either Copy or play. I double click on the icon to play it does not do anything. If I click once it it it will copy. Do I need to do load a file or something so that D drive or external drive will start playing? Thank you for your time.


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As of Windows 10, there is no default audio player for Windows. You, the user, have to choose which audio player you are most comfortable to use. For example, I have used WINAMP (which is also considered a media player) for my audio playback for years because of the connection to use visualizations, such as SoundSpectrum's Aeon and G-Force add-ons, these allow Winamp to put a visual aid to music that you are playing via Winamp. 


Anyway, you have to choose an audio player that will become your default  WAV file player. In other words, computers treat all files with an assumable extension, so when you insert an audio CD they have a default extension of .wav, which is short for Windows Audio File. All Windows versions consider all music CDs that you purchase from Target, Walmart, etc. as a windows audio file or wav files. 

Finally, once you choose a default program to play your audio CDs, you then must decide for Windows which (if you have more than one installed; as I do) default player you will use with Windows. Then, once you set the default player you will never get that message for that drive letter again. You must set a default player for each external CD/DVD/BluRay player's drive letter. Windows Media Player is installed in all full versions of Windows 10, now since I do not use Windows Media Player to play my audio files (I use Winamp because once I had CD audio discs I converted my CDs to MP3s and stored them away), I immediately installed Winamp for my player that is because I used it under Windows 7 and that is the player I am using today.  Hope that helps.



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